How to Use Comic Life Software : Editing Pictures With Comic Life Software

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.02.2008

Hey everybody! My name is Matt. I'm speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. In order
to change the attributes of a picture, make sure you have that picture. If it's inside
of a panel, you're going to need to double click that panel. I'm going to double click
that picture right there and come over to details. If you uncheck where it says maintain
aspect ratio, you can then squish and stretch your picture. In some instances, you may need
to do that, but I'm going to go ahead and undo that and reselect my picture and recheck
that. You can also flip your pictures along the horizontal or the vertical axis by clicking
horizontal and vertical there. If you come down, underneath style attributes, you can
change a lot of different things here. You can add frames to your pictures and adjust
the width and the shadow of that as well. Underneath where it says filter, you can come
in and do some cool effects there. Where it says style up here, there's some pretty cool
presets here. If I click there and come down. I'm going to see what 70s rag newspaper does.
Like I said, these are presets and that's going to change the filter as well as the
colors and some other options there. You can get some pretty cool looking effects by doing
this. If you know which ones to select, you can actually make your pictures look kind
of like they're actual comic books. You can play around with these and create some pretty
interesting effects with your pictures this way.