Your Gift...Your Responsibility 3

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Meshach and Abedego
I can go to the fire but its in the fire
that you will realize
that there's somebody else with me
while I was talking to you you didn't know
that I had somebody with me
can I preach like I feel it
while I was talking with you
you didn't know that I had a back up
because you didn't see that I was talking
but he was giving me the words
I was praying but he was telling me how to pray
I was lifting him up but he was holding up my hands
I was preaching but he was the anointing
but when you put me in the fire and you begin to hurt me
now you'll find out it ain't one of us but its more than the world against you
shake somebody's hand like you're going to shake it off
and say neighbor he'll keep you I am persuaded
he'll hold you fast he'll hold your mind
he'll keep you alive he'll break your yoke
he'll destroy the devil stand up and give him the glory
stand up and give him the praise 'cause God's got your back
ah ah I feel the Holy Ghost
I feel like lifting him up I feel like giving God some praise
I believe him when he says no weapon formed against me shall shall shall shall shall prosper
I feel like preaching in here
I feel like lifting him up I feel like giving God the glory
the devil took your job but God told me to tell you
I got a replacement the devil burned your house but God told me to tell you
I got a better one than that the devil messed with your family but God
told me to tell you stay steadfast stay unmovable
because I will reward you be not weary in well doing
and you shall reap if you faint not
give somebody a high five say its reaping time
reaping time and the devil can't do a thing about it
reaping time joy time power time anointed time
and the devil can't hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah he'll keep you
he'll keep you he'll keep you he'll keep you
touch three people say its alright God's got your back
God's got your back I am persuaded
yeah yeah
somebody in this house somebody in this house
has been threatened over their walk with God
somebody in here somebody told you if you do it
stop doing it I want you to stop
serving him like that I want you to stop
ministering like that I want you to stop
or else and when they say it again ask them or else what
or else what because if God be for me
ah then you're gifted there is always a challenge
but I am persuaded I know and believe
that he is able ooo
I feel it here somebody holler absolutely
and so God is speaking to those of you who feel the challenge of who you are
to that person who has been so discouraged because you have been threatened on every side
but when God makes you a target he covers your parameters and your boundaries
and I'm here to tell you you will come out
victorious you will come out victorious
if you don't I'll leave if you don't I won't support if you don't ah don't stop
but you can't stop what God has put in your spirit
its like fire shut up in your bones
and you've got to walk in your purpose
and as I close and I'm going to call those who want to come and give them the opportunity to say yes Lord I want to be saved
you're going to have to live with yourself
at the end of the day when you have not fulfilled your purpose
and God has placed a gift in you you cannot afford to fulfill your destiny
and your purpose for this is the most valuable thing God has given you he's given you
before the foundation of the world and its time for you to come out of being like everyone else
and be who God called you to be
[applause] and so to that man and that woman
who wants to begin ah bless you
to step out and say I want to be and I want to seek to know what God
has called me to be I want to know and I want to become what God would have me become
I want to get started on this journey I want to get started I want to get started
I just can't let my life drift into nothing
when my life has been designed and designated by God when God has taken me out of the masses
I've tried so hard to be one of the boys and one of the girls
but that has changed give God the praise are you glad about it and all that is within me
don't walk alone nobody walks alone all that is within me bless his holy name
come on somebody else the Lord is calling you
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