[ENG 1080p] 120901 SNSD Diet LOOK Concert Talk (1/2)

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MC: We're preparing SNSD's places at the moment...
I don't want to surprise you, we wanted you to sit in a more round shape but you're sitting like this to make your faces look smaller, aren't you?
YR: Of course!
MC: Well then we'll go with you sitting in a line.
We have to understand that women, especially celebrities, are very sensitive about their face sizes.
So we shall sit in a line and I'll sit forward the most, so my face looks biggest!
Yuri: It would be fine even if you sat here... MC: Oh, I see.
So we're here together with SNSD...
So I think a lot of news photographers have joined us today!
If we can, could we spend ten seconds taking photos and spend the rest of the time talking together.
So here is your ten seconds.
HY: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ddeng!
MC: So we'll ask you to put away your cameras for the moment, please.
You're not just here to take photos but see them in person, so please take part.
And there's always one lasting until the end thrusting a long bazooka lens camera.
I see you in the front row every time... I wonder what difference does it make to be that close for photos.
Yes, there you are, focusing your lens... you look like a photographer for Sports Chosun... still taking photos.
So first, we've heard SNSD's songs and their self-introductions.
Since you won't know the people in attendance today, I will introduce them to you.
Now, these people are all people who enjoy and regularly use LOOK products.
You can see it is effective by how slim everybody here looks... of course some have only just started but still...
Because... they love the LOOK products...
MC: Now SNSD and LOOK have become inseparable. SN: That's right.
MC: Now, I hear that you all you use LOOK products a lot. TF: Yes.
MC: Every day? SH: Of course. TF: Every day.
MC: What do you think is so good about it? TF: It's so simple. I like it because I can have it in one quick drink.
Yes, it's simple. Also it doesn't feel like dieting medicine but a beverage to keep you healthy.
- That's right - And the packaging is pretty. It's in pink so I can enjoy drinking it!
No matter how pretty the packaging, it's nothing compared to SNSD...
SY: Another thing is, the proverb "What's good for you is bitter".
MC: Yes? TF: It's a little~ bitter!
We have corporate people from Yakult Korea, so feel fee to tell them!
MC: Someone earlier said it tasted like ginger. SY: Oh really?
MC: I prefer the citron flavour. SNSD: Yes, the citron flavour!
SY: Not only is it good for you, it also tastes good so I like it.
It's possible that Yakult Korea made a mistake one time and made one ginger-flavoured.
It's pot luck to get that one bottle.
So I think the citron-flavoured one can be good for your body.
And since we know SNSD are drinking it, I think we all feel that we can do it freely too.
Isn't that right?
MC: Yes, a lot of male audience member responded. TF: Thank you all~
Now we shall start the interview corner where we can all become closer with SNSD.
Could we have the O/X boards, please? Answer with an O or an X for each question and we'll discuss the answers.
So here are the O/X boards...
Oh, Yakult Korea is so considerate to prepare boards that don't even have handles.
Wait, why are you giving me one?
SN: Aren't these pasteboard dumps!
Now, if you drink LOOK products and play dumps, you will lose a lot more weight!
These are very beautiful O/X boards.
So when I ask a question, please answer it with an O or an X.
Now this is the first question.
"If you look at the group, I am SNSD's representative Variety-dol."
"If you look at the group..." wait a second, please don't use her real name!
Everybody knows it's her name but please don't use "Soonkyu" while we're here...
"LOOK" and "Soonkyu" seem too far apart.
The first question: "If you look at the group, I am SNSD's representative Variety-dol." One, two, three...
SY: Hold on, hold on! Could you repeat it please? TF: Yes, we can't hear what you're saying.
MC: If you look at the group SY: Something about doong...?
"If you look at the group, I am SNSD's representative Variety-dol."
- Variety-dol! - Variety-dol.
- Oh it wasnt' doong - Yes, it's Variety-dol.
One, two, three.
Now, everyone has raised X except Sooyoung!
MC: As expected from the MC of Midnight... TF: Sooyoung is very confident in...
No way! I thought Hyoyeon would say she was, at least!
HY: I thought it would be Sooyoung! SY: Really?
MC: Why? HY: She shamelessly raised her board!
You shamelessly nominated yourself alone, why did you do it, Sooyoung?
I don't think this is being shameless but having self-confidence.
[Joking tone] It's privilege a variety-dol is allowed to have.
So "Shamelessness is a privilege for variety-dols?"
I thought some of the others would raise their boards.
TF: No wait, did nobody seriously raise their board? MC: Not even one!
YR: Yes, but you can always be modest about it, right?
YR: Hyoyeon should actually... TF: I think everyone is modest today...
SY: Sorry!
Soonkyu looks like she regrets not raising an O.
Am I wrong?
So that was the first answer, which defied all expectations...
We'll move on to the second question.
"There is a fan or experience that I remember in particular from the 5th Anniversary celebrations."
1, 2... do you need me to repeat?
SY: No, no, we got it. TF: We got it!
MC: I think I should attend a Speech Training class.
"There is a fan or experience that I remember in particular from the 5th Anniversary celebrations." 1, 2, 3!
Everyone has raised an O except...
...except Hyoyeon who has raised it in the middle. Why did you?
Hyoyeon's memory isn't that good so...
MC: I actually know that very well. SN: Don't do that with your hand!
But there was an experience we all had during the 5th Anniversary, remember?
Did you mean one fan or one experience?
YN: Experiences included... MC: Experiences and Fans that you remember.
HY: Oh yeah, yeah, there is! MC: There is? Thank you for that.
Who would it be?
MC: Someone to represent... SY: Well, we...
SY: A particular fan that we remember? MC: A fan or experience.
I think we all have the same thing for experience!
MC: Could you tell us what that is?
TF: I think the fans will have the same answer... SY: 5th Anniversary?
We had a party together...
We had a fanmeeting with our fans...
At the fanmeeting, we spent 2-3 hours partying passionately and sweating diligently!
So who here was present at that event?
Put your hands up!
SY: Almost everyone... TF: We're in heaven today.
How impressive... these are special guests invited by Yakult Korea but it's so impressive that...
Oh my... I was wondering why there was an empty seat!
Yes... I... there was a problem so I was... a little late.
I think the problem is because she drank some LOOK before she started performing earlier.
Sorry to mention such things but...
She had such a satisfied look when she came back.
As soon as you drink it, you feel the need to go and there are some people with sensitive bowels...
SY: She drank it so eagerly.
We'll stop here, anything beyond is the private life of a celebrity.
So we've covered the second question together.
Now for the third question...
Wait, fan! It could be someone in attendance here...
Is there any fan that you can particularly remember?
Of course all fans are memorable, but...
Okay, well we'll leave it at that!
SY: Everyone who came that day was memorable. MC: At the 5th Anniversary party?
MC: Each person was memorable, weren't they? SY: Of course.
I also met some people for the first time today and I don't think I will ever forget him either.
Mr Kim Namgil sitting over there...
He gave himself the nickname "Kim Namgil" but...
Yes, I understand. He is... a liar but he is still adorable.
Now for the third question.
"While promoting as a member of SNSD, there was a moment when I regretted something or wanted to turn back time while."
1, 2, 3!
I think this question needs to be answered thoughtfully.
Yes, it is a serious question: "While promoting as a member of SNSD, there was a moment when I regretted something or wanted to turn back time while."
TF: Ok. MC: So...
1, 2, 3!
Everyone has raised an O except for three members... And nobody else...
I think it depends on how you take the question.
Something you think you could have done better while promoting as SNSD.
Maybe you wanted to express yourself a certain way but maybe you felt a certain album was lacking.
Something like "I fought with one of the other members and I am upset that I waited too long to apologize." or something.
Is that subject too heavy?
The atmosphere is suddenly down!
Well I think we'll go with "an album I wasn't satisfied with.
I think Jessica would have a moment she regrets.
JS: What... MC: "Ah, I shouldn't have drunk LOOK before performing."
Am I right?
JS: Yes, it's true. MC: Yes.
Because it's a very effective product.
So from the other members... can someone speak as a representative?
So who do you want to hear from among the people who held up O?
Enunciate clearly!
TY: Yoona, Yoona, Yoona!
Yoona, Yoona, Yoona Yoona-ssi
I don't really have one incident either but I held it up because there must have been one...
But if I do pick one out...
YA: There is one thing I do regret. MC: What is that?
I did get a nickname from it but I once had bangs...
If it was done a little more naturally, I would have been able to promote a little better but...
I once promoted with bangs that didn't look natural.
I regret that it wasn't better.
MC: Why don't you say something now to your hair stylist? YA: No!
MC: Is it because they still do your hair? YA: It's not...
Your mouth says it's not, but your face says different.
Well, of course I liked it then but looking back, I wish it looked prettier.
As we all know, it's part of a woman's desire to look good so...
And bangs can make a person look very different.
SY: That's right.
So, she wanted to turn back time because of her bangs.
Is there anyone else?
Say it altogether: 1, 2, 3!
Ok, Taeyon-ssi.
I really had to think hard to find something but...
A while ago, there was a time when we were deciding the name of our fanclub.
MC: You all share the same memory? YA: There were so many things!
Our loving, HONEY!
What else?
Anything else?
Anyway, there was a time like that.
Now, I look at things our fans have posted like photos and things.
Sometimes, not often, but some fans will always post that video!
But I think at the time, I...
I think I was really embarrassed about it because the atmosphere of the video is cringey.
To be honest, the reason I said that was because someone told me to say it.
I had said that I didn't want to do it but they kept telling me to... that name... "Honey"...
That almost became our fanclub's name.
The good thing is that I heard that they are active unofficially... not online but using traditional methods.
And like I said, it wasn't me who suggested the name.
And everyone, if there is anyone still active with them, please disband.
So, here is the fourth question.
"There is someone among active groups and solo idols that I recently envy."
Well, could there really be someone like that for SNSD?
Whether it's an idol group... or a solo artist promoting on their own... is there anyone you envy?
Could there be? 1, 2, 3!
Now, apart from four people who held up an X...
It's Sooyoung, Tiffany then Seohyun and Sunny who raised an O.
Could you each tell us who you envy? The almighty SNSD...
"Who do the almighty SNSD envy?" Oh there is going to be a lot of articles today.
TF: You're right. SY: Are there reporters here?
No, there aren't. But these people will inform everyone.
TY: But they really look like reporters. MC: No, this doesn't feel like a fanmeeting or a concert at all.
YR: Like a press conference. Press conference. MC: It's like the Gag Concert press conference skits!
I am.... not Soonkyu...
I am not...
It really feels like it! You say one word and the camera shutters go dadadadada!
Now everyone, your dadadada sounds really gets on our nerves, so please...
So, could each of you who held up an O tell us? Beginning with Sunny?
I want SNSD to become like Shinhwa.
Oh, Shinhwa!
Shinhwa sunbaenims are the eldest and still idols.
MC: That's right. SN: And they have been active for a long, long time.
That's right, even at their crippling age, they keep working hard.
Because when you hit your 30s, it's difficult to keep up with dances that idol groups dance to.
Despite this, they still dance very well.
When you promoted... when you were trainees you met with them before?
They are close with our members and I'm also close to our sunbaenims.
But what makes me envy them is because they are promoting for so long together, they become like real family.
We want this family that we have now to go on for over 14 years, too.
Actually, before you arrived we all agreed amongst ourselves. At your 70th birthday...
We are all going to your 70th birthday parties to congratulate you.
One person in their 30s said they would be over 90 then.
We're going to cheer them altogether. You're all going to support them in their 70s, right?
MC: These people will never change. TY: Thank you. SN: Thank you very much.
So you envy Shinhwa... and what about Seohyun, who do you envy?
I also thought of Shinhwa sunbaenims at first.
All nine of us will think the same way about that.
And for me... it's a rookie group called "Tasty".
They are very close friends with Hyoyeon unnie.
Now, they are twins and so real family.
We SNSD have spent over ten years together like a family, so I think it's good to see a real family dreaming the same dream and performing together.
So you all know how difficult it is to debut as an idol so when you look at rookies...
Can't you all feel how much she cares about them?
Or maybe you don't...
I was expecting a big reaction... but I was taken off-guard!
So, Hyoyeon-ssi.
Have those two put in a lot of work?
Of course, our training period was long but I've been told that training periods for new acts these days are not as long.
But these two had a long time training and they've put in a lot of effort.
As a friend, I'm happy that they are getting a good reaction, too.
Hyoyeon, you've been training so diligently since elementary school and you've always been a great dancer.
Recently on Strong Heart, Actor Kim Jihoon told us he remembered you very well being like that... also that he got kicked out for being a bad singer.
But when he said that, everyone agreed with him.
So is it the twins that you are close to in that group?
[Wink = female twin trot duo from 2008] I hope the twins work hard and surpass "Wink".
Because winks used to be the best. There was a time when they helped a lot but...
These days, winks can never beat twins.
YR: They're guys! MC: They're guys? I'm sorry.
[Soo & Jin = male twin duo from 1987] Then they should try to surpass "Soo & Jin"
If you know "Soo & Jin", you are above a certain age, so don't suddenly stop laughing.
Soonkyu, what is your real age?
She knew to laugh at "Soo & Jin"!
And now, Tiffany.
For me... I think we all end up following the trends.