Operations Management - Durham College

Uploaded by DurhamCollege on 08.06.2012

Operations is the brains of the company.
Operations management is the functional area that allows a business to efficiently transform
its inputs into outputs, so every business does that.
Most people know what marketing is. Most people know what, you know, HR is, but when it comes
to operations it’s kind of the unknown.
I didn’t originally come in to do OM, Operations, but after seeing what it offered and how it
worked I realized I was more in tune to an OM program than I was to accounting or HR,
or even marketing.
Operations management has been around right since the beginning of business. The evolution
of the program has been one towards keeping up with technology, helping make sure that
businesses are capitalizing on some of the technologies that allow them to be more productive
and more efficient.
Part of our job in the first year of the business program is to help student understand the
scope of what operations management is. What it takes to be good in this field and whether
or not they’re interested in it.
The overview of operations is really, you know, efficiency, minimum inputs, maximum
outputs, just leaning-up the supply chain, leaning-up operations, inventory at every
step of the way.
Students in the operations management program have the option of applying for a paid internship
experience between their second and third years of studies.
The OM program is the only program that I know of that offers a 16-month, paid internship
while you’re learning a position.
When I talk to graduates from our program I’m really proud of the fact that they’re
out there in the market making sure that, you know, Canadian businesses are being competitive
and Durham College helps contribute to that.
I got to go to a conference because I signed up and said "hey, I want to do something more
than just go to class" and being able to have that opportunity here at Durham College is
really great.
First of all, coming in to Durham I thought success would be graduating, making it to
the end and finally graduating, but coming in and seeing the care that the teachers provide
the students and the effort that they put behind the students to succeed, meaning to
do well, to understand and to be prepared to go back into the workforce, now success
has been going back stronger and able to find a job easily.
I love working with students to help them find what they’re going to be good at.
If you are coming here and you’re not sure exactly where you want to go they’re really
helpful in kind of explaining what’s important for this program, where you can go with the
You want to set goals that are attainable, but are challenging to get to.
Ultimately that’s going to lead to success for a student.
Putting your all into something that you love, I think, to me is success.