Dynapower USA External PCIe Slot Expansion Box MiNi (TurboBox) NA211A

Uploaded by dynapowerusa on 14.07.2011

NetStor's TurboBox PCI Express Expansion Box is a revolutionary product to
solve the limitations on the I/O expansion of laptops or the PCIe express slot shortage
of desktop PCs or servers.
TurboBox provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the available PCI express
slots of laptops. Except for the slot of the target adapter, the TurboBox remains three
slots compatible with any standard length PCI express add-on cards.
This box includes a high-quality server grade
power supply for sufficient power and a quiet cooling fan for self-contained ventilation.
In addition, TurboBox has a stylish look and is easy for you to carry. And the best part
is, you don't need any drivers for TurboBox. Now, let's take a quick overview of TurboBox.
On the front panel, there is a power switch
button and LED indicator light. When the power is on, the LED light is blue.
TurboBox has a stylish outer appearance. It
is compact and very easy to carry.
The rear panel has a PCIe 4x connector for host connection, a power cord receptacle,
three PCIe slots, and a thumbscrew to loosen or lock the top cover.
The inside is four PCIe slots. The target
adapter card has been already fixed in the book. A quiet fan and a dedicated power supply
make TurboBox qualified for quiet environments.
Now, starting on the host adapter installation and cable connection:
First, connect the end of PCI express cable
with a screw connector to the NetStor Turbo express card host adapter.
And then insert the Turbo express card host
adapter into the express card slot on your laptop.
Next, we are going to install the PCI express
add-on card into NA210A.
First, loosen the thumb screw and remove the top cover of NA210A.
Second, bend one of the metal slots on the
real panel of the NA210A in preparation for the installation of the PCI express add-on
Third, insert the PCI express add-on card into the slot and screw it well.
Fourth, put the top cover back and lock it
Finally, connect the power cord and one of the end PCI express 4x cable at the rear of
the enclosure.
This expansion box is an efficient way to maximize your laptop. We truly recommend the
TurboBox to you.
For more details, please check out www.dynapowerusa.com.