The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 06

Uploaded by larryseyer on 14.03.2008

Well this is what it looks like.
This is real.
Yesterday and today is the very first public unveiling
in a public presentation of Project Looking-Glass.
A human being is about this tall.
This is built in underground bases; it is colossal in size.
And what happens is, when you fire this thing up,
these rings start going in all different directions.
It shields off the barrel of water inside,
which is just like your pineal gland.
The water inside flips over into time/space,
which then captures argon gas, captures visual images and this,
is what it looks like.
It becomes huge, glowing all the way out to these posts,
which are used as stabilizers for the energy field.
Now it doesn't start out with an image of the earth.
That is just there as a placeholder,
although you could see the whole earth like that
if you wanted to.
That's not usually what happens.
Well, phew, Contact, right?
We have been given the technology right in front of our
faces in the movies.
They just don't tell you what it's for.
[Inaudible audience question about 13 ghosts]
Thirteen ghosts?
Well thank you.
I'll have to check that one out.
It doesn't sound like a movie I'd want to see,
but if it's for that.
[I think the audience member says "It's full of them"]
Oh I can imagine.
[Audience laughter]
So Contact, just to recap from yesterday,
blueprints comes in from the Vegans, from Vega.
They figure out that it's only when you fold up these patterns
into a cube, which forms - what -- there in the center?
The triangle with the eye in the middle as it folds up.
Cube geometry.
That's when you can decode the plans to build this: these
rings, which becomes this machine.
And there's your little helicopter.
There's another shot of it.
They've got computer animations of how it's going to work with
the different rings moving.
This actually looks like the fish-eye-lens-distortion-effect
that happens around the Looking-Glass
when you power it on.
There's a gantry crane up at the top and the little guy is
dropped down and goes inside.
That's like your barrel inside the mechanism there.
And this is where all the action happens.
This is where the Stargate opens,
the wormhole into the higher realms.
In this frame we are seeing how the whole thing
collapsed and fell apart.
So, of course, you want to take a ride on the new formation of
the one after the old one breaks?
And here we're seeing the new one; once again,
you get a very clear view.
And there's your little eye with the rays coming off of it just
like the all-seeing eye on the dollar.
And that's not surprising.
Here she is.
It's even larger than the real one.
Standing on this ladder looking down inside.
This is the chamber and the chair inside, which, we'll see,
is very important.
And here's your geometry.
Look at that.
Did anybody notice that when you were watching the
movie... because it goes by pretty fast?
That's that same geometry that's in the background radiation of
the whole universe, with the sphere in the center.
They fire it up... guess what happens?
Big, bright luminosity -- just like the real thing -- the real
thing that they are actually using and have been using since
the 40's at least.
Here's what it looked like from the control room.
It gets brighter and brighter and she starts having
the floor disappear.
She gets dropped down inside and then, of course,
she goes for this wild wormhole ride and there's an ascension
experience at the end of the dream.
Because it is like a big dream because
she's in the dream plane.
Now, Last Mimzy, again, you've got the same principle.
The children find these little objects.
She finds this toy rabbit and he finds this little thing that
helps him speak to the spiders.
It all comes out of this cube that they find.
Well guess what's going on here?
Same thing: it creates.
At the end of the movie, it has created the wormhole into the
higher realms -- which allows them to send
DNA into the future.
This movie is like an infomercial for everything that
my colleague, Dr. Dan Burisch, has been saying as he dealt with
in Majestic 12, dealing with extraterrestrials
from our own human future.
"Future-human-lineage extraterrestrials",
as he called them.
But, apparently, in his system, they have gone to the future;
they have survived, but they had a small gene pool as a result of
cataclysmic activity in 2012.
And I'll get into why I don't believe this is what's going on
[the cataclysmic stuff]; and, then, they needed our DNA; and,
then, they are trying to come back in time to get our DNA to
fix their genetic problem.
So this whole movie is just a big infomercial for all the
stuff that Burisch has been saying.
Right down to the letter.
And there is a lot of development on the script.
It is actually a great movie; I do recommend it.
Now here's the thing.
This is actually precisely what was found,
except for the sphere -- but the shape and, then,
even the little filigree on the outside,
the little one-centimetre-raised-filigree,
this is what's called the cube.
It was found in the Roswell crash.
And this is what it looks like when the door slides open.
Did you ever see the movie, Hellraiser?
I don't know if you'd want to.
But they have a little puzzle, a little box that they flip and
then it crrrrr pops open.
Just like this.
And what happens when it pops open?
Where do you end up going?
You go into this parallel reality that's like hell, right?
So that's all based on real knowledge,
because some of the spiritual planes you can
go to are pretty nasty places.
So when it opens up, you get these brilliant,
vibrant colors inside and this grid pattern.
It's called "the yellow disc" because the little yellow disc
forms right here when it starts.
And then you get a full color image unlike the other one,
where it's argon gas and it's all yellowy.
You get a perfect-color image on the real thing.
And of, course, there's a treaty that they have with the ETs that
forbids them from giving you the writing that is on those panels.
We can't do anything about that.
Again, you're seeing the same redundant geometric
metaphors here: the sphere with the geometry.
So all of this stuff, all of this usage of the Looking-Glass
technology has created some very, very interesting things;
they have used this, for example,
to cheat on presidential elections.
Think about it.
If you actually did have a technology that could allow you
to look in the future and you are running for office,
what are you going to want to do?
You're going to want to go look at the newspaper headlines and
the television and figure out what swing states you lost.
So, then, you're back in time and you can program your Diebold
voting machines to tip the vote just enough that it's exactly
50/50, which is what happened
in 2000 with George W. versus Gore.
And it's what happened again in 2004 with
George W. versus John Kerry.
The problem is that as a result of the fear that they have that
in 2012 that you're going to get an Earth-axis shift,
which is caused by an inappropriate amount of energy
moving through the Looking-Glass devices.
They have, as of December 2006, completely deactivated and
deconstructed all Looking-Glass technologies on the Earth.
The Iraq war had, to a large degree,
the mission of capturing a Looking-Glass technology that
was dug up in Sumer, which was originally in the possession of
Kadafi in Libya, which is why they attacked Libya.
Kadafi got rid of it and gave it to Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein was using this technology, viewing the future.
The US government went in after him because they felt that the
fate of the world was at stake because,
if they did not capture this technology and get it back and
deconstruct it, that the earth would have a pole shift.
So this is what they say and it's a great story and it will
make a great movie, which, I'm sure, is being written.
We are going to get into the pole shift and why I don't think
that that's what's going on at all.
I don't have a negative doom and gloom disaster
vision of our future.
It's very important that you HEAR that,
[the no gloom/doom message] even that I know some of this stuff
might be a little freaky-looking.
So the "D of the C.T.P."
is what they call it in code parlance,
because nobody's going to know what that means,
but when you actually decipher these letters,
it means the "Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox".
Here's the problem.
You look through time with this device and when you hit 2012,
everything goes perfectly white.
As you get closer and closer to 2012, starting in around 1980,
a very strange thing has been happening when they use the
There is an interlacing of images.
So, right now, imagine that if I had this slide on half the time
and, then, the other half of the time, there was an image of,
like, a face.
And if I interlaced them slowly, then, maybe every second,
it goes from here to the face to here to the face.
Then as it speeds up, it gets faster and faster to the point
that, if it were complex images, you couldn't make out one from
the other because they're flip-flopping so fast.
That's called "interlacing" and the frequency of the interlacing
gets higher and higher as you go towards 2012.
So any time that they try to look at -- or they used to try
to look, because they are not using them anymore -- 2009,
2010, 2011, 2012...BAM!
It's so interlaced that they have a whole server farm of
computers just to deconstruct the two images and be able to
see what they're looking at in the future.