Game Program Attack! - Gator Dudes

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 05.10.2012

[Gator Jim:] Hoo hoo hoo! [Gator Joe:] Radical!
[Jim:] Ha ha! [Joe:] Whoa!
[Jim:] Bodacious! [Joe:] Whoopsie-daisy!
[Jim:] High fives!
[Joe:] Whoa cool! A rocket launcher cyborg guy!
[Jim:] Whoa! Pause!
[Joe:] Oh man, wicked.
[Jim:] Gator Joe! That missile's heading right for my eye holsters, bro.
[Joe:] Crouch it out, dawg! Just croooouch it out!
[Jim:] I dunno, broderino.
I might not have enough good vibes in which to bend under stuff with.
I've seen you bend, dudeski. You're very limber.
[Jim:] Thanks, man-friend!
I needed that emotional boost!
Gator Joe! That missile hit my face!
It was very... not bodacious.
[Joe:] Gnarly scarrage!
[Jim:] Dude!
I can't see out my left eye!
[Joe:] Whoa.
[Jim:] Or my right eye.
Pause, pause!
Gator Joe! What was that noise?
My eye-globes are still dark, and therefore I cannot see!
[Joe:] Chillax, Jimbo! It's just a giant death fish.
[Jim:] Is it gonna get me?
[Joe:] Uhh, nah, man. Just use your bat.
[Jim:] My bat?
[Joe:] To hit stuff!
[Jim:] I love that!
Thanks, bro! Just tell me when.
You got me?
[Joe:] Totes got you.
I love you.
[Jim:] Unpause!
Oh god!
[Joe:] Ah, sorry, man. I totally flaked on that.
[Jim:] Oh, pause!
[Joe:] Come on, man! You're harshin' my buzz with all this pausin'!
[Jim:] I heard another terrifying noise.
The last time I heard terrifying noises, I lost body parts!
[Joe:] I just wanna hit stuff with bats!
We're gator dudes, that's what gator dudes do!
[Jim:] We just found some bats, and you said,
"Let's go fight whatever's in that factory."
[Joe:] Historians will say otherwise.
[Jim:] Gator Joe. If I ask you, right now,
if there is anything dangerous in or around my gator-person,
you would tell me, right?
[Joe:] Cha. Probably.
[Jim:] I'm about to die right now, aren't I?
[Joe:] Chill man, you're a gator dude!
You have sweet sunglasses because your future is soo bright!
[Jim:] I feel like you don't have my best interests at heart.
[Joe:] I dunno, man, I'm just spitballin' here.
[Jim:] Oh, yeah? Well, I am NOT saying "unpause."
An egregious error I have made!
[Joe:] Come on, man! This is lame to the max!
[Jim:] I'm dying!
Something... bit my everything.
You, rocket man.
Call an ambulance.
[Cyborg:] My name is Brian.
[Joe:] Shut up, Brian. Let this happen.
[Jim:] Fine! Is this what you want?
[Joe:] Yes! I've literally been saying that the whole time, dude-fag!
[Jim:] I - I'll do it!
[Joe:] Okay, good!
[Bird:] REEE
[Joe:] Yeah!
[Jim:] Unpause!
[Brian:] That was intense. I think we all just learned something today.
[Joe:] Gator dudes! Yeah!
[Brian:] Brian!