My Sky Tg24 TV Interview (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by LearnArabicwithMaha on 09.03.2010

Good morning friends, here we are in Io Reporter
I hope that you are all fine, today we have a Super episode of our show
I will begin with our gests for today, we will talka out many issues, i will begin with our guest in the studio
I will try to pronounce the name correctly.. MAHA YAKOUb .. perfect
i ahve a horrible pronounciation :) Maha i think is a perfect testimonial
Your welcome here in Studio, i think it is very awesome what you're doing
Because you are teaching all there Arabic lessons on youtube,and later on i will be asking you and we will be chatting about all this
Huge success that you are having
A couple of weeks ago, you must know maha, At some point in the show i showed a video of you
And i said to my self, wow this girl is so talented, i saw her online making videos
of her teaching Arabic in ENglish and Italian and i right away said, i must invite her because she deserves it.. Thank you :)
We all want to know, how and why are you doing these videos, also because you're having incredible numbers of people watching your videos
This is yur channel we are seing now, start from the begining, how did you begin posting these videos in arabic and english and italian?
maha: AT first,i graduated form the University of pisa in foreign languages and Literature
and i wanted to see how it is so teach online
and how can my students follow me using microphone an a webcam
In The US it was very successfull,because, e-learning is a well known method nowadays in the us
Many kids for example don't go anymore to school but they study from their house using webcam nd mic with their teachers and i also wanted to do so:)
and therefore i began teaching arabic to Americans in English, But not only to americans, to people from the whole world in English so they can understand me
but then many people from italy started watching my videos and since many of them don't understand english so i began also posting videos of Arabic explained in Italian
and this is the way that you started?:) by the way: you heared maha speaking this way, but you all must know that she has had in one of her first videos that was in Christmas time she made a million of visitors from all around the world
and you had more visitors than in SKYTG24 (the most important news Tv in Italy)
I must say this is Fantastic and strong stuff! but, why do you think you had this much of attention from people?
First of all , yes it was Christmas time, and i taught a video of How to say Merry Christmas in Arabic
And it had alot of reaction and comments from people that didn't think there were arabs that celebrate Christmas
Thinking that all arabs were muslim, but the fact is that there is also a small percentage of Arabs that are christians
And therefore, it the video had alot of visitors for these 2 reasons , the period , and the interesting fact that there are arabs that celebrate christmas:)
Absolutely, and you are also very good in spreading in a simplified and fun way something that is normally very hard such as the Arabic language
We are back in the Studio with Maha Yakoub, i'm always embarassed to pronounce wrong your name, I must follow your lessons to improve it:)
Maha can you explain to our audience how do you produce a video, what do you do,and how do you upload it, give us some tips.
First i prepare in my head what i want to teach in the lesson, and then i take also some notes if needed
then it enough to have a webcam, i use a simple webcam with some lights from right and left so you don't have light right in front of you
And that's it, the important thing is the message, and what you want to say, not how you take the video
and when the video is finished, what do you do? do you edit it, tell us what do you do
well it depends of if its a grammar video, then i need to edit it and post letters in different character styles and colors
because i have to explain the lesson just like a teacher at school with the blackboard and etc , and there i need a program for editing it, movie maker, pinnacle etc..
People might think that it costs alot to do a video and post it online..a part from professional videos..
No, with a webcam of 50 euros you can teach anybody in the whole world
If you can give an advice to a person watching us and wants to start making videos, what is your advice?
i think that every single one of us has something to teach others, Be original, don't copy
In fact, youtube appreciates originality with its Partnership given to people who make unique videos and not copied
so be original, because you all have something to teach, i for example am not good in Geography, but i am very good in languages, and teach what i know, Be original, this is the secret:)
Fantastic videos can be such as this one , or the lessons of Maha, or whatever thing that is unique can be successful
Great, i want thank you Maha Yakoub, Good Luck for everything!
Thank you too, I would like to say hello to all of my students, a big thank you, its all thanks to you, Stay Tuned!!:)
We will all follow your lessons on Youtube :) Thank you