How to make "KURIKINTON" New Year's foods in Japan 小川家の栗きんとんの作り方

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And there, "KURIKINTON" is done. (Mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts)
To eat them in new year's day, It's considered to invite fortune.
Today, we are going to make the "KURIKINTON" in OSECHI-RYORI.
KURIKINTON is a good luck charm to increase your economic fortune.
The ingredients are here.
Sweet potatos, sugar, candied chestnuts, chestnut syrup,
salt, Akazake(sweet red colored cooking sake) and dried gardenia pods.
Today, we are using the Akazake in place of Mirin(sweet sake).
By using the Akazake, KURIKINTON makes glossier.
Let's get to it!
First, cut the sweet potato.
Cut the both ends of sweet potato.
Cut the sweet potato into 1/2-inch thick rounds.
peel the sweet potato.
Remove the outer layer of sweet potato like this.
So by doing, It will be made beautiful yellow.
Here, Boil the sweet potato that was immersed in water.
Boil them from cold water.
Add the dried gardenia pods.
Slice the dried gardenia pods in half, and make them soft by soaking in water in advance.
Add only the gardenia pods.
Don't add the colored water. Set it aside for future use.
Turn on gas.
Cook the syrup while boiling the sweet potato.
Pour water that is same amount of the sugar,
the sugar,
the chestnut syrup and...
the Akazake (sweet red colored cooking sake) .
Turn on the gas.
Dissolve the sugar by heat.
Stir them until melted.
Heat them until the all ingredients have melted.
Next, Make sure the sweet potatoes become tender.
Pierce the sweet potatoes by a bamboo skewer. It's done that pierced them smoothly.
So by adding the gardenia pods, they have made golden yellow.
Take out them.
A gardenia pod is natural colorant.
After this, mix the hot syrup.
Don't allow the potatoes to cool.
Next, put the potatoes back on the pan that have washed
Turn on the gus.
Pour the hot syrup.
Keep the potatoes and the syrup hot. In doing so, they will be mixed beautiful.
Mix them with mashing the potatoes.
Pour the syrup by little and little.
Add the small amount of syrup again.
So by doing, they are mixed very well.
Some one would mash the potatos before mixing the syrup.
But doing so, It's hard to strain them.
Next, Strain them.
So by straining, they will be beautiful and smooth finish.
It's easy to strain because they were mixed the syrup fast.
Strain them to the last like this.
It's strained.
The under side still remain the potato like this.
Remove them.
It's done.
Simmer them in the pot again.
Next, put the pureed potato back on the pan.
Then, wash the pan clean again.
By using the clean pan, it's hard to burn.
Turn on the gas.
Pour the hot leftover syrup by little and little.
Mix them.
We have already strained them, so they are mixed very smooth.
Why we have dimidiated to add the syrup is...
First adding the syrup is to make easy to strain.
Second adding is to adjust the potato's sweetness.
Add the syrup until the sweetness
You will taste very sweet when it's hot.
But when it's cold, you will not taste so sweet.
So, add the syrup for more untill you like the sweetness.
Next, Simmer them until the potato sauce has thickened that you like.
The sauce has soft when it's hot.
But when it's cold, the sauce become hard.
Then, it's good hardness that the sauce is traced like this.
Turn off the gas.
Add the candied chestnuts just before turn off the gas.
Add the candied chestnuts.
Finally, make up the sauce good color.
Add the soaking liquid that you just saved
Add it by little and little until it become to good color that you like.
It's ready.
And there, we have the tasty "KURIKINTON".
Eat them to invite yor fortune in new year's day.