100724 Korean Impression Part 3/3 [Eng Subs]

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[Girl]: Zhou Mi-ssi (i think that's what she said. haha), I am hungry.
[Girl]: Have we reached the place yet? [ZM]: I am hungry too. Yes, we have reached.
[ZM]: It is this shop.
[ZM]: Aiya, you have already seen the people in real-life, why still hog to the poster? Let's go and eat!
[Girl]: There are signatures! [ZM]: Yes. Yes.
Everyone has been anticipating for very long right? As a Super Junior fan, how can you not visit this place when you are at Hongdae?
This shop (restaurant) is opened by Super Junior member - Yesung.
Although there are tables available, but fans prefer to squeeze at this bar-table. Cos there are many fans messages left by fans all over the world.
And there are also members' replies and signatures.
Of course, there are also the posters of the owner - Yesung!^^
I bet the fans are already drooling even before savouring the dishes.
Regarding the origin of this shop, it consists a story of a filial child.
[Girl]: This shop looks abit different from other traditional korean restaurants. [ZM]: Really?
[Girl]: It has a more modern look. [ZM]: Yea. That's right. That's right.
[ZM]:This is why Yesung hyung recommended us to this restaurant.
[Girl]: Oh...There are also alot of Super Junior pictures pasted on the wall.
[ZM]: Ya. You see, there are alot of photos, and post-its. [Girl]: These are all written by your fans right?
[ZM]: Yup. Yup. You can.....
[ZM]: Kamsahamnida (thank you). [Girl]: Kamsahamnida (thank you).
[ZM]: Wah! It looks so delicious!
[ZM]: Wah, look, their food looks different. [Girl]: These don't look like traditional Korean food right?
[YS dad]: Oh Zhou Mi~ [ZM]: Oh! Annyeonghaseyo! (Hello!) It has been long.
[YS dad]: Have you been well? [ZM]: Yes.
[ZM]: Yesung hyung recommended us to Babtols to eat
[ZM]: This is my friend. [Girl]: Annyeonghaseyo! Nice to meet you. I am ZhouMi's friend.
[YS dad]: Have a seat. [ZM]: Please sit. Please sit.
[ZM]: Ah...It looks really nice and delicious.
[Girl]: I think they really look alike (referring to Yesung and his dad. LOL.)
[ZM]: It has been a month since I came here. [YS Dad]: Oh really?
[ZM]: Yes. And I really want to eat here so I came again.
[YS Dad]: Your girlfriend is very pretty!
[ZM]: Girlfriend? Ah! No. No. [YS Dad]: No?
[ZM]: She came from China and I am only bringing her around for sightseeing and eat.
[ZM]: And today, we specially came to Yesung hyung's restaurant to eat.
[Girl]: Just now, I kept looking at Yesung's photo and his dad. They look very alike.
[ZM]: Haha. Really? [Girl]: Yes. Yes.
[YS Dad]: We look alike? Haha.
[Girl]: Why does Yesung want to open this restaurant when he is so busy? [ZM]: (same question in Korean)
[YS Dad]: Ah...Restaurant. Last time I scalded my hands when I was working.
[YS Dad]: My son saw me working so hard, so he decided to open a restaurant for me.
[ZM]: Wah...is a filial son.
[ZM]: Annyeonghaseyo! (Hello!) [Girl]: Hello! Nice to meet you.
[ZM]: Oh...you look prettier!
[Girl]: Oh! You are so close to her.
[ZM]: Because last time I was in the same room with Yesung-hyung in the dorm.
[Girl]: Oh.... [ZM]: So sometimes when they are free, parents will come over and cook for us.
[ZM]: Sometimes they even clean up our room. Haha. [Girl]: Really?!
[ZM]: Ya. I feel like they are just like my parents.
Please sit. Please sit.
[Girl]: Actually I have a question. Will Yesung come over to help out at the restaurant when he is free?
[YS Mum]: Of course. When he sees that his parents are so busy, he will do fan-service by serving the dishes and doing other things.
[ZM]: Ah.....mum (he addressed it as like his mum), you are so fortunate.
[Girl]: What if the fans happen to see Yesung here, and serving them the dishes, the fans will go crazy!
[ZM]: If fans see Yesung-hyung serving the dishes, won't they be crazy or anything? Is it alright?
[YS Mum]: Of course. Others will say why didn't he serve me.
[Girl]: Such things actually happen? [ZM]: Ya. She said the fans will be very excited (very high) and very happy.
Please eat. Please eat. It's very nice.
[ZM]: It looks very delicious!
[Girl]: I don't know why I'm so exicted. Totally forgot about eating this.
[Caption: Seafood Omelette Rice] An idol's shop will consist of idol (means like popular and nice) food.
Yesung's family restaurant made improvement to the food. A combination of Western and Korean food to produce new dishes.
Seafood Omelette Rice and Cheese Omelette Rice are the signature dishes here.
[Girl]: Wow! Very thick cheese! [ZM]: Um...The taste is different from last time?
[YS Mum]: Um. Afterall, there are alot of fans from different countries and foreigners who came here to eat.
[YS Mum]: To make it tastier, we changed abit to the flavour of the food.
[ZM]: This is not Korean traditional food right? [YS Mum]: No, it's not.
[ZM]: It has been modified. How did you all modify?
[YS Mum]: Um. It should be called Fusion Food. It is mixed (combined) together with Korean food.
[ZM]: Really? [YS Mum]: Afterall, Korea also has it
For instance, you cook the rice first...
[ZM]: Wah! Modified Korean food.
[Girl]: Um..Just now when I first saw it, I thought it looked different from other Korean food. The taste is also different. It has those western taste.
[ZM]: Eat more. Eat more. We have one more important question. [Girl]: Yes. Yes. Yes.
[ZM]: We are here to help advertise this resaturant today, so please give us 5 percent discount! =D
[YS Mum]: Cannot!! Even fans come and ask for discount, we also don't give.
[ZM]: Oh Really? Haha. [YS Mum]: They also paid for the full meal.
[ZM]: We need to foot the bill ourselves.
You never know which day when you come here to eat, you will meet Yesung and he will serve you the dishes.
The probablity is very high!