Na`Vi teamplay vs fnatic @ IEM6 GC Kiev 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Feb 2, 2012

thats how you play against Anti-Mage
Puck blinks in, instantly recieves tons of damage, silence, dead
not bad, Xboct owned him and continues killing rosh, rosh goes down
slardar running rampant, gogogo after him, Apparition ultimate, wonderful, Puppey kills Lion
Xboct one more hit, go Aleksandr, come here, dominating Xboct
3 for 1 exchange, minus roshan, lost Light but killed three plus roshan
this is the power of Drowranger, "hello, we are Na'Vi and who are you?"
Dendi! Dendi! trying to run away, turns of windrun,
POTM and Shaker are cutting him off, Dendi tp out!?
Lol, what a sneaky move by Daniil! Shaker was waiting for him...
Grizine is stunned, hooks Smile, gets tied to the tree by Light and recieves damage
Shaker ultis perfectly, minus Mitch, Dendi ultis, Andre barely alive and must be killed
Puppey chasing, powershot, Andre dies, AA ultimate as a counterattack
Smile - perfect, Light forcestaffs himself, one more minus and Grizine must be tooken out
Dendi gets hooked but survives, bravo Na'Vi, a 4 to 0 exchange
Slardar gets ulti'd by puck, Light tries to damage Puck
perfect, Smile kills Puck, a Puck for CM exchange, great job
Time to leave the game basically... its finished, nothing can save Na'Vi here...
they killed Calculus, in the mean time Puppey has fallen, Anti-Mage gets ultied, will there be a hex?!
another slow, Xboct jumps, will there be a bash?! there's a hex, Miggel gets a free trip to the fountain!!
4 to 1, this is Na'Vi, this is the level! Theese are the world champions, fighting!
Lost traps two enemies!!
Puppey ties to tp - he wont make it...?
40th minute, what TPs from Puppey and Light!
Miggel tries to run, he gets stunned
Anti-Mage DIES!!
Angels turn, Miggel is almost dead
Dendi caught him with a stun, Dendi! Two hits! Free teleport to the base!
Angel will run away... 26:21
NO...hex'ed Angel...
will he not leap?
Minus five!
Caught! Thats the last time we see Miggel in this game.
61st minute of the game
Na'Vi pulls off an unimaginable comeback!
Comeback of the year!
Ars gets caught and he will be stunned shortly, dendi pulls him out
CM also here, nova, Puppey gets the FB, 1 to 0
BM can be caught, Dendi gets shackled
they switch to hitting Spectre, she tries to hide but falls, the score is 2:0
Dendi.. gets gushed, axes...
he evades!!
Omg, a great AA ultimate
two died in the blink of an eye, Spectre gets caught and slowed, urned
X is near but has no ultimate
Spectre gets a trip to the base!
Hook! Try to kill Tide fast...Tide managed to ulti, Spectres ulti
AA ultimate flies, Xboct tries to hit Beast
Beast gets hooked by Dendi, perfect
Spectre is fighting, minus Beast, minus Spectre!
Dendi barely alive, perfect, 0:3 Na'Vi!
Dendi and Lost are smoked...
And they catch Spectre which just tried to TP out!!
Perfect, caught and killed, there is no buyback? Balanar is also here.
Demonwitch, Tide ultis, Spectre ultis, AA ultis, Lion gets killed fast
Light needs to run but dies by the hands of windrunner
BUT IN THE MEAN TIME minus spectre, minus windrunner, Tide alive, Beast gets hooked by Dendi
minus Beast, minus Tide, minus five Na'Vi
minus five Na'Vi...MINUS FIVE NA'VI!