Interview with Eric Saade by Vakna! Med The Voice

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 03.09.2011

Eric, we noticed that you used Vakna! Med The Voice in the form of advertising in your music video.
I do?
Advertising purposes?
Yes, exactly! No, but you are in my promotional video for Manboy.
Yes, it was you'll hear, I saw you in your music video. No, I have never done a music video,
but yes I have seen you in a music video.
You look best in the music video!
Yes, did I really say ... I think we have a clip from there, I'm not entirely sure if it's good for my brand.
We can watch it here, here Dycker it up.
But then there will be a little shocked when we saw that the first time, I knew immediately oh no,
I couldn't wear make up to make me look a little better that particular day?
You were very handsome, stop now!
No, no s**t ugly, but okay!
There you are, you are really cute, look!
This expression ekorrgos it has sat since you were here?
You, I've got squirrels from my fans, I can say. I have things like stuffed animals in boxes.
Is it true?
Yes, people liked it there apparently.
I remember the first time I was completely scared out here when there was a big squirrel and the...
Yes, it was Kjell that ...
It wasn't so much goes over that squirrel, more squirrel porn.
But you don't mind the squirrels there too, they’re pretty nice animals.
Yes, absolutely, I have nothing against squirrels at all.
I just have to .. by the way the case like that of Molly,
it wasn't meant to be so pushy but something I just have to pay attention because we have talked about kissing
and true things in the program today so when we were out a few weeks ago with the whole gang
at the voice so we met you and Molly.
And you like the neck and held on and I just thought s**t, but then you did of course beautiful,
I think it's wonderful to see.
Yeah, we were private. Then we had fun!
You let loose and the surrounding area becomes red, but you had fun.
And then I thought, oh they're probably really strong, I thought, but Eric you don't drink.
No, is just it's very seldom I drink.
So I'm working as much now as then one can hardly sing the day after if you drink.
One is a bit like this hangover hoarse.
Yes, Bon Jovi's voice and doesn't suit my music.
It's that it's his Idol Eric, he may stand for that matter, no,
but I thought it was just such a wonderful thing that you go out partying
and making out with your girl and don't drink very much. I think that's a good thing,
I just want to strike a blow for it! Good!