Recensione Amazon Kindle 4.1 (2012) - Review [eng sub]

Uploaded by netbookitalia on 26.09.2012

Hi, we’re on, this is the video-review for the new Kindle,
the latest E-book reader by Amazon.
It’s the cheapest digital books’ reader of the Amazon line
and it’s available in Italy at 79 Euros for a few days now.
As you can see this model is black,
unlike the previous one of 2011 which was grey.
The rear is coated by a particular rubberized surface
which eases the hold. The rest of the frame
is just alike the previous version:
micro-USB on the bottom, push-button panel to manage the screen,
which this time isn’t touch (the other version is still available on
and, as usual, the side buttons to “turn over” the page.
But there are some important news and they’re mainly about the screen.
It’s still a 6-inch E-Ink Pearl,
the same technology used with previous models with the same resolution,
but the main difference is that blacks are sharply defined.
The types are darker and stand out against the background
which seems maybe whiter…
… but it could be an optical illusion due to the black frame.
This new version is also very fast in the scroll of the pages, as you see,
and in the management of the user interface,
which is really responsive
and allows to comfortably use the experimental Web Browser.
Talking about the reading, we see that the functionalities
are the same of the previous firmware,
so we have the chance to write notes and add bookmarks,
we can also share them on Facebook or Twitter or other social networks,
with the Wi-Fi we can go to the Italian Amazon Store and buy books,
we can use the 5 Gb of Cloud space, made available by Amazon
to archive your books,
we can modify the type’s dimensions and part of the format,
as well as use the zoom or increase/decrease the contrast while reading PDF.
What’s interesting is the rotation function of the whole graphic interface,
it allows us to read PDF formatted for A4 easier than the vertical mode.
This graphic interface, so responsive,
makes simple to use the little on-screen keyboard
and so you won’t miss too much the touch-screen.
On the other hand I think the management with these little buttons
could be less intuitive and more difficult to understand
for those persons who approach for the first time to an E-Book Reader
and maybe aren’t so familiar with interfaces, layouts and drop-down menus.
Anyway for 79 Euros it’s absolutely a good E-Book reader,
also because the construction quality is excellent,
it’s not a low-range product at all,
and little by little the Amazon world is making inroads into Italy too,
so we could find better offers month after month
I think that an E-book reader like this
does not clash with the purchase of a Tablet and, most of all,
I don’t think that to buy a Kindle means to quit reading or buying print books.
The advantages of this device, on the contrary, are perfectly in line
with the traditional reading or a Tablet,
which is better, for sure, from the multimedia point of view,
but it doesn’t give you the reading comfort of an E-Ink screen.
Well, for more info on this new Kindle,
images and considerations I couldn’t do in this video,
please read the complete review at the link on the screen!