Stilababe09 Dance Performance (Episode 5) - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

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STILABABE09: I feel I'm doing it wrong.
MIKE SONG: Know what, you're good.
You're good.
I can tell she's a perfectionist, because she's
critiquing herself.
STILABABE09: I'm just a little bit nervous and excited at the
same time to perform the routine with Mike, and I'm
feeling pretty good about it.
MIKE SONG: Balance, side, balance.
STILABABE09: I'm really competitive, so you guys
better watch out.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Please give it up for
Stilababe09, partnered by professional dancer Mike Song.

MIKE SONG: Joey Fatone, what you feel about this
JOEY FATONE: First of all, it takes a lot of guts, and I'm
sure the nerves were kicking in a little bit.
You know what, I love the comedy in it.
The whole setting up, the whole thing and being shy and
setting that stage, really, really good.
I know you had a little bit of a fumble though in that middle
part where you guys were doing stuff together.
There was a little bit a [WHISTLING].
But overall, I enjoyed it.
STILABABE09: Thank you.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: And Lorrieann Gibson,
what did you think?
LORRIEANN GIBSON: I personally thought that was very well
done, very creative.
I thought the choreography choice was quite brilliant.
I thought that you have such a angelic, young, fresh,
beautiful look, and you took advantage of that.
And I think that you like to dance.
Do you?
I could feel that.
Do you want to win this?
Because I did feel a little bit of an edge in you two.
So I'm thinking that there's also that sweet girl, but I
felt a little bit a diva--
STILABABE09: Yeah, a little.
LORRIEANN GIBSON: Wanting to show out.
LORRIEANN GIBSON: And so the only part for me again, was
the choreography when you hit the hands.
Now here's a lesson.
If the hands are unorganized, and you forget, don't ever let
the face or the spirit disconnect.
Just keep performing up here even if you
miss the step, right?
So you stay in rhythm and musicality, because that's
what really bothers the pretty black girl is
if you're off beat.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Speaking of pretty black
girls, Ryan, what you think?
RYAN HIGA: Again, coming from a non-dancer point of view, I
watch a bunch of other dance shows, and sometimes, it's
just too deep for me.
But this, I just, I get it.
It's funny.
There's some choreography.
There's some little mishap with what did they call it?
STILABABE09: The Macarena.
RYAN HIGA: I should know that.
RYAN HIGA: But How does she know that and
I don't know that?
Anyway, Yeah.
I just thought it was a great story.
I thought you guys did a great job.
MIKE SONG: Thank you, guys for the positive feedback.
STILABABE09: Thank you for being kind of easy on me,
because I take what I do very seriously, and I'm
very hard on myself.
And we worked eight hours on this routine.
And then when I mess that up, I take it
really hard on myself.
So I just, I fretted that.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Well, you kept it going.
You're doing a great job.
JOEY FATONE: Just pick yourself up and keep on going.
That's all you can do.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Good job, guys.