Bears On Ice, Iceland Part 1

Uploaded by JonathanRobinson on 28.01.2012

A big thank you to Iceland Express for their support.
This is Bears On Ice, lots of these
here, doing this.
We are in Keflavik in Iceland
on a coach going to Reykjavik
Firstly we met up with Frosti from Bears On Ice
who took us straight to the Hotel Phoenix
Hello well we've just arrived at well its a hotel
its like a Bed and breakfast but a really glamorous one!
In Reykjavik
and its amazing, the room is absolutely amazing!
I've been really impressed with the scenery
first impressions are just 'wow!'
I'm going to sort everything out,
put some camera batteries on charge
and then see what the bears of Iceland have got to offer!
This is the National Queer Centre
or the Queer Centre,
which is home of the national queer organisation of Iceland
so its very important to include everyone
so that’s why we are here!
All ages... pretty!
you are enjoying yourself, you like what you are seeing!
so far so good, yes!
Anyone with a beard, like, I'm on it!
I will be there!
I mean Iceland is a small country
a very small gay scene its very open and friendly
but maybe not as diverse as maybe you would experience
like the gay scene in big cities.
This is where everybody gets to know everyone
get to see a little bit of Iceland
partying, have beer, eat shark if you like
eat what?
shark. Shark?
yes I'll give you shark tomorrow!
Apparently every single person here has got a boyfriend though
which is really annoying but
the guy I was talking to you about earlier
is going to bring his boyfriend tomorrow
and I am in room 33!
I wouldn't do anything like that because...
I respect...
its because he can't that's why!...
I respect myself to much
and I'm saving myself for the right man!
any man! really!
I've got vodka!
a girl on a budget, you've got to do what you've got to do!
This is Reykjavik... Iceland, drinks are expensive!
Its really really kind of everyone’s, no one is stood on their own
they are all making conversation,
everyone is so relaxed and so friendly
its amazing!
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