How to Assemble a Model Car : Learn What Sizes of Models Cars are Most Popular

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi! I'm Greg B. from Expert Village. Today we're going to talk about model cars. Your
scale models come in many different sizes. 1/43rd which is about three inches long, very
difficult to find. Your 1/24th and 1/25th, they are very close in size which would be
around eight or nine inches. They are your most popular model cars with many after market
parts on the market to accessorize, customize or do just about anything with. You have your
1/16th which about a foot and then you have your 1/8th which is, which can be anywhere?s
around two feet. The 1/8th, they're coming on strong, they're back on the market. People
are making accessories to go with them but they take up a lot of space. Your 1/24th and
1/25th are your most popular and they're made by Revel, Monogram, AMT, Johann and Lindbergh.
Those are your major manufacturers. Okay we're looking at three model cars here that were
assembled. This particular model car is a die-cast metal kit. It screws together, it
snaps together and you can actually glue it together. It came already painted. A lot of
time in assembling it. It's just as much time as assembling and painting a plastic car and
this metal car. This particular car is a '37 Ford, three window coupe. This is a resin
body with the plastic fenders from the Revel kit. This particular car here is all plastic.
It started out as a sedan and a company called R