Cooking with Mom: How to Make Blixen's Mix | Pottery Barn Kids

Uploaded by pbkids on 14.12.2010

Hi, my name is Leath Brooks, nutrition expert at Pottery Barn Kids,
and I am very very happy to say that I am here with my two daughters today,
and we are doing some Cooking with Mom.
And we are using Kids in the Holiday Kitchen, a new book from Pottery Barn Kids,
and I'm really excited about it. This is Haylie, and this is Annie.
The first recipe we're going to do is Blixen's Mix,
which is a personalized gorp.
You and your kids can figure out what your favorite dried fruits and dried nuts, and fillings are,
and it's a great, fun activity for the kids to measure everything out.
So, I think we should just get started. What do you think?
Okay. Okay. You ready? Okay!
So, Annie, let's start with one cup of salted banana chips,
one cup of coarsely chopped walnuts,
and we'll do a half a cup of the chocolate chips.
You're on the blueberries, half a cup, mmm-hmm. Half a cup more.
We just add a teaspoon of sea salt.
A lot of times people call this folding, because you're just very gently folding things together.
That's great, Haylie, that looks good, that's very festive.
We're going to use this as a gift, so we're going to put all of we made in here
and then we're going to tie a ribbon around it. And that will be a gift for someone this holiday season.
This is one of my personal favorites because it's a really fun way to get in the kitchen with the kids,
and it can really be an all-year type of treat.
And, umm, do you girls have anything to say? Say goodbye or Happy Holidays?
Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Enjoy!