How To Change Ford Fuel Filter

Uploaded by natescamp on 20.08.2009

So you vehicle has power to only half throttle or so then it just feels like it's falling
flat on it's face. You think it might be the fuel filer and you
want to change that before your fuel pump anyways, casue its a 400 dollar part.
You go into this thing, your manual for your ford.
Somewhere near the back theres diagrams like this and tells you which relay to pull in
here. So you come in here and for me it was this
relay here that shuts off my fuel pump. So then what you do is you go in and crank it
some to get rid of the fuel pressure in the system because you dont want fuel sparying
all over at you. Heres that relay. Then we go under here. Heres the fuel filter, I've
allready got it all disconnected. But what you need is a little tool like this, also
for chevs and gms and other fuel lines and power steering and stuff. You come and you
take this, you put this on the fuel rail. And you shove it all the way here, should
be pretty easy to do. They say you're supposed to hear a clicking but I've never heard a
clicking all the times I've had to change this one. From there you'll have to pull this
really hard, you may not have to pull hard, I did. You might have to get a screwdriver
out, help you pry it out. That's basically all you do. You can do it without the tool,
you can pry really hard, you'll break the teeth, which apparently are replaceable. But
its probably just easier to do it the right way since you dont have much hose to play
with. So then you do that both sides and take out the filter. Ohh and have a towel chances
are theres still gonna be wquite a bit fuel in the lines thats gonna like to fall out.
So then you take your new filter which has a nice cap on here so you don't get anything
in it. I think it should be on the other side, either way. The filter is easiest to take
in and out from this side, just slide it in and out after you get it over the ridges.
Make sure you get it in the right way. Then you take your fuel lines, and you just push
it on all the way. You should hear a bit of a snap, i heard a small one. You take your
other one, ah gas al over me. Push it on, I heard a little click. You're gonna have
to push hard, basically you push it on till you notice it wont come back again. Then once
you're all done that take these little clips and put them back on. Then you mig wanna look
into why you've clogged this fuel filter. For most people it probably just happened
over time, a little bit of dirt getting in the tank. For me I got a leak back there,
see I got a towel right there to stop the gas from spilling out all the time right now.
I'm gonna seal it up with some gasket maker sometime soon. Probably later on today.
That's all you need to do to change your fuel filter.