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Episode 5
So is he the one you're waiting for?
I've liked him since I was a kid.
You know it too...
My father and my brother were always gone all day busy with the company.
They never had any time to care about me.
For someone like me, who's never had a mother or father's proper care,
Brother Biao feels like the only family I have.
Brother Biao, do you know how to do this question?
I don't. Go wash your hands for dinner first.
Today's dishes smell so great!
You're disgusting! You didn't even wash your hands before eating!
Eat some!
- Brother Biao look, he's bullying me! - Alright, Ah Nan... stop playing now...
- Go wash your hands! Get ready for dinner! - Brother Biao, look!
Alright! Rong Rong, go wash your hands... Hurry up and wash your hands!
- Brother Biao, he's bullying me! - Alright! Ah Nan, stop playing now...
Go wash your hands...
Since Li Ah Biao is single now, what are you all still pretending for?
It's not us... it's me.
He once said... he caused his own wife's death.
So he doesn't know if in this life he can forgive himself
to accept another person.
How can he be so selfish?
Why must he make you wait?
He didn't make me wait. I wanted to wait for him myself.
Does he know that?
I don't know if he knows or not.
How do you expect me to ask him? I'm a girl.
He's so smart... he must know.
Aiyo... I don't know.
Hu Tie Nan!
Li Jin Biao! Get out here! Li Jin Biao!
Li Jin Biao! Get out here!
Mister, what can we do for you?
I'm looking for Li Jin Biao! Ask him to come out!
Li Jin Biao! Li Jin Biao, get out here!
Who are you? Screaming at the entrance of a police station!
Get Li Jin Biao out here! Didn't you hear?
Li Ah Biao! I want you to come out here!
Li Ah Biao! Li Ah Biao!
Ah Nan!
Are you looking for me?
Let's talk.
I know.
It's because of Rong Rong.
What are you doing?
Shut up! You damned cop!
Stop it! Stop fighting!
Hu Tie Nan, what are you doing?!
Fine! I'll give you one chance.
Tell me, why are you making Rong Rong sad,
even when you know she's waiting for you? Tell me!
What about you?
I'm only asking you one thing!
Do you love her?
Have you had enough?
What? I thought you were going to explain?
Go ahead!
You told me before,
Rong Rong is like your younger sister.
How can you bear to hurt her like this?
It's all because I don't want to hurt her.
That's why I can't be with Rong Rong!
Do you want me to be with her even though I still think of Lan Er?
That's enough!
Have you ever thought about my feelings?
Or do you always only think of yourself?
Why are you so selfish?
I'm feeling unjust for you!
I refuse to watch him bully you like this.
Do you understand?
If you really cared for me, you wouldn't be doing this.
I once questioned persistently in the dark.
Little did I know being ordinary and relaxed is more real.
When I look back, it felt like a dream.
Lao Da, why are you here drinking by yourself?
None of your business!
I'm only concerned about you.
Look! I even made some soup for you!
What soup?
Here! Let's drink beer!
Stop drinking! Lao Da!
Are you in a bad mood?
Who says so?
Is it because of Doctor Su?
Let me ask you...
Go ahead.
Am... am I very selfish?
No! Lao Da, I feel that you're a very nice person.
You care about us very much too.
Forget it! You wouldn't know even if I asked you.
How would I not know? I know a lot!
I'm really very upset!
Why must she scold me like that?
Who? Why did she scold you?
Since I was young, I've only liked her.
I don't care about what happens to me.
that damned cop! Asshole!
He actually...
he actually bullied Rong Rong!
Damned cop! Damned Ah Biao! You asshole!
Lao Da! Don't be so upset!
You still have me.
I'll treat you very, very well.
Selfish... she dared to call me selfish.
For a dead girl.
We'll call it a day for now. Everyone take a break.
Have some water.
Look at yourself, sweating so much!
Kelly, you better rest a bit now.
No way! The concert is the day after tomorrow!
Aiyo, if you tire yourself out,
you won't be able to perform on stage anyway!
I think you better wash up and take a break first.
Xiao Ping, take her to rest.
What's the matter?
What happened? What happened?
Shit. Shit.
They are really dark.
What's most important is for her now is to get some good rest.
There's no point in her getting an injection or taking any medication.
Dr. Su, we're asking you for help because our Kelly can't sleep.
I don't care what magical injection you use or whatever.
"Treat a dead horse as if it was still alive"
{\a6}[Chinese saying - means try every last resort]
Exactly! Kelly is having her concert in a few days' time!
I'm a doctor, not God.
I can give her an injection, but it won't have much of an effect.
I can't take it anymore!
I really can't take it anymore!
Why am I being treated like this?
Why... why must he hurt me?
Stop crying. We'll definitely find a solution!
I don't even know how many of these letters we've received this month.
The author even says that he'll kill Kelly, with a bomb, during her concert.
He made it sound so much like a movie plot.
Killing you if you can't be loved.
But I feel that it can't be one of Kelly's fans.
It might be some recording company that's behind it.
Why didn't you call the police?
Call the police? Then how can we continue selling tickets for the concert?
Right. A few security companies don't even dare to take on this job.
We're worried about what we should do on the actual day of the concert.
That lunatic even said he'll plant a bomb in our car.
But if the cops aren't informed, what if...
You can turn to Evil Boys' Delivery Express!
What Express?
Evil Boys' Delivery Express!
He's Evil Boys' Delivery Express's Boss Hu!
You've delivered your stuff and accepted this job.
You can go back now.
I'm sorry. Are you still mad at me?
I really can't accept this apology, since it came from Big Boss Hu!
Right! Right! You're right!
If I spared a thought for you, I wouldn't have done that.
Besides, no matter what, I shouldn't beat anyone up.
I also want to apologize to you.
I shouldn't have slapped you.
I know you're feeling concern for me.
I knew you only hit me because you were infuriated.
I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at myself.
I didn't dare tell Brother Biao everything that you've said.
After what you said,
only then I realized I don't even have the courage to face these words.
You're afraid you can't even remain friends in the future?
If a person doesn't love me, I can accept that.
But I can never accept such a low plea...
It's not like that. It's not begging for him to want you!
It's just about being honest and open!
I hate that damned cop for being like that!
Why must he be so slow?
I'm upset he's treating you like that!
No one's right and no one's wrong.
I wanted to wait myself, no one forced me.
If he's a man, he should stand tall bravely and bear it.
Ah Nan! What do you want him to bear?
Bear that I, Su Rong Rong, am an idiot?
I know it's obvious he can't forget his wife, but I still insist on waiting.
Did I make things worse for you?
In the future, you'll be awkward when you see each other.
We don't feel awkward seeing each other now, right.
I just finished work and happened to pass here on my way.
It's nothing. Go on chatting. I'll leave first.
Brother Biao!
I'm sorry for yesterday. Are you alright?
You two talk; I'll leave first.
No! I can't become depressed...
I definitely must pull myself together.
Hu Tie Nan! Get a grip on yourself!
As the saying goes, "In the end, Heaven rewards those who work hard."
Even a metal rod can be milled into an embroidery needle!
Hu Tie Nan! Work hard!
Mom! Uncle is so strange!
Don't watch anymore! Let's go now!
I thought it would be a while before you'd look me up.
I can't face you.
But no matter what, I'm still worried.
That's why I'm here to check on you.
I should be thanking Ah Nan.
If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be talking this out.
I was too selfish.
I never had any idea how to bring it up.
I was afraid of hurting you too.
So, having procrastinated like that,
so many years have passed.
I've sorted out my thoughts.
I've always said you suppress yourself too much.
You're always living in self-reproach and regret.
Actually, that's just my wishful thinking and a way to comfort myself.
Now I know...
In fact, love is selfish.
It's not only you who can't forget your wife.
I think your wife wouldn't want you to have anyone else.
Let go of her!
Brother Biao!
Cut your crap!
It's not like that... It's not like that.
It's not like that. I can't...
I can't... I can't love you!
Cannot! I can't!
I caused Lan Er's death.
That's why I can't love you.
Brother Biao, don't be like this.
I wanted to save her.
I really wanted to save her.
But I couldn't save her.
I couldn't protect her.
The most tragic thing on earth
is watching the person you love most
die before your eyes.
You have no way out.
I wanted to save her so badly!
I really wanted to save her.
I know... I really know.
Third Uncle.
Leader, why did you detain my orders?
How many times have I said it?
The Evil Boys' Gang will never ever go into drugs.
I understand what you mean,
but if we want to expand our strength,
we must definitely make some changes.
The Evil Boys' Gang is currently like a dragon deep in sleep.
The world outside isn't the same as it was in the past.
Are you saying that I can't keep up with the times?
I didn't mean that.
I only wanted you to know
that if we lose Thailand, that "path",
it will be a great loss to the gang.
If you leave it to me,
I promise you won't be disappointed!
Try this...
It's Bisai Tea from Old Jiang.
Third Uncle!
Third Uncle, for so many years...
even though I haven't been acknowledged, I've worked hard.
Especially after Ah Nan went to jail.
One-third of the gang is under my control.
Forget it if you didn't give me the actual power.
You've interfered in my work often.
Aren't you going a little too far?
Do you know why?
I know.
Because I'm not your real son.
You've been biased from the beginning.
You've already forgotten how my father saved you by sacrificing himself?
He even entrusted his only son to your care.
But all you ever think about is your useless son, Hu Tie Nan!
Am I wrong?
Everyone in the Underworld knows that Old Leader Hu's son went mad in jail.
He even set up an express delivery company which loses money every year!
Yet, you still count on him to return and take over for you!
Don't lie to yourself.
Ah Nan won't return.
I'm getting old...
these brats are rebelling now.
Give this to Ah Nan.
Tell him to settle the company's affairs as soon as he can.
I want to arrange for him to return and help me manage the Evil Boys' Gang.
Leader, we can't accept your money.
Take it.
Help me bring my son back.
Here! I'll drink one glass first!
I'm depending on all of your help during the Stockholders' General Meeting!
Ah Yan, don't worry!
We'll definitely support you!
The Leader is confused.
What is that "clean, country loving gang that protects the citizens" crap?
It won't work.
If a triad won't deal drugs or weapons,
what kind of triad is it?
Here, drink up! Here, drink as much as you can! It'll be my treat!
Go to our club for our next stop.
Okay, sure.
thanks to of Dr. Su's recommendation,
our company has a very big case!
Our mission is to be responsible for escorting idol singer Kelly for 48 hours.
To get her to every venue safely and on time, until her concert's done.
It's different if the job's recommended by Dr. Su.
Lao Da is especially serious.
This will be the most beautiful memory I'll have in my life!
Lao Da, who's going with you?
I've decided to let you all have day and night shifts
as we complete this sacred mission together!
I don't want to work the night shift!
I still have online games to play at night.
Exactly! Is there a night shift?
I'm scared Kelly won't be able to resist me when she sees me.
So she'll come to my room and harass me!
But why must we keep her company the entire day?
It'll be very tiring.
Because someone sent a letter to her record company,
threatening to plant a bomb at her concert.
That's a great scandal!
Never mind. I'm willing to protect her with my life!
So we're chauffeurs turned bodyguards?
That's right!
This is a serious matter.
You must all keep this a secret no matter what.
Don't tell anyone.
Such a big case...
We should be earning quite a lot from it right?
Don't use money to measure my love for Kelly, alright?
Lao Da, our company's starting to earn big bucks now!
We can have a major renovation!
Earn big bucks! Major renovation!
Uncle Fei Long!
You're still laughing so bawdily even though you're quite late?
Your punishment is to treat all of us to a big meal today!
Big meal!
Alright, alright. Listen to me, it's such a coincidence.
Look! This is the deposit from the new customer.
Here, I'll treat everyone.
That's great!
It's really "double dragons snatching pearls" today.
Ah Nan, this is called "double happiness bestowed on us".
It's the same.
There's a big difference!
I won't give up the Thailand "path".
During the Stockholders' General Meeting,
I'll let that old man get a taste of my true power
Why don't you destroy his backup plan?
I know, but it's a little troublesome.
Don't worry. I'll settle Hu Tie Nan.
Then, I'm sorry to trouble you.
Ou Gu! You're still up? Watching porn?
It's me...
It's so late and you're still not sleeping?
It's easy for a little girl to become an old hag if she stays up late.
My tummy is growling. I really can't fall asleep!
How old are you?
You can't find food on your own?
I don't know what I should eat.
The noodles are done.
What are you staring densely at?
Hurry up and eat.
Nobody's ever treated me as nice as you since my childhood.
Who's nice? Go to bed after you finish eating!
You still have to work tomorrow!
The noodles, cooked by Lao Da, are really yummy!
I wouldn't dare say that about other things,
but I'm fantastic cooking instant noodles!
Here, dig in!
Eat more if you want.
- The fastest in the world! - The fastest in the world!
- The strongest in the universe! - The strongest in the universe!
Evil Boys' Delivery Express!
Be it big or small packages, we'll send them to the ends of the earth!
Yo! Yo! Yo!
Why didn't I see you when I woke up in the night to pee?
Where did you go?
I'm telling you...
last night, Lao Da cooked some supper for me.
He's so nice to me!
For real?
Lao Da is a really good guy.
He's nice to everyone.
But, he treats Dr. Su differently.
He doesn't fear anyone, except Dr. Su.
I only care about Kelly's well-being now.
Oh right, when you were online last night,
did you see anything about Kelly?
Look, this is the official website of her love rival.
A bunch of people are scolding Kelly.
That could mean they did it.
What love rival does she have?
You don't watch the news?
It's that female reporter who went overseas with her supposed boyfriend.
I detest guys who two-time the most!
I must check into properly.
Why don't you just admit that you're petty and can't let things go?
Good morning, Lao Da.
Are you all ready?
Brother Nan, we're ready.
Elva and Ou Gu will stay here to accompany Uncle Fei Long,
the rest, come with me.
Lao Da! Why won't you let me meet Kelly?
I really miss her a lot.
Because you'll be responsible for sending her home at night.
Let's set off!
Does anyone have any questions?
What's "no"?
Mr. Hu, I'm asking if anyone has any additional opinions on today's schedule?
Can you stop talking in English?
I don't understand.
Fine! When I'll speak in Mandarin the next time,
can you please stop dozing off?!
That's why... I'll add two more points.
You all see this place, right?
We have three cars in total.
Since we have three cars, we can keep going in that direction, right?
Hey, can anyone hear that?
I'll continue elaborating on my two points.
Then, see...
We'll walk over from behind that pole, right?
We'll pass this parade square right?
What... what's that sound?
I didn't bring a clock.
Don't tell me it's...
A bomb!
Wei Jue Ye!
Luckily it wasn't dangerous. It was only a smoke bomb.
Wei Jue Ye, go and check the car in the basement.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
Why did something like this happen? Why did this happen again?
Shut up!
Long Yan, bring back all the stuff in the bag. I'll get a friend to help me take a look.
Who wants to harm me?
Who hates me that much?!
The person who put that bomb in your bag,
must be someone who's by your side; someone who can get close to you.
Why are you all looking at me?
You're the only one who's with Kelly every day.
If we don't suspect you, who else is there to suspect?
You're the one who's closest to Kelly!
Besides, you don't have to go to the next assignment.
Wait for me to come back and I'll have a chat with you later.
Kelly, you don't believe me either?
I've been with you for three years! I wouldn't hurt you!
Before we find any evidence, anyone can be a suspect.
Lao Da, we're going to be late.
Don't worry, have faith in my driving skills
I'll definitely get Kelly to her next destination on time!
Oh no! We really don't have much time!
Hurry up... Let's set off!
We didn't call the delivery express today.
It's Dr. Su's.
You're looking for Dr. Su?
She's not here yet.
Do you want to take a seat over there first?
Then, when will she be back? It's almost ten o'clock.
Do you want to wait over there?
What exactly do you want?
She's strange... She doesn't have an appointment.
It's alright, she's just a kid.
You're looking for me?
Let's go in.
What? Is there something on me?
Do you normally wear that when you work?
What about it?
Don't tell me you're here only to ask me that question?
It's not that.
Do you want tea or coffee? Miao Miao!
No need, no need.
Actually, I want to ask...
Uhm... Is Lao Da...
you and Lee Sir...
What exactly do you want to ask?
What exactly is your relationship with Lao Da?
Do you like Lee Sir and not our Lao Da?
What does it have to do with you?
Which one do you like?
Are you... Elva?
Elva, I've known Ah Nan and Brother Biao for over ten years now.
We're very good friends.
So you like that cop, right?
I don't think who I like is your concern right now.
Isn't your company currently very busy?
How come you're free to chat with me so early in the morning?
No. Actually...
Recently, Lao Da has been acting weird.
His moods haven't been too good.
All of us are very concerned about him.
They sent me as the representative,
to ask about what happened between you and him.
You like Ah Nan, right?
Before you ask other people questions, shouldn't you ask yourself first?
If the answer in your heart is very strong,
then other people's answers shouldn't affect you.
Can... Can you slow down a bit?
No way! I have to be fast!
To all my dear travelers, thank you for your company.
We've reached our destination.
You're so fast you could race!
That isn't considered fast. Long Yan, the tires should be changed.
By the way, Mai Mai...
Have you gained weight recently?
What? I didn’t!
Why must you say that of me?
Because the engine wouldn't start.
My guess is that you've gained weight.
Fine! Let's set off now!
Let's go!
Kelly's here!
Excuse me! Move!
Excuse me. Move.
Kelly, look over here!
My hair's messed up!
It's really tough to be a superstar!
My feet hurt like mad!
I'm so tired.
What's there to drink?
What? 6000 dollars?
Are you trying to rob me?
Haven't you heard "since it's limited, it's cruel"?
You should be glad that Ke Jia Gang's Brother Ji is willing to give up.
Ah Nan, I have done my best as a buddy.
Alright! Thanks, good buddy!
I know you can do it!
Brother Nan, is anything wrong?
Yeah, I need to shit.
I'm going to go squat on a toilet bowl; you take care of things here.
Do you need to go to the hospital?
No need, I gotta go pick up something later.
Call me after their recording is done.
No! I cannot love you!
Cannot! I can't!
I want to protect you too.
But I'm afraid I'll hurt you instead of protecting you.