How Can We Live Together Despite our Deep Differences? Os Guinness opens The Veritas Forum.

Uploaded by VeritasForum on 08.02.2011

For much of the last quarter century
it would have been a safe but sad bet
that someone somewhere in the world
would be killed every moment
in the name of religion.
Our secularist friends would jump in immediately and say, "Ah, there you go.
divisiveness, conflict,
how religion poisons everything.
But of course we know that
more people were killed under secularists regimes in the twentieth
century than all the western repressions put together.
So sadly today we have to say,
as we look back, while a hundred million were killed in war,
another hundred million
under political repression,
yet another hundred million were killed in ethnic and sectarian violence.
Now as people look back on those
dark years and the witches brew of ancient hatreds you can see in many parts of the
a number of lessons were clear.
The first was:
living with our deep differences, when those differences involve our ultimate
religious or secularist,
is one of the world's great questions.
That sounds abstract compared say with nuclear proliferation or HIV/AIDS,
and yet it underlines so many of the challenges of today and the
of the future.
A second thing that was clear:
this problem of living with our deep differences is being intensified by the
emergence of a global public square.
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