El Chapulin Colorado (English Subtitles) "La Momia Egipcia"

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This show is for audiences of all ages. "Good guys, follow my lead!"
More agile than a turtle
Stronger than a mouse
Nobler than lettuce
His shield is a heart...
It's the Red Grasshopper!
Starring the super comedian "Chespirito"
Also starring Ramón Valdés
Carlos Villagrán "Pirolo"
Florinda Meza
And Rubén Aguirre.
Tonight we bring you an episode entitled.....
"A very Egyptian Mummy"
(Narrator) Thousands of years ago, even before the birth of Dr. Chapatín..
The Pharaohs of the legendary land of Egypt order the construction of what presently is one of the wonders of the world "The Pyramids"
But just how did they move the millions of tons of rock from what they're made of?
For such a puzzle, the men of science have answered categorically that the most likely answer is....
But at least we do know that the colossal monuments served as tombs to important Pharaohs.
Amongst whom, gold and precious stones were also buried. Valuables that had once been their property.
Which questions the old the saying: "No one takes their wealth to the grave".
In any case...
Those treasures have aroused the greed of more than just a single adventurer.
14,821.... 14,822.... 14,823.... 14,824... 14,825....
.... 14,826.... 14,827.... 14,828.... 14,829... 14,830!
Very well, Very well! Now! Three steps to the left.
Good! Now another three steps to the left!
Very good! Another three steps to the left!
Oh boy! Very good! Another three steps to the left!
- Surely there's gotta be a palm tree here. - Yes! There it is!
The palm tree! Here is the palm tree!
We're doing well!
- Now! - What now?
Three big steps to the right!
1, 2, 3!
- Here there must be a pyramid! - Here?
- Yes there is a pyramid here! - There's the pyramid!
We're doing very well! We're doing very well!
This means that this is the place! All there is left is to do is enter.
... find the sarcophagus , open it...
... and load all the treasure!
- Let's go! - Yeah, let's go!
I heard you were thinking about entering the pyramid.
Yeah... But we're only tourists. We come to...
It's $3.00 per person.
... per person?
And here is were you thought to find fabulous treasures?
Yeah! I thought it was funny the map had a tourism board stamp! Let's go!
No! Wait!
It may be true the treasure is long gone. But there is still something much more valuable than treasure inside.
- What? - The mummy!
Hello, "possible Son-in-law" What are you thinking? To go in and just steal the mummy?
Well, "my dear future Father-in-law". That's exactly what I'm thinking!
- Are you crazy? What are you thinking? - No, Not that!
And if you don't want "in", I do!
- "Bad guys, follow my lead!" - But....
But dad...
No entrance!
But we already paid! $3.00.
Pyramid visiting hours are over.
But sir... My boyfriend... My fiancé is....
I heard what the lady's fiancé said.
The Mummy will ensure he does not leave the Pyramid alive.
I told you not to get involved with that kid!
Sir but....
Where is he?
Chanfle! It's like the earth swallowed him!
"Oh, and now, who can help us?".
- Me! - Ahh!
"They did not count on my cleverness!"
Calm down! "Don't let panic to fester". (In Gibberish)
Don't you think that guy was likely just joking?
Yes Chapulin. But there is a legend that says the Mummy "shall seek revenge on all those who desecrate it's grave".
Myths! Mummies can't harm anyone because they're "extremely dead"
- What are you looking at? - The palm tree
I wish someone would give me a coconut.
Although I can't imagine why you would wish something like that.
- Chapulin are you dumb or are you faking it? - What?
I said I wish someone would give me a coconut but "prepared first"
Oh! Prepared first!
No Chapulin! My father means to say a coconut from the palm tree
Are you trying to say there's a coconut in that palm tree.
- Yeah, I'm looking at it. - Liar!
- Why don't you believe me? - Because I don't be believe in the "Cuco" (bogeyman)
You two excuse me I'm shaking the palm tree. Maybe it'll land me a coconut.
He thinks it'll land him a coconut.
What was that?
Yeah careful!
Look ! I got me one!
All I gotta do now is find something to open it with!
Maybe there will be something this way.
What to open it with?
Quite! "My vinyl antennae is detecting the enemy's presence".
"Good guys, follow my lead!"
The gift that keeps on giving!
Are you hurt?
"I did it intentionally, to bring down more coconuts"
"All my movements are coldly calculated"
I'm alright now "Good guys, follow my...."
"Good guys, follow my lead!"
You're not hurt again right?
Let's get it done now that that egyptian guy isn't watching!
I was shouting at my boyfriend!
Can't you shout at him in a "lower voice"?
What's this?
Ancient tablets written in hieroglyphics.
In hiero-what?
- ...glyphics! - Chanfle!
- What does it say? - I'm not sure...
Probably something to do with an animal cult.
Look, here there's a shape of a cat.
The ancient egyptians worshiped many animals.
I'm serious. They worshiped the cat,
Improving upon present company.
I'm serious! They worshiped the cat, the crocodile. but most of all "The Ox"
Shouldn't we keep looking for Pepe instead of trying to decipher hieroglyphics?
You're right sweetie. Let's go this way.
Very carefully!
My dad's disappeared!
- Chanfle! Where is he? - I don't know! Perhaps there's a trap door or false wall!
Stop it! trap doors and false walls exit only in movies.
You shouldn't worry about....
Okay but....
Where are you?
Are you done playing Hide-and-seek ?!!!
Yes Chapulin !
Good! Let's see what's inside that room. "Good guys, follow my lead!"
This must be "The Chamber of the Dead"
The mummy should be here.
There it is!
There is the Mummy!
Whatcha trying to say?
Sorry! I got you two mixed up with that face of yours.
Okay then.. where is the Mummy?
Not here. But if you wish to leave a message.
- What do you mean not here? - Right not here!
The sarcophagus is empty.
- Maybe Pepe took it? - No way!
How do you know?
Because Pepe is trapped under the sarcophagus.
What's up?
Did you guys call the red cross to send an ambulance?
The Chapulin is looking for a phone now.
How's Pepe?
Don't even ask! In fact do you know of a cheap mortuary?
He's dead?
No sweetie he's not dead. But we can't say "God he's so alive" either.
What's going on Chapulin?
- There there now... - There isn't a single phone line through the entire desert.
- What are we gonna do now? - Calm down! "Don't let panic to fester". (In Gibberish)
I'll carry him myself with my own mighty arms.
- You're awesome! - "Good guys, follow my lead!"
You got something against me, don't you?
- Leave it Chapulin! - I forgive you.
"Good guys, follow my lead!"
- Let's go! - Oh Pepe!
Stop it! Much more was lost in the Vietnam war!
Your boyfriend's gone!
This is no time to joke! How is he gonna disappear from under the sarcophagus?
You'd been forewarned!
The mummy has escaped from the sarcophagus to lay vengeance on those who disturbed it's 4,000 year sleep.
That laugh runs the risk of turning one's stomach inside-out.
Calm down! "Don't let panic to fester". (In Gibberish) Let's go find him! "Good guys, follow my lead!"
Be carefully Chapulin!
Where do we look first?
In the chamber of the dead.
Hang on!
We need to be calm and think straight.
- But.... - Sweetie don't interrupt Chapulin.
What he means to say is that he'll go by himself.
Yes you. You're not afraid of anything.
I will.
We know that.
I will.
Of course.
I will.
Then go!!!
"They take advantage of my nobility"
"Good guys, follow my lead!"
I'm sorry. Did I scare you?
- Of course not! - Then why did you scream?
"I did it intentionally to test my lungs" "All my movements are coldly calculated"
Good thing because I thought you'd seen the mummy.
What mummy? Here it's just me and you. We're alone.
Chapulin !
Hang on. Yes we're alone but....
Your dad could walk in any minute.
Wait a minute. Don't feel that way.
I know I'm a irresistible but try to control your urges.
I'm gonna faint!
And that was without even kissing her !
Imagine if I had.....
Where am I...?
You saw the mummy too right?
What happened?
We just saw the mummy walking on it's own two feet!
Really? Just like a Frankenstein movie right? Oh Please !
Whether you believe it or not we saw it exiting and entering it's sarcophagus.
Fortunately I never lost my cool and I faced the mummy head on.
- If it wasn't because of me...... - Okay, I believe you !
Your daughter....
My daughter ! Where is she?
My daughter Chapulin ! Where is she Chapulin? My daughter Chapulin !
Calm down!
Calm down!"Don't let panic to fester". (In Gibberish)
- Your daughter is probably hiding somewhere playing us a joke! - You think so?
- I'll look for her. - Let's find her.
Excuse me there, have you seeing a young lady....
Where is she?
Are you speaking Egyptian or something?
I'm asking you where my daughter is !!!
There !!
Sweetie !!
Hold it! Hold it tight !
Hold that side for a minute!
Thanks for catching me...
We shall see now !
See what?
This! The Giza Pyramids!
See this? The ruins of Chichen Itza !
This one's occupied!
There there now. It's okay.
Relax. Everything will be alright.
Just return to your sarcophagus and rest. I'll take care of them my precious. Be a good girl.
This way.
Don't! Just leave him. Rest now.
I'll take care of the them. One's down already.
All there's left now is to take care of The Chapulin.
"Bad guys, follow my lead!"
"They did not count on my cleverness!".
You're awesome Chapulin Colorado (Red Grasshopper)
That's my boyfriend! That's Pepe!
Of course!
The pyramid guide stole the real Mummy and must of needed something to take it's place so no one would notice it!
You thought you had everything planned didn't you?
Right! But..... "He did not count on my cleverness!".
"Good guys, follow my lead!"
Don't move!
Are you alright Chapulin?
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