How to replace an oven element in an electric cooker

Uploaded by eSparesVideo on 10.05.2011

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares.
In this video I’m going to show you how to replace the oven element in this electric
cooker. Now I’m working on a Zanussi built-in electric cooker in this video but the process
will be really similar for the vast majority of domestic electric cookers.
Now if your cooker isn’t heating up the problem is usually going to be with a blown
or faulty element. You’ll also know if there is a problem with your existing element if
you see bright spots or uneven patches while the cooker is in use. Now most elements are
fitted from the front of the cooker, which means that you can work on built-in cookers
like this one with it remaining in-situ so you want actually need to remove it from its
Before you start the aforementioned work though you will need to make sure that the cooker
is switched off at the wall. Now there will be a switch in the general vicinity of the
cooker, so if you can’t see it have a look in one of the units, but do make sure it is
switched off or otherwise you may electrocute yourself.
Now the first thing I’m going to do is just remove the door. It just means I have more
access to the whole inside of the oven.
Now on most oven doors, there will be a latch on either hinge, that when moved into the
open position will allow you to close the door up and lift it out.
Now I just need to remove this front panel here. It’s held in place by four torx head
screws. The element itself is held in place by three screws, so I’m just going to remove them
as well. I can now just take the element out, the old one just like that, and lay it to
rest there. It’s a pretty simple set-up of the wires, just live, neutral and earth,
but I’m just going to take a photo just to be double sure that I wire in the new element
in exactly the same way. Now I can just remove these clips. If they are a bit tight you can
just use some pliers. And do make sure to pull on the clips rather than the wires themselves.
To fit the new element I just need to wire it in, fix it to the back panel and the re-attach
all the panels and the door, and then I’m all done.
Don’t forget to put the latches down on the door when you are re-fitting it.
And that’s how you fit an element on an electric cooker. You will want to give the
inside of the oven a bit of a clean before you get cooking again as there will probably
be a bit of debris from the work you have just done.
Elements for all make of cooker are available at the eSpares website.
Thanks for watching.