PMRobot Project Management Software Introduction

Uploaded by sylsft on 13.07.2011

Hi, I’m Jason Hanley, the creator of PMRobot.
Before I talk about the product,
let me tell you a little story.
Back in 2008,
I moved my software consulting company
from the top floor of a downtown office building
to a beautiful South Texas beach house.
Unfortunately, I was still spending nearly seven hours a day
just emailing back and forth
with my clients and programmers.
It was there that PMRobot was born.
I realized the the majority of my emails
were simply forwarding information,
and chasing down people
to get status updates and questions answered.
So I automated.
I created a robot assistant
to do this stuff for me,
cutting my email time in half,
straight away.
Then, with everything tracked in PMRobot,
I was able to run my company
while traveling through New Zealand
and the South Pacific for over a year.
I even had time
to learn how to fly a plane
and get my private pilot’s license!
Lots of other products - claim - to save you time,
but I challenge you to find
another project management tool
with that type of real world proof.
So sign up
and run your next project with us for free,
and see how much time you can save
by - automating - with PMRobot.