What's On My iPhone 4S

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 23.11.2011

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a
video showing what’s on my iPhone 4S. While there
isn’t a jailbreak for the 4S yet I’ve still got
some cool things so let’s jump right on in.
I like to keep all my apps on one page to reduce
clutter with the help of some folders. It might not
be the most elegant looking way to do it but it
works for me. Probably my favorite iOS game I’ve
played this year is Jetpack Joyride. In this simple
side scoller you fly on your jetpack and see how far
you can make it without dying. I also have Garageband
loaded up. I’m pretty awful with it but when I have
some time to burn I like to pull it out and pretend
I’m deadmau5 for a little while to pass the time.
Moving on I have a Flashlight app. If you have an
iPhone 4 or a 4S I highly recommend picking up one of
these, whether free or paid. The flash on the iPhone
isn’t half bad for using as a light in a pinch. I
also have some IconSettings toggles inside a folder.
IconSettings are a great way to easily get to system
settings like Wi-Fi and brightness without jailbreaking
and if you want to see how to install them I’ll have a
link in the description. I also have a folder with all
my favorite games. I won’t go into detail on them all
but there some great ones including Need for Speed: Hot
Pursuit, Real Racing 2, eBoy FixPix, Galcon and Tiny Wings.
Lastly there’s FiLMiC Pro which I found through Matt’s
Macintosh. It’s excellent for taking video with the
iPhone 4S when you really want it to turn out the best
it can be and works well alongside iMovie to edit on the
go. Before I get the question asked a million times, I’ll
have a link to my background in the description of this
video. So there you have it, everything that’s on my
iPhone 4S. If you enjoyed this video definitely be sure
to leave it a thumbs up and if you’re interested in more
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