Wegmans Roman-Style Bucatini

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Hi, I匍 Chef Scott and today, I匍 gonna
show you how to make a Roman-style
bucatini pasta. The first two ingredients
I匍 going to grab are pancetta
and diced prosciutto. I love pancetta.
It哀 an Italian-style bacon that哀 gonna give our sauce
a nice, rich flavor. Alright, to round out
this dish, I匍 gonna use
Chianti wine vinegar. It哀 a nice balance
of acidity and fruit, it哀 gonna really
brighten our sauce. Alright, for this dish,
I匍 gonna use bucatini pasta. Buco in Italian means hole
and it哀 gonna be absolutely perfect for this nice, hearty sauce.
This is a thicker pasta with a hole running down it,
it哀 gonna grab on to that sauce
and be absolutely perfect. Let哀 get to the kitchen.
Let哀 get this recipe started. I got my pan
on medium heat and to that, I匍 gonna add my diced prosciutto
and pancetta. You勁l notice in this pan
that I didn咨 add any oil to it and the reason is that pancetta
and prosciutto have natural oils in it and it哀 gonna start to come out
as this pancetta crisps up. It哀 gonna take
about five minutes. Okay, our pancetta
and prosciutto are crisped up really nicely.
It哀 time to add two cups of sliced red onions.
And a half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes.
We咬e gonna let this cook for about another ten minutes.
Alright, take a peek in here. This is just what
we咬e looking for. The onions are nice and soft.
Now I want to show you something.
In the bottom of this pan, there哀 little brown bits.
It哀 called fond. There哀 a lot of
concentrated flavor in there. We咬e gonna remove that fond,
we咬e gonna take our red wine vinegar pour it in the pan,
we咬e actually gonna scrape all the brown bits
off the bottom of the pan. You wanna make sure
you get all these. It哀 gonna really help develop
flavor in this sauce. We咬e gonna let this cook
and while we咬e waiting for that to cook down,
I匍 gonna add our tomato sauce. And because there哀 a lot
of flavor in this, the recipe calls for water,
I匍 gonna pour the water right in the tomato sauce jar,
put the lid back on it, I匍 just gonna give it
a little shake. You wanna get all those
bits off of it. You don咨 want to leave
any of that flavor behind. Great, we咬e gonna give this
a quick stir. We咬e gonna adjust our heat.
We should still be on medium.
We咬e gonna let this continue to cook for about five more minutes.
Take a look at this sauce. Nice and reduced,
all the flavors have married together great.
Gonna put a little finishing touch here.
I like to finish my sauce with extra virgin olive oil.
It哀 a nice balance of fruitiness,
there哀 a little bit of spice to it
that哀 really gonna give our sauce that finishing touch.
Okay, I哉e pre-cooked our bucatini pasta ahead of time.
What we咬e gonna do is we咬e gonna add this
right to our sauce, shake off as much of that water as you can.
Right in the pot with the sauce here.
We咬e gonna give this a stir. I like to use tongs.
We咬e just gonna coat the pasta with that nice Roman style sauce.
Now when I cooked the pasta originally,
I cooked it about a minute short of doneness
`cause I know that as I匍 tossing it in here
and I匍 warming this through, it哀 gonna keep on cooking,
so it哀 gonna have that perfect consistency.
Alright, we咬e gonna finish this with some salt.
Wanna make sure we season this real good.
Some fresh ground black pepper.
Give this a quick stir. We want to make sure this is
well combined. Alright, and let哀 plate this up.
A little bit of our pasta right in the bowl,
you can see the onions, the pancetta, the prosciutto.
Red pepper flakes is gonna give it a nice little kick.
Hey, you wanna put a spin on your Sunday sauce,
give this recipe a try. Roman style bucatini pasta--
I know you咬e gonna like it.