Fabio Ramoz: St. Maarten (Aftermovie)

Uploaded by FabioRamozOfficial on 05.06.2012

When i'm on the road, i'm always working...
Working on new tracks, working on remixes and working on my set!
It's hours and hours of pure focus on my music, my partypeople and myself.
And then.. It's touchdown..
And it's time to rock!
Hi! We just arrived here at St. Maarten.
Yesterday we flew in from Amsterdam.
I'm doing a gig here in Club Tantra and it's called "Red Light District".
The weather is great here, and it will be a lot of fun!
Welcome to St. Maarten!
This is the shit! We've got Fabio Ramoz, DJ Eric El Diablo, Sascha and Lucifer!