Fisher Price Disney Sing Along Choo Choo

Uploaded by Tescolifestyle on 15.10.2012


>> This is the Sing Along Choo Choo that Effie has been playing with.
What has it got Effie? It's got an elephant and a dog and a lion and all sorts of things
to play with. It plays music, can you press a button for it to play some music?
[Toy: All abroad, let's go!]
>> It's really sturdy for a plastic toy and
it's got all the characters that she already knows from Disney and it plays the music,
she can movie it along and swap the toys around. It's really brightly coloured so it's really
eye-catching for her to play with.
It would definitely make a good Christmas present, I think she'd be quite excited to
open this and play with it on Christmas day.
>> We give Sing Along Choo Choo a thumbs up.