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My first innitial when I decided to come to your clinic Piestany, I had explored a lot
of other countries and other clinics. But, what was most appealing for your clinic was
the clarity of presentation, jag and free, how simple it was, and then when I emailed
you, your clinic, I got the same clear simple answers and how.. about transport, about accommodation,
and I felt that, yeh ..thi..this...this..this clinic is going to care about me. And, you
did! You were marvelous! And when I came the first time I felt yeh..I've got it right here
folks, I really got it right! I have a great..I feel a great rapport with the staff and that
is 3/4 of the problem for any.. Coming from a nursing background, if the patient have
a rapport with the... with the staff..they're almost there. Well, I.. I was and Dr. Marek
explained to me, and when he talk to me, I felt..I was the only person in his world.
He was so attentive, and it was like he knew what I was going to talk about. It was like,
he had been there himself. He was so connected.. to me when I was talking to him, and he said
yes we can do that! And he said it before Barack Obama, by the way! Chuckes.. Which
is very good! We can do that! And I felt a greate confidence, and now all the work is
done. I have had all my top teeth re-crowned, all the bottom teeth, I havd had ss.. teeth...had
some bridges, and yesterday, the last 2 molars for two implants... painless. Absolutely painless!
All the work was painless. The financial outer was painless.. to what the pain of what I
would have to pay in Dublin. On the subject of finance, we in Ireland, and the UK too,
we are going through what is called a recession. Apparently, things are going to be like we've
never seen it before, and this is a great time for those adaptability men and women
who really must take pride in their...their appearance..whatever. Cutting their cloth
accordingly, that to look into Piestany clinic. The costs, the accommodation costs, the flights,
and I will say to you I was quoted between 30 and 45 thousand from Dublin. Here, inclusive
erm..and all the work.. erm accommodation and flight was under 14 tousand.\lang1051\f1\par