ULTIMATE MONKEY ISLAND [Ep. 01 ENG] - The head and the compass

Uploaded by UltimateMonkeyIsland on 04.04.2012

Deep in the Caribbean, Pirate Captain LeChuck, scourge of the seven seas,
was taking possession of an enchanted artefact from a tribe of Cannibals in a hidden village.
The Cannibals were furious, but they felt helpless.
LeChuck’s crew, consisting of ruthless sea-dogs, was holding them at gunpoint, awaiting orders.
"Kill them all!" LeChuck said.
LeChuck and his crew, putting out to sea from Blood Island with the magic object, neglected the fact that they were being chased by a ship.
It was one of the ships of Tri-Island’s navy, guided by Governor Elaine Marley.
The members of this massive naval force dealt with piracy in the Caribbean.
That night, gaining the weather gage, Elaine ordered the attack, and the fight began!
“I’m very surprised, Elaine. - LeChuck said -
How do you manage to find me every time? Are you guided by love, maybe? Or is it some kind of trick?
I really don't understand!".
Elaine was defenseless as LeChuck found out her secret.
He took a glance at her special necklace: a magic compass engulfed by mojo energy!
Meanwhile, within the ship’s hold, the Voodoo Priest, one of LeChuck’s followers and a master of magic, was arranging a very particular spell...
"So long, Elaine..." LeChuck said.
And then all the pirates disappeared!
The youngest soldiers wondered how such witchcraft was even possible.
The veterans, on the other hand, knew pretty damn well that LeChuck was capable of using his mysterious and obscure powers.
And Elaine?... Well, she knew everything. She remembered everything.
And she could not forgive...
In the Priest’s chamber, LeChuck explained the situation.
The Priest asked LeChuck why didn’t he just destroy the compass when he had the chance.
But LeChuck claimed he soon figured out it would have been useless, because someone with voodoo powers may give her further advice.
“So why didn’t you just kill Elaine?” the Priest asked.
“Because I don’t want to...” LeChuck said
Thus, the Captain pointed out that because the compass steered his ship, he could just put some silly sailor in charge of it..
In a little fishing boat anchored a few miles off the coast, sat a young man, full of hopes and dreams, together with his helper.
"My name is Guybrush Threepwood, and I want to be a pirate!”
"Yeah yeah, we know..."