Getting diagnosed with dementia - Christine and Jennifer-Rose - early onset

Uploaded by AlzheimersSociety on 08.10.2010

I did realize that things were
a bit wrong
and at the beginning with me i had no idea what was happening to me
to me to the doctors I think it started then
we asked her to go to the docstors to have an appointment to see what they thought
and then the first doctor said it was probably just the menopause
so don't worry about it, i think it was hard for mum go to the doctors in the first place
so it was quite hard to
like convince her to go again it was probably
six months to a year, actually the second time that she went to doctors and
recognize that something was wrong
missed out on
kind of a year really where she could have been diagnosed and that the doctor was just
not very helpful, so early diagnosis is definitely really important
it's when i was first sick and i didn't know what was happening to me
I was sort of on my own
for both of us when we ot the diagnosis it was helpful and we felt like
you know we could
get get help whatever help
we could do and you know move on so to speak instead of just
remaining in this
in static
area where nothing was happening happening nothing was
i was working yes, before
i was working
in Tesco's
inbetween the doctors appointments and the diagnosis mum was signed off
off work on sick leave
she just wasn't really
doing anything day today so i think it's just made it just
worse for her
i'm not doing something
you know it's frustrating
you know i've always been someday doing things, so
it's good to do somehting yeah, i went up to Tesco's to have quite a few meetings with
myself with mum
to kind of see
what the current implications were
going back to work or not going back to work
then the Alzheimer's society offered to go up Tescos to talk to them
and that resulted in mum
still being employed by Tesco's and having a job that she can do
people come to help and
make sure that i am ok
I join in
group things it's nice then because we're all the same
it makes a lot of difference
i've kind of
been putting off thinking about the future because
it's quite scary
how do you feel about the future
do you think about it
I do sometimes, it's hard