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For how many days hasn't this girl eaten?
- Since yesterday. - Why don't you stuff it in her mouth?
It's not as simple as that.
4 of my waiters are injured and the steward broke his back.
And there's no track of the number of broken cups and glasses.
I think I'll have to do something.
Come with me.
- Where...? - Excuse me... this way.
Good God!
- What is going on? - Baby must've refused to eat.
Doesn't matter. Get some food.
Open the door.
''With you around, I... ''
Such insolence! Are you mad? Why haven't you eaten as yet?
I won't eat! And I don't want to see your face either!
Fine. Then you'll remain a prisoner right here.
Because you know finally what I want will be done.
You're not the master of my life. I can't live by your rules.
- You know I... - I know you love me.
Because I'm your daughter and you want what's best for me.
That is why you don't want me to make mistakes in life.
- That is why... - So I don't want you to marry that ass Deepak!
I will marry Deepak!
Lmpossible as long as I live!
- Why did you bring food? - Sir... - It's for me.
Keep it here.
Radish stuffed pancakes.
''Cottage cheese and spinach, mixed vegetables... ''
''do what you want, I won't eat! ''
Who is asking you to eat? Eat sorrows while I eat carrots
You're making fun while I'm dying of anxiety!
Why don't you understand? I love Deepak!
Why do you love that ass?
He is handsome and every girl loves him.
And he loves me.
He loves my wealth not you.
You think everyone wants your riches.
He too is rich.
You'll get a slap.
My daughter has run away!
Take my boat! Chase her!
''Whose child is this with a gold chain in her neck? ''
''Whose child is this with a gold chain in her neck? ''
''Whose child is this with a gold chain in her neck? ''
''Whose daughter is she her eyes stole my heart''
''Life could be wonderful with you beside me''
''Whose child is this with a gold chain in her neck? ''
''You are my heart, my life I give you my heart''
I give you my heart
I find you cute and honest
My heart belongs to you
''You are my dream, my beloved''
Don't ever leave me
''You are the light of my life Whose daughter is she? ''
Her eyes stole my heart
Whose daughter is she?
''You will find your beloved The day of love will dawn''
The love you seek will be yours
''You will find the love, the beloved you desire''
We all pray to God
You will find a beloved
''We find her amusing whose daughter is she? ''
''The one I desire must be around here''
''The eyes are hollow the heart is worried''
What is wrong with her?
''Who is she seeking she herself knows not''
''She stands quiet, oh so silent''
Her life is a dilemma
We think baby has gone far Nobody was able to nab her.
How can they? After all she's Dharamchand's daughter.
She can be faster than a plane but not caught by anyone.
Don't worry. She'll get back. She has no money on her.
''Sir, you're making a mistake she's wearing a gold chain.''
A gold ring and gold ear rings.
Call the detective agency. Print her picture in the papers.
''Post our men at every railway station, airport and bus stop.''
Find out where that rascal Deepak is!
She will go where that idiot Deepak is!
I want to talk to Deepak.
He's gone to Bangalore for a shoot
- When will he return? - Can't be sure.
Here you are.
This is Pooja. Don't issue her a ticket if she comes here.
What are you thinking of?
I'd already told the boss...
A rich man's daughter won't travel in a local bus.
''Lf forced, she'll use a plane, train or a cab.''
But the miser won't pay heed.
It's been 4 hours since we are getting bored here.
But where could she be?
- Here's your ticket. - You're very nice.
- And your change. - Keep it. - You mean that?
- May I? - Yes. - You're so generous.
- When will the bus leave? - In 10-15 minutes.
God knows who is in. He's just not coming out!
I have to make an urgent call.
He's a famous journalist Have you heard of him?
''He reports the news of any murder, rape in this area.''
What? You won't print it?
You're a sycophant! Of the highest degree!
''Sycophant! Baby, first learn to write! ''
Thinks he's a reporter first learn to hold the pen!
Got a scoop! Is this a scoop?
No! I won't ruin my name by publishing it!
You need guts to print my news.
Edit the Daily Strom. No wind and talks of storm!
Your paper is not worth a penny. Utter junk!
Be grateful you found a reporter like myself.
Did you have any honour before I joined you?
Read my lips. Raghu Jaitly I don't want to ever see you!
If you step in my office...
I will have you bodily thrown out of the office!
What? I see... now you want to apologise!
Flattering me when you found Raghu cares a damn for you.
Have you forgotten the day you came crawling to me?
''Raghu, my son. Report for me.''
''No, no. Now it's too late.''
I don't want to hear a word.
You blasted your boss?
Just check that my bus hasn't left.
How can you say that? No bus can leave without you.
You are right. Let's move.
These editors... their ego is on seventh heaven.
But I know how to set them right.
See this hand? If this hand has the power...
''and a pen, nobody can stop me from writing the truth.''
''We'll live in poverty, eat one meal less... ''
But we won't sell the pen.
Well said.
Goodbye brothers.
- Live long. - What a man!
What's this on the seat? It's for humans to sit.
- Put it elsewhere. - What's your problem?
''I said, mister this precious stuff on the seat... ''
If you keep it elsewhere this poor man will find a seat.
No. That's the paper bundle.
- It will stay put. - Hey conductor!
I'm not used to sitting on paper.
Once I sat on some paper and the news was on my backside.
You know people love to read paper for free.
Not a single paper was sold that day.
The entire village was behind me.
So will you lift this bundle or...
Don't act smart! That bundle stays right there!
''Son, now somebody will have to pick that bundle up.''
That's true. Pick it up.
I got my seat.
''- Madam, this is my seat. - What do you mean? ''
I'm in a rage. Already had 2 fights.
Be kind enough and sit elsewhere.
- Yes madam? - Is this seat reserved?
''No, it belongs to the one who sits on it. What? ''
- How many can sit here? - I don't know.
I know.
''Wow. When God feels generous, he really gives.''
Don't help me up if I slip.
''Lf you lift me up, take a slip''
What happened? Any news?
Now I can tell you where Deepak is right now.
- And what he's doing. - So tell me.
He's right now in Bangalore. Shooting.
- How did you find out? - Reading this paper.
- You read the paper? - I get all the news from here.
So Deepak is in Bangalore and Pooja will go there to see him.
We should be on the Bombay Bangalore road to find her.
''- I was thinking the same. - Idiot! Don't think, find her! ''
Go to the Bombay-Bangalore road.
''Deepak, your love is great.''
Dharamchand's daughter ran away for you and you're enjoying here
Nothing new. She's the third falling victim to my love.
My name is Deepak Kumar.
Everyone knows that.
Dharamchand is a very stubborn man.
This time you're playing with fire.
Do I have to play with water to acquire 70 crores?
You are still a child.
Once I marry Pooja...
Then you'll see how Dharamchand will dance to my tune.
Are you sure Pooja will run away and come here?
Definitely. She will come and her father will follow.
On his knees.
The goon ran away. I chased him quite far.
But he got away.
What the heck are you saying?
Good God! What bad luck!
I ran like a mad man and returned panting...
She doesn't know what happened.
Why should I be concerned?
You'll be glad to know your purse... has been stolen.
My purse has been stolen!
Now the bell rings.
But how did this happen?
The jerk in the jacket sitting on the seat beside us...
He ran off with your purse.
- Now what will I do? - Now...
Hope your ticket wasn't in it.
I have the ticket but all my money was in it.
I only have 5-10 bucks in this. How will I get to Bangalore?
Cable your family. They'll send some cash.
''Fine, I'll do it.''
- I'll tell the conductor to complain to the police - No!
- That's not required. - You're funny.
Your purse has been stolen. You should file a complaint.
- I don't want to. - Then I'll do it.
Maybe we'll get the purse.
''Mister, do you understand Hindi? ''
I don't want to complain to the police
Stay away from my affairs.
Ungrateful wretch!
It's half an hour and the bus isn't moving.
He's come. He owns the bus!
He'll come when he feels like it.
This country can never progress.
''- I want action. - Sir, we're trying. Where are you? ''
- I want her back. - We're doing our best.
''Cycle, rickshaw, bus, plane ship, train... look everywhere! ''
200 of my men are on the Bombay-Bangalore road.
- Their eyes are peeled. - Sure she's not with Deepak?
I'm fully convinced she's not with Deepak.
Since Pooja disappeared Deepak is under constant vigil.
His phone is tapped.
- I have an idea! - What?
''We give news of Pooja's disappearance on radio, TV... ''
and papers with her picture. Finder gets reward of 1 lakh!
Rs. 1 Lakh!
What a hefty swipe! You'd have doffed your hat to me!
- Okay. Now go away. - I's worth 4000 at least!
We only get 2 or 4000.
The big birds get caught in others' traps.
Wish I could find her!
She's the daughter of a big man. Must be worth 5 lakhs.
- She's the same. - Who?
I saw her in the Bangalore bus!
Every girl looks the same to you.
Guaranteed she's the girl whose purse I whacked.
There's a boy with her.
- Is that true? - I swear.
Good. Come on.
Those who want tea or snacks can get off here.
The buss will stop only for 20 minutes. That's all.
I'm such a fool. Why didn't you push me away?
I did try. Would you like some tea?
''No, thanks.''
- I'll walk a bit. - You'll miss the bus.
Wait for me if I'm late.
- What? - Yes.
What is this girl? What is she?
The prince of my dreams...
The prince of my dreams...
If you love me...
Come along with me
And sing with me
Come... sing...
The prince of my dreams...
Take me someplace...
The prince of my dreams...
Take me someplace...
Take me to the world of fairies
A place full of love
Take me to such a world
''Prince of my dreams take me to a place... ''
''This village of fairies procession of stars... ''
Love resounds here
Everyone here is in love
Love makes this world go round
''This village of fairies and procession of stars... ''
Songs of love resound here
Everyone here is in love
Love makes this world go round
''You are guests in the world of fairies''
Let us show you around
''Let us go and find your prince charming''
''One day he will come riding the chariot of the moon''
Someday he'll take me with him
He will fill my life with stars
He'll make me his bride
''One day he will come riding the chariot of the moon''
Someday he'll take me with him
He will fill my life with stars
He'll make me his bride
He'll make me his bride
He'll make me his bride
Excuse me... where did the bus go?
- Which one? - The one going to Bangalore
- It's gone. - Gone? - Yes.
How did it leave? I asked it to wait.
You slept on these shoulders all night long.
- Does it come back? - I think I thanked you for it.
''Excuse me, when will the bus leave for Bangalore? ''
- At 8 PM. - After 1 2 hours!
- Is there no other bus? - Only 2 buses to Bangalore.
One has left and the other leaves at night.
The bus didn't wait for you? Really insolent!
You commanded it yet it didn't wait.
That's the problem with buses. The come and leave in time.
- You too missed the bus? - Yes. Destiny.
Don't try to prove that you missed the bus for me.
I was going to say that but you stopped me.
''Just because my head touched you while dozing, you're getting ideas.''
Get this clear. Stay away from me!
I don't need any help. I can look after myself.
Your ticket. It was on the bus seat.
I'm not Pooja Dharamchand.
''Miss, I can count the feathers of a flying bird.''
Don't try to fool me.
All the routes to Bangalore are closed for you.
Your Daddy won't let you get there.
You're talking to air.
Your picture is printed in all the newspapers.
With a reward of a lakh.
''That actor, what's his name...? Yes, Deepak Kumar.''
''According to me, he's the right one for you.''
He's one wise crack and you've lost your marbles.
That' why it is said. Couples are made in heaven.
''Lnstead of ruining two families, only one is ruined.''
Take my advice and the first bus back to Bombay.
''Deepak is a selfish, egoistic bogus man.''
I don't need your advice!
Still I'm giving it. See how noble I am.
''Look, don't tell Daddy.''
I'll give you the same reward that Daddy will pay.
Just let me get to Bangalore.
Do you think everything in the world is for sale?
''Can't you say, I'm in trouble. Please help me.''
Take your ticket! Bribing me with money!
Excuse me... please!
I must get to Bangalore fast. Please help me.
Now you're learning. There's a bus stop 25 kms away.
- You can get a bus there. - 25 kilometers!!
Yes. Follow me if you have the guts
I won't walk.
Struggling is not my cup of tea.
How will we get there unless you walk?
- We might miss that bus. - No way.
We'll go when we get a car.
A Mercedes will come for you The driver will salute you.
We might get a lift.
''Lf lifts were that easy, beggars would rule.''
Have you ever stood on a road and asked for a lift?
- Never needed to. - Asking for a lift is an art.
- What is that? - The signs.
Waving like a mad man doesn't help.
See this thumb? Very useful.
If a small car approaches do this...
It stops immediately.
But if it's a big car belonging to a big shot...
Then do this...
Bending a little...
So mercy fills his heart.
If it's a lorry... a huge one...
Then delicate gestures don't help.
What's a little thumb compared to a big lorry?
Then this...
Like so... wide circle...
He'll stop away. Get there fast.
- Want to reach Bangalore. - Then sit down pal.
I'm going to write a book on asking for lifts.
The car's gone. You talk too much.
Half the time is wasted talking to you.
Another one is coming.
Now watch the expert...
Learn how to ask for a lift.
Your thumb is small.
My thumb isn't small he had weak eyes.
I'm glad he didn't give us a lift. He might bang the car.
I'll lie down.
Wake me up if somebody stops.
I think we'll have to walk.
''Lf you wish, I could try.''
I'd never sit in that truck if I were you.
I'll sit because I'm not you.
Welcome. The weather is lovely so is the path.
My life is made.
I must thank you. Since morning I haven't seen such a pretty face.
My life is made.
Be comfortable. Come closer.
''No, I'm fine.''
Our life can be so lonely.
Only one with a heart can understand that.
''Long journeys, solitary roads... ''
The thirst rises and dies.
When fairies like you come falling into my lap...
''My heart says, your life is made.''
Won't get this opportunity again.
- Why did you stop? - You're with me.
Now this vehicle will stop and proceed to Bangalore.
- What do you mean? - Need a lover to love.
Let go! Leave me!
- My life is made! - Let go!!
Who... are you?
Don't you know who I am? I rule 55 kms of this route.
I've committed 28 murders. I lust to kill the 29th.
I'd love to kill you.
I've always killed drivers and burnt their vehicles.
Now you can't escape me!
Want to hang or be stabbed?
I'll sacrifice you to Mother Kali and please her.
Fair cheeks... She too has nice cheeks.
Your wife if not you. One will be sacrificed.
It's her night. I swear I won't let mother starve.
Whose life is cheap? That one will die.
- Take her. - Why her? Why not you?
Who will drive?
Come my beauty. Your time is up. Get out.
- Told you not to sit with him! - I didn't know he'd be like this.
Didn't know. Shut up!
Now come on!
Next time obey me.
- What is it? - Telegram from Raghu Jaitly.
For how many years have you been working here?
For how many years have you been working here???
- 3 years. - And you never saw a trash bin!
What is this?
- Dust bin. - Put it in this!
''- No, take it out. - Okay sir.''
''Baby, the world has progressed way beyond.''
You may go.
What? Today no bus will leave for Bangalore?
- Why? - The bridge collapsed. You'll have to spend the night here.
- Any place to spend the night? - A guest house. Go that way.
Why are you staring at me? I didn't break the bridge!
Give him the key to 106.
Write your name and address here.
''Madam, please come. We've got the room.''
Be comfortable with your husband.
Do you want to stand there all night or do you want to sleep?
You think you're very clever?
Obviously. In today's time everyone should be clever.
What was the manager saying?
Sleep well with your husband.
Yes because I entered us at Mr. & Mrs.
Don't fume. We got the room because I talked him up.
Instead of thanking me you're throwing a tantrum.
You think you're the cat's whiskers!
Talk about yourself. Your head is always in the clouds.
Do you think I'll fall for your tricks?
''Lf you think, I'm in the mood to start something... ''
You have another thought coming up.
You're just news for me. An exciting bit of news.
News? Are you a reporter?
Yes. Now listen. You want to get to Deepak.
I'll help you reach him.
I want an exciting story.
The story of a girl crazily in love eloping to meet her lover.
And this poor writer was with her every minute of that journey.
That is why I tolerate all your tantrums.
Have you brought the girl to this room to write the story?
I'm nearly broke and you too have no money.
I don't have that much money to afford the luxury of 2 rooms.
''Lf you don't want to be here, you're welcome to go out.''
But get this clear...
''lf you act smart, I'll go straight to your Pop... ''
and spill the beans.
I'll sleep here.
How can I sleep in these?
- These...? - Don't want them?
Never have I been tortured so much for one story.
He has the looks and love...
My beloved is a gentleman
He's crazy about me
My beloved is also mischievous
She is beautiful and comely
My beloved is a dainty princess
She's sweet and innocent
''My beloved has a naughty gleam in her eyes''
Don't ask where my heart is lost
I lost my heart to you on sight
You are in my vision and my dreams
''You are in the fragrant roses of my memory''
Lowered lashes...
The delicate age...
My beloved is loving
The cute innocence...
And naughty gleaming eyes
The waves of breath stopped
I blushed and lowered my eyes
How close I am to him
The thought scares me
Such style and flair...
My beloved is a gentleman
He is God's gift to mankind
My beloved is also an imp
On the path of love...
I've given up all for you
His words are fragrant
Every decision lies in his hands
The fragrant one...
The blushing cheeks... '
My beloved is dainty
Are you sleeping?
''Yes, I'm in deep sleep.''
''Tell me, what is your name? ''
First name Raghu followed by Jaitly.
I don't like this name.
It's a matter of one night Mrs. Pooja Jaitly...
''When morning comes, where will Pooja be and where Jaitly? ''
''Mr. Jaitly, I'm glad to make your acquaintance.''
Same here.
- What are you thinking? - Nothing. Go to sleep.
With sleep will come dreams.
- What will dreams show? - Bangalore.
Where you want to go.
- Still sleeping? Get up. - What's the time? - 8 AM
- what's this? - Hurry up.
Got this ironed?
Breakfast is ready. Hurry up.
Where did you get it ironed?
''Look, I'll count to 10 and if you're not out by then... ''
I'll drag you out!
''1, 2... ''
- 3... - I won't get up.
''5, 6... ''
''- I want to sleep. - 7, 8, 9, 10.''
I'm getting up.
- The bathroom is out to the left. - Out?
''Ln our country, bathrooms are generally outside the house.''
- I won't go out like this. - How?
In these clothes.
Here but hurry up.
What did you say? Where's the bathroom?
- You look like a doll. - Where's the bathroom?
Your hair looks nice like this. Wear them so.
I'll find it.
Where's she getting in breaking the line?
Get out! No peace here either!
Here's your breakfast. 3 biscuits and 1 tea.
Today's ration till lunch.
Will it do?
''I'd have got bread, butter and jam but expenses are mounting... ''
You don't have to be embarrassed.
You probably don't know how thankful I am to you.
You're being awfully nice this early in the morning.
- Maybe it's the weather. - Possibly.
It's very wrong. You can't enter rooms and trouble guests.
10 times I told you there's no girl by that name in our hotel!
But you won't understand!
You'll barge into my hotel because you are detectives!
Looking for you.
Daddy must've sent them. Now what do I do?
Tell me what to do!
How would I know? I'm not getting married.
I'll jump out of the window and run away.
You've lost your mind.
Sit down.
Nobody here. Neither here.
Is this a guest or haunted house?
Proceed. Nobody there too.
They've gone out. I know everything.
I know who stays where in my hotel.
''Wife dear, do you hear? Aunt has written to us''
Regarding that...
''She was saying since you're out, come to Pune for awhile.''
''She says, the pregnant girl should get rest''
- Look at this. - Could be lies.
I don't understand. What are you saying?
How will you understand? You never know your husband.
She loves us so much. She'll feel bad if we don't go.
''Yes, you are right.''
Aunt has nobody but us.
Open the door.
''Hubby dear, somebody is here to see you.''
- To see me. Funny. - What is your name?
Asking me?
What's your name?
He's asking me my name.
What's the matter? Why're you concerned with my wife's name?
Asking my wife her name without taking my permission!
Ashamed to talk to a man!
Don't be angry. He just asked my name.
He didn't say anything else.
You keep mum! No need to talk when I'm talking. Okay?
''Get in! I said, in! ''
What did I say? Why are you mad at me?
What did I say? Why are you mad at me?
Get in! The other night you did this at the hotel.
- What did I do? - The fat man was staring at you.
You stopped me from hitting him.
- He'd have made mincemeat out of you. - Go to hell.
Drinking and fighting. Shouldn't I stop you?
- Was I drinking? - The whole bottle!
- Don't tell lies! - Am I lying?
What did you gain by creating a fight here?
- I'm leaving never to return! - Where are you going?
To your Pop! Sit quiet or I'll whack you more!
Sorry to disturb you.
It's a typical case of mistaken identity.
We were looking for Pooja the child of a rich father.
Your wife looks a lot like her.
We're leaving.
Go and look for her. Don't chew our brains.
''Okay, now leave.''
''Now if we don't stop at aunt's, she'll be really mad.''
- What is it? - Your bus leaves in 5 minutes.
God! We might miss this too.
The bus has left. Now look for a lift.
Girls waste so much time in dressing and make up.
How is it? 9 months pregnant?
Looks 18 months! Reduce it a little.
Now it's fine.
What name have you thought?
- Name? - For the child.
''Depends on destiny. If it's a girl, she'll be PT Usha.''
- And if it's a boy...? - Bhola Prasad.
That's very nice.
What did you say? What name is that?
''No, no. Impossible.''
Nobody in our family has been born simple.
Every one is intelligent.
- He'll be smart. - Your son will be as stupid as you
''Don't think because I married you, you'll beget Sachin Tendulkar.''
Fine but he shouldn't be stupid to get out on zero.
You fight very well!
- Sir! - Yes?
The man in 106 left his wallet.
''That's sad. Anyway, get it here.''
Stop right here.
Take care.
Let me know if it's PT Usha or Sachin Tendulkar.
Starving. I'll order 2 parathas 1 cheese omelette and ice cream...
''I'll have brain, biryani and egg curry.''
How could you forget the purse?
Think you're very smart? Stupid!
I'm having bad luck since I set eyes on you!
Starve and walk!
Save me from this nuisance!
Don't ruin my daughter's life! My honour is at your feet!
Forgive me. I beg you!
- I beg you!! - What's wrong?
- What is wrong? - Terrible nightmares.
I dreamt I was touching that ass Deepak's feet.
You don't have to do that. I'll fall at his dirty feet.
But why? Why must I touch his feet?
I don't know what state my child is in right now.
She must be in a bad state.
Tell that ass Deepak I want to meet him.
At least you go.
I give up.
I'll compromise with that ass to bring you back home.
''I can see my child sitting on the road, hungry and thirsty.''
I am hungry.
I have a headache.
I'm cold.
I swallowed the chewing gum.
Have you learnt anything other than complain?
Do I look like a complain register?
Think positive and good things will happen.
- I can't stay here! - Then go to hell!
I don't care but I'll stretch out and sleep here.
Get it?
Lmpudent man! Can't even talk!
''Wealthy girl, don't act smart.''
This bed I made is perfect for a delicate darling like you.
''As for me, I'll be here.''
How can I stay here?
I'm sleeping.
No place to sleep and nothing to eat!
''Lf you say a word, he keeps scolding.''
You may leave if you don't' like being with me.
Go whenever you feel.
I'll stay alone.
What's it? Why are you yelling?
- What are you doing? - I was scared.
First you said you're hungry. I got this now you're scared.
''- Here, eat it. - No, I won't.''
Why? You were hungry
Now there's neither fear nor hunger.
Good God. This girl will drive me nuts!
My heart is beyond control
My heart is beyond control
''The rules of the game of love are very tough''
The heart is unaware of it
My heart is beyond control
My heart is beyond control
Why am I anxious?
The heart is unaware
It is my heart's desire.
''I wish I could look at you all the time''
We may never part even in death...
Let's do something for it
Become mine
Come close to me
''My beloved, my sweetheart''
I love you
That's all I know
''lt was difficult living all alone''
Had you not met me
Distressed breath and harassed eyes
...say this to me
What are you thinking?
- Thinking about you. - Me?
What is the aim of the lives of you rich folk?
- What do you mean? - You know all about yourself.
I am wealthy. I want to go there.
I want to marry him but do you know anything about the world?
How are people? What life is all about?
In some days you'll run away from the one you're crazy about
That's your problem. Keep running in circles.
Actually you're running away from yourself.
You don't even know what you want.
Do you know what you want?
For the time being I want a lift in that vehicle.
She's the same girl. And the boy is with her.
''When I was young, my parents were right.''
Earning a living is tough.
Just running like asses.
- It's not easy to be rich. - I know! Come on.
Who are they? Why are they chasing us?
He's the yellow jacket goon who ran away with your purse.
Must be chasing you for the reward.