Ghost Photos: The Cursed Images Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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- Toshiko! - Yes?
Whose is it? I found it in a small room.
I don't know. It's the first time I seen it.
Do you want to take it?
Yaka Nakamura, 6 years old, disappeared on the 4th of the month near 2pm.
Police began investigation. Kidnapping suspected.
Now you see the place where he was seen last, day before yesterday.
Police is looking at the few possible versions of what could've happened
Besides that, they decided to re-open the case of
Erika Yosikabi, 7 years old.
He was kidnapped and killed last year.
It's possible that the boy was a victim of a similar crime.
Six more people became victims of kidnappers this year alone.
Local residents are scared.
Some of them are even moving out.
What are you doing? We don't have time for amusement.
You're right. I'm almost done.
I hope we don't have anything else. We're gonna have a small house.
We won't be able to take a lot.
Is this grandpa's?
Toshi, will you take this?
- This is grandpa's. - Grandpa?
Stop, this is a bad sign. Let's get rid of it.
We need to move faster.
We can move into the new house already.
i don't think we should stay any longer...
So, we're leaving.
Be careful and good luck.
Let's go.
Toshiko, everything will be okay.
Ghost Photos: The Cursed Images
- Thank you. - Thanks for your work.
Tomito family.
- May I? - What is it?
What is it?
It's not safe now, so carry this with you.
If something happens, you can get in touch with me.
We changed the family name.
So, if you have any problems at School tell me right away.
I'll try to do everything I can.
But I can not take the test for you.
Your going to have to do that on your on.
So Study
Hi, Kadzo, it's me. I'm calling from my new phone.
E-mail? But how?
So good.
- What are you doing? - Hi, dad.
It's nice that we kept at least a few photographs.
And grandpa's too.
Is it true that Grandpa was guilty?
Really, Grandpa didn't mean anything bad.
Maybe so. And he died in a car accident...
Nevertheless, Mother always spoke of him rather coldly.
- How do you like the apartment? - It's not so bad.
It will be perfect for us.
And we ran out of time.
- When are we moving in? - I don't now for sure. But soon.
This picture was taken with that camera, Kadzu.
- Are you finished looking? - Yes.
I think Grandpa took all these pictures. There are so many.
And the forest one too?
- The forest? Is it? - What forest?
With a lot of trees.
- What is this place? - I don't know.
- I don't think I sent you that one. - But I have it.
- I even remember this place. - Are you kidding?
Okay. Next time send something more interesting. Bye.
You've got a test tomorrow, as far as I remember,
and you're taking it easy?
Dinner's ready.
- Didn't forget anything? - No.
watch out for cars. Are you riding a bike?
There is no traffic on this road.
I'm leaving early, so I won't have to hurry.
- Good luck. - Thanks.
- This test was horrible. - Yes.
Magomi, you play badminton? Where do you get time?
I'm going to college, not the university. That's why I have time.
- Really? - I want to do something creative.
I'm going to study photography.
I like taking pictures a lot.
I have something to show you.
A phone!
- Give me you number. - ok.
Write it down.
Where are you going?
You've got to go the other way.
Oh i forgot your family moved.
- Let's go to my place? - OK.
So, you're gonna study photography?
- Do you like taking pictures that much? - Yes, a lot.
My parents are upset though.
Why don't they understand me?
I wish they'd leave me alone.
Imagine what my friend told me recently.
She heard from the girls in the senior classes.
Somebody was riding in the car at night.
All of a sudden a girl came out of the forest.
She tried to say something.
But nobody could understand her.
Can you imagine, there is somebody here at night that looks like a ghost.
Scary. They also said that a man was seen here
walking down the road, flailing his arms.
Interesting. It's so fascinating.
They stopped the car,
He came close and asked in a dead man's voice:
Do you know my daughter?
It was not so scary after that.
It turns out that the girl was not a ghost.
Funny, right?
However, later they said in the news that the girl disappeared.
So, that man was a maniac.
I don't know if that's true or just talk.
It's not safe to walk through this neighborhood lately.
That's true.
- It's so nice here. - Really? Thanks.
Everything is explained.
Everything is okay.
Come in.
Yes, if we get the permission, she'll go to the university
right after high school. Then you'll see how I bring up children.
We want to study in a good university.
At any case, she won't be a teacher in a country school.
Do you think we live in decent conditions?
Children and adults - everybody lives in fear.
I'm asking you.
Asking you not to call me here anymore. Yes.
Hi, Magomi. I'm sorry, it turned out like this.
- I thought something happened. Is everything OK? - Yes.
Well, never mind.
I'm gonna come and see you soon, I'll see you soon, we'll talk.
My parents are the same.
Did you hear anything?
- Listen, how do you do it? - Take picture?
How do you do it? I can't figure it out.
- Are you really 18? - Really, explain.
You have to press this button. That's it.
- That's it? So easy? - You don't know such a simple thing?
- Don't take pictures of me so fast! - Sorry.
Excuse me, can we see that film once again?
Again? Sure, no problem.
Who's that? Nothing.
- Let me see. - OK.
- Who's that? - Do you know this place?
- Where is it? - I think I know.
Maybe Kamidaki knows?
- Excuse me. - Yes?
Do you know this place?
I don't know, but somehow it looks familiar.
- Can't remember? - It used to be a forest.
Not that many trees left there now.
Somehow I remember this very place.
But when I was there and where is it- I can't remember.
So, you don't know? Let's check.
If it's not too much trouble.
- Hi! - Hi, Mego.
- Did you go to school today? - What?
- Are you OK? - It's nothing.
What's going on? You're kind of strange.
I was making a photograph, But it looks like I erased it.
Is that so?
It seems there was a new kidnapping in our neighborhood.
A new one?
They said that this time there is some new evidence.
How frightful.
Hi, what's up?
Listen, remember you were talking about the picture of the forest ?
- Yes. So what? - I found it.
This is one of Grandpa's pictures.
Can you show it to me? I want to see it.
- I'd like to double-check first. - What?
Can you bring me the picture? But be quick.
Did I make you wait?
Your sister doesn't have as much free time as you do.
That's not why
I bought you the phone.
Get back to your studies.
Mom is really mean. Can you come over tomorrow?
What did you want to see?
I don't think it's worth it. But maybe.
I think there is somebody on this picture, there, behind, in Grandpa's room.
Here. It seemed very strange, so I went to Grandpa's room.
And this picture was there.
I had gone there earlier, and it wasn't there.
So, I decided to look at the negatives.
And the forest picture was there?
Why only this picture was at Grandpa's room?
That's what I don't understand.
This girl and the girl in Grandpa's room.
I think they look similar. Are these pictures of spirits?
- I don't know. - Let's not tell the father.
Grandpa died right after he took this picture.
I thought a lot about it.
What if he died because he took it?
And a car accident?
Kadzu,it's better not to think about things like that.
OK, but this camera. What if it's cursed?
It feels spooky.
Maybe it's better to get rid of it?
And of the picture too. What do you think?
Come again, sister.
I will.
I think we are gonna move out of here soon.
You think so?
- Hi. - Hi. I can't believe my eyes.
- It's me. - Haven't seen you in a while. - Yes.
You are all set.
Going home already?
Maybe you can stay a bit longer?
Just a bit.
- Do you miss living here? - We already decided where we're going to move.
Even though, we like it here.
Maybe we'll live close again.
I'm going home now.
I was studying with my friend.
I'm on my way.
How is your mother? Say hello to her.
Come back again.
- OK. - Let me give you some money.
Thanks, But i can't take it.
Ok bye, don't stop anywhere on the way home.
- So many things happened lately. - That's true.
- Did you hear that something else happened recently? - Really?
They say that the villain has a new tactic.
No, I didn't hear anything.
OK, I'm off.
Unfortunately, we aren't hiring at the moment. Good bye.
Is this the house of Madam Tomita? Sorry, but all positions are filled.
I'm home.
Sorry, we aren't hiring at the moment.
We don't have any open positions.
Is this the house of Madam Tomita? Sorry, but all positions are filled.
The practice test score is worse than I expected.
What's to be done now? I don't want to talk now.
- Mom, what are you doing? - What's the meaning of this?
What are you doing? This is my phone.
Kadzu, kadzu, Kadzu... They're all from Kadzu!
You two are so different. You said so yourself,
That you have nothing to talk about with those,
who don't want to go to the university.
It's a crucial time for you. So, be responsible.
If you fail the entrance exam, you'll have to go
to the municipal college. You won't get in a private one.
Who am I talking to?!
- Yes, i can hear you. Let's talk later. Please. - What do you think you're doing?
I'm not done yet!
OK, I'm coming. I can hear, don't yell. Don't yell!
What is this picture that you just sent me?
- Picture? - Stop fooling around.
I'm not fooling around, I didn't send you anything.
Kadzu,this is the picture of our building.
It's you, and there is somebody standing behind you.
What? Who's standing behind me?
- Kadzu! - You're breaking off.
- Toshiko! - I'll call you back.
- Are you sure it's not the montage, some kind of a joke.- I don't think so.
Did he say, that he didn't touch anything?
All of this is so strange. And the letter is strange too
I think you're worrying too much.
- We won't have a teacher next period. - Again?
What happened to the teacher Kamidaki?
- I saw him recently. - Really?
He didn't say anything about photographs?
I don't know what happened to him.
- No, he didn't say anything. - That's bad.
You need to meet with your brother as soon as you can and ask him.
- What's up? - Nothing much.
- Look, a letter. - Let me see.
- Seems so. - What can it be?
I swear, I didn't send it.
- Are you okay? - I've got a bit of a headache.
Toshiko, I've got a bad feeling about this.
What do you mean?
This is all happening because I touched your camera.
Don't be ridiculous.
And something else. We used to do different things.
And now we meet more and more often and I enjoy your company.
How are your studies? Is everything okay?
Could be better. And I had a fight with my mom.
I'm going home now.
I said that I was going to study with my friend.
I won't be late.
I understand. Everything is okay.
Last test didn't go too well, I'll try to do better next time.
Kadzu, what's going on?
We sympathize,but it looks like suicide.
Most likely that's what it is.
How could you not to notice?
Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a minute?
What's going on? Is something wrong?
He fell from over here. Were you down below at the time?
And there was nobody up there?
Were you together with your brother at the time?
- Maybe there was nobody. - I understand.
It seems doubtful, that he could sustain such injuries
having fallen from this height.
- You mean, he didn't just fall? - The wound on his head
it looks like he was hit with something heavy.
- How it can be? - I can't say for sure.
Usually you don't bust your head open falling they way he did.
It's me.
I want to talk with you.
Let's go over there.
Have a seat.
It's about Kadzu's funeral.
- It's set for Saturday.
Then I won't take the exam?
So, you spent all this time studying for nothing?
I saw how he fell.
I don't understand how he could of died like that.
- That's it. I can't take it anymore. - Yes, you can. You're fine!
How do you know that I'm fine!?
What do you know about me, about my relationship with Kadzu.
You didn't think about him at all, just about me. Why?
You've never thought about him!
Tell me why!
Why is this all happening now?
It's horrible.
Toshi, I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry.
This is Kadzu.
Please, begin.
And now "criminal news".
Tonight, near 11pm, police caught the criminal
That held the entire city in fear.
He kidnapped and killed children.
The suspect, Kodzi Miagawa, 32
was officially declared mentally unstable.
He saw a police patrol and tried to get away.
He denies any connection with the crimes
over and over again.
Police searched his apartment.
They found pornographic magazines and videos. Also was found
the photograph of Maria Isigora, Age 6
It's not ruled out, that she could've been his next victim.
Police continues investigation.
Will have more details in our later edition .
That was "Criminal News".
Toshi, father promised to pay for your course.
It looks like we can afford it.
I don't have anybody except for you and father.
Let's go visit Kadzu's grave..
You didn't go to the funeral.
These are his things.
Father brought it.
He said it's a good thing we don't forget about him.
Mom, dad brought this?
Yes, why? What's wrong?
Mom, do you know his number?
Dad, the camera that you brought. Did Kadzu use it?
- I think he did. - He didn't get rid of it?
I don't know, but it was in his room.
So, he didn't throw it away.
Probably not. But why?
Nothing special. Dad, did you take any pictures with this camera?
I wanted to, but I never got a chance.
- I understand. - What's with you? - Nothing Im OK.
- Dad, do you work in the new school now?
- Yes. - And you work late?
Yes there's lot of work. I been working late.
Toshi, I still can't believe, that he killed himself.
It seems strange.
I think so too
- Hi, Toshi. What's going on? - Exam's are over.
- That's nice. You wanna go and play? - Let's go.
Where is Magomi?
- What? - Magomi, she also plays here?
- She doesn't come here. - Really?
I haven't seen her at all lately.
- Toshi! - Magomi.
Why don't you play badminton anymore?
I got some problems at home.
- Problems with college? - Yes.
My mom doesn't understand me at all.
I see.
Toshi, look. I think it's Kamidaki.
- Sorry, I have too leave right away. - Sure take care.
- What happened? - It's nothing, I'm sorry.
Excuse me, did you find out anything about the forest?
Is something wrong?
I heard your brother died?
I went to the library and double-checked everything.
I know why it's bothering you so much.
Children got kidnapped in this forest.
A body was found there.
Maybe it's a victim of the kidnapper.
They started talking about kids disappearing about three months ago.
Somebody I know told me, that she saw a girl there once
who was asking for help.
She talked about it to the police.
She was very upset that things like that happen right here.
And he came to a car and asked in a dead man's voice:
"Do you know my girl?"
Sounds scary.
But recently they said that the maniac got caught.
They really caught him? Are you sure?
They also say that everybody who saw the maniac
Say that he had a face of a woman.
So most likely the girl got killed by her own mother.
Did you hear about another kidnapping.
Another one in our neighborhood.
They said that there was some new evidence this time.
Note from Kadzu.
Please, Stop! Stop.
Excuse me, do you know
Where the elementary school is?
She killed her daughter and told every that the girl disappeared.
She hasn't been here lately.
It can't be.
Most likely a girl was killed by her own mother.
My mother doesn't understand me.
The body of a new victim was found in a forest recently.
It is Magomi Takawasi, 18 years old.
She disappeared few months ago.
Suspect, Kodzi Mitagawa, 32,
denies any connection to the crimes.
In this case the age of the victim is different then before
And it seems that it may not be connected to the previous murders.
At the same time police can not
locate Erika, Magomi's mother.
It is thought that she maybe linked to her daughter's murder.
In the meantime another girl disappeared.
It is Toshiko Tomita, 18 years old.
She was last seen by her teacher Kamidaki.
It seems that she disappeared right after their conversation.
Note from Toshiko.
"I'm Alright".