VitaMix Tangy Tahini Salad Dressing BlenditandMendit

Uploaded by blenditandMendit on 22.02.2011

Hi, I'm Jane from
where I show you how I turn my VitaMix blender into
my #1 anti-aging tool. Welcome. Today I am going to show you how to make
fresh, raw tahini and a tahini garlic dressing all at the same time practically without having
to wash the blender in between making the tahini and making the dressing.
Simpler and easier. I have a great big bowl of mixed greens
salad all ready to go. I filled this with all kinds of goodies. There's mixed greens,
there's jicama, yep, left over from yesterday. Tomato, cucumber, avocado,
snap peas, full of chlorophyll, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients,
anti-oxidants, water. And then what I do is, I make the dressing. I pour it all over my
salad, my big salad, toss it up a little bit, pop it in the refrigerator
and you have meals for the entire day. Whenever you're
craving something, go have some salad. Take some to work, there'll be some when you come
home. So the first thing I'm going to show you how to do is how to make
the tahini. It's so simple. All you have to do is pour 2 cups
of sesame seeds into your VitaMix. I used the raw, unhulled, untoasted sesame seeds,
so you can see it comes out a slightly darker color. And if you don't
think it's as creamy as you get in the store, that's okay, becasue as it sits,
the oil will begin to separate and you will have creamy tahini. And then all you have
to do is put it on high, and blend away. It'll probably take about
3 minutes because you want to blend up those sesame seeds and wait for that
oil to begin to separate to turn it into a sesame butter. So we do that and then when
you're done making your sesame tahini, put some into a jar. I'm out of jars, so I'm
using a glass today and then I'll just cover it up with some wax paper
and put it in the refrigerator. Store everything except a half a cup, so that you have about
a half a cup of tahini left in your blender and we're going to make
the dressing right now. Don't stop, don't wash your blender yet.
Half a cup of water, pour that right on there. 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. It's about the
juice of one half of a lemon. But sometimes, if the lemon's not big enough,
it's like the juice of 3/4 of a lemon. If you like it real lemony,
just pour in the juice of a whole lemon. But this is about 3 tablespoons. And then, I add
to it a small clove of garlic. Very small, sometimes even a half of a clove.
I don't want the garlic to overwhelm this particular dressing.
And then about a half a teaspoon of sea salt. Look how simple and easy it is. I'm going
to blend it up and pour it over that great, big turbo salad.
I think that's good.
Okay, I love tahini. Let's see what we've got. Okay, look at that for creamy dressing.
That is perfect. Just a slight hint of the garlic, mmm, a little bit of the lemon. Perfect
amount of salt. There it is, it's nice and thick. Watch. Maybe
that much, a little bit more, a little more, little more, little more. Okay, and look
what I've got. I can scrape all that out and store it in the refrigerator for another salad.
Or you can just use it as a dip with vegetables, crackers,
whatever you want. If I want this to sit in the refrigerator all day,
I might not mix it with my hands but if I just give it a couple tosses like this...
the dressing goes around a little bit, but it doesn't wilt anything. And I want to
keep this nice and fresh. So, that's all you have to do.
I go in there, I put some in a bowl and I eat. But right now... see, there's a piece
of the jicama from yesterday
a little bit of red leaf lettuce and let's add a tomato to that, a little bit of the
yep, that's what we're looking for.