The Google Beat for October 1, 2010

Uploaded by Googlebeat on 30.09.2010

Anne Espiritu here with the Google Beat -- bringing you some of the week’s hottest
searches on Google in the US.
From baby formula and Elmo to pastors, TV stars and singers, Americans turned to Google
this week to learn more about the people behind the headlines.
Topping the charts with more than a 5,000% increase is Bishop Eddie Long, the leader
of an Atlanta-based church who has been appearing on the news lately. We also the same rise
in searches for his pictures, information about his wife and church.
News of the Segway accident that led to the unfortunate death of the company’s CEO also
had people turning to the web. Searches for Segway increased 700% and there we also saw
a significant spike in searches for Dean Kamen. And in other sad news, Tony Curtis’ sudden
death from cardiac arrest on Thursday sent people to Google to learn more about the late
actor, whose name popped up on the Google Hot Trends list that morning.
Katy Perry was also in the news this week. We saw a 140% increase in searches for Katy
Perry, and similar spikes in searches for Saturday Night Live.  Specifically, a lot
of people were curious about her performance singing “Hot N Cold” on screen with Sesame
Street’s Elmo -- we saw a huge spike for the term Elmo video.
In other news, the new season of the ABC hit comedy Modern Family also caused a stir as
we saw a 130% increase in searches for the show. It’s clear that fans wanted to find
out the exact time the show aired and make sure to catch one of the show’s characters,
The news of a recall on powder formulas for infants had people turning to Google for more
information. There was a 5000% increase in searches for Similac recall. And in other
recall news, on September 30th, Fisher Price announced a recall of approximately 10 million
toys, driving the term Fisher Price recall to #2 on the Google Hot Trends list that morning.
We’ll continue to watch this trend in the coming week.
Well that’s a look at the hottest searches on Google. I’ll see you next week. Until
then, we hope you enjoyed this week’s edition.