Driving Sports Reports - Extra! Audi A1, Ford Mustang V8, Justin Timberlake

Uploaded by drivingsports on 24.12.2009

Welcome to your Driving Sports Extra! WeÕre here every week with fresh news and opinion
from the auto world. This week: We want our sexy back, IÕm going
to Drive Myself Crazy following the leaks on the new Ford V8 Mustang, and wait until
you see what theyÕre adding In SYNC. HereÕs a hint: itÕs a box, with a hole, and you
put it inÉ In the 60s, small, everyday cars could be
very sexy. If you any doubt about this let me remind you of Miss Emma Peel and her Lotus
Elan. And, did you know the original Mini Cooper spawned a fashion sensation that men
today are still thankful for -- the mini skirt? ThatÕs a true fact.
In following decades, to call anything other than a luxury exotic ÒsexyÓ would be just
asking for contempt and ridicule from your motoring compatriots. Yes, the Fiat 500 is
a very good looking little car, and yes, in its era the Trans Am had a following, but
they didnÕt really bring sexy to the people. So, I have to ask, what would it take to really
bring sexy back to the masses? With a renewed focus on style conscious small cars, I think
the time is at hand, we just need someone to lead the way.
Justin Timberlake was recently named brand ambassador for Audi (ryan: reaction shot)
and, specifically, for its upcoming A1 pint-sized luxury model. The Saturday Night Live host,
viral video star and part time singer, will be initially involved in what Audi is calling
Òan extraordinary Internet campaign.Ó The rumor mill is targeting a launch date of March
2010 for the new A1, so we wonÕt have to wait long to see the fruits of this partnership.
DonÕt get so excited there, Aaron, just today I spoke to Bradley Stertz, the PR Manager
over at Audi USA, and he confirmed that Audi isnÕt looking to bring the A1 to the North
American market. As usual, it looks like sexy is going to remain for Europeans only, at
least for now. FordÕs has released specs on the new 2011
V8-powered Mustang GT, but those numbers are under embargo until December 28th so we canÕt
tell you about it. What we can tell you is that Automobile Magazine, by way of Inside
Line, by way of Facebook, reports that the new 2011 Mustang GT is going to be fitted
with a 412hp 5.0 Liter V-8, with your choice of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.
Further, Twitter tells us that it will also have 390 ft-lbs of torque, a 6500rpm redline
and get 25 miles to the gallon. WeÕd love to report that, but for now weÕll
have to rely on our reports of these reports, remember, donÕt tell anyone this until December
28th. ThatÕs not all. Members at teamshelby.com
report reading that 50 off road only BOSS 302R models will follow the GT. If youÕre
a love of this mother, prices start at $79,000 for the very special, limited edition, track-ready
model. In other Ford news, the blue oval recently
announced a major update for its SYNC in-car computer system. Coming in 2010 the second-generation
SYNC system will let owners connect to the Interwebs with any air card of their choice.
Simply plug it in via USB to the SYNC system, and blammo, youÕre rolling down the info
highway the same time youÕre rolling down the real highway.
With as fast as mobile broadband is developing, I for one am very glad theyÕre not building
in any specific technology into SYNC. If youÕre on Sprint, ATT or any other carrier, you simply
plug any of their wireless USB dongles into the car and youÕre hooked up. It may seem
like an extra hassle now, but in the future, you donÕt want your cars resale hit because
it has last-yearÕs 3G system. And that wraps our 5th episode of the Driving
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