You were afraid

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We cast you out of the Order
because you followed Revan to war.
There was no other reason.
No, there was another...
you had become different somehow, changed.
The war had changed you.
You were no longer a Jedi.
But we could not tell you why
some explanations mean nothing
unless the one who suffers
comes to the answer on their own.
What had happened to you was punishment enough...
and the Jedi do not kill their prisoners.
And if you had stayed, you would have changed us.
And that we could not allow.
It is not an easy thing to explain...
surely you are familiar with Force bonds.
It is the bond that develops between apprentice and Master,
when one truly understands another.
It is developed over time,
through understanding of each other.
Yet you do it so easily, and we do not know why.
You make connections through the Force,
and it resonates with those who travel with you.
The resonance is even greater
when they, too, are Force Sensitive.
Your actions affect others more than you know.
You draw others to you,
especially those strong in the Force.
Those that travel with you...
There is something wrong here...
a disturbance in the Force.
...they follow you, without question.
Without hesitation.
Against their instincts,
and sometimes against their sense.
This bond - it travels both ways.
When you feel pain, or strong emotion,
it resonates within you.
And that is why Malachor echoes within you still.
The screams of countless thousands,
Jedi and Mandalorians,
crushed by the planet's gravity, annihilated.
To hear the Force over such pain...
it is not possible.
It was too much for any Jedi to endure...
and it is a wonder that you did not die there
when thousands perished,
all those you had fought with and struggled with.
You cut yourself off,
because you had to if you were to survive.
You had hints of it on the war on Dxun.
Malachor was simply the final blow.
You were deafened.
At last, you could hear.
You were broken.
You were whole.
You were blinded.
And at last, you saw.
When you returned to us,
we saw what had happened.
You carry all those deaths at Malachor within you,
and it has left a hole,
a hunger that cannot be filled.
In you, we saw a wound in the Force.
In you, we saw the end of the Force.
You are a cipher, forming bonds,
leeching the life of others,
siphoning their will and dominating them.
It is the teaching of these new Sith,
to feed on others, on other Force Sensitives.
They are symptomatic of the wound in the Force.
You are a breach that must be closed.
You transmit your pain,
your suffering through the Force.
Within you, we see something worse
than merely the teachings of the Sith.
What you carry may mean the death of the Force...
and the death of the Jedi.
You must have noticed
as you've fought across all these planets,
killing hundreds
only to become more and more powerful.
Why do you think that was?
But what's worse, is that bonding you have
it hasn't gone away. It's gotten stronger,
and the more attachments you form,
the more you draw others to you.
And that is why you are a threat to us all.
You know what the choice is.
If you don't warn them,
then the Republic will fall.
All those countless lives
innocent lives.
Or the one.
What if other Jedi went to war as you did,
suffered the same events,
and emerged as you did.
What if there was a crucible
that trained such Jedi to consume and kill?
For you, Malachor was that crucible.
What's worse, is these Sith that we face...
I fear that they have learned
the lesson of Malachor all too well.
It is what allows them to prey on Force users,
to become stronger when Force Sensitives are near.
Somehow, they have learned their hunger from you.
And so you have brought about the end of the Jedi,
and perhaps all the knowledge of the Force.
But it is of no consequence.
Your ability to make such connections,
such bonds, so easily are why you cannot remain.
And so you wait, as a shadow.
Yes, we are alike that way, blinded one.
I would have thought
you would walk with her amongst the Jedi.
But that is not the way of the Sith, is it?
Do not speak to me of the ways of the Sith.
You of all of us have no conception
of what it means to be Sith.
You are a threat to living creatures,
and all who feel the Force.
You will lead the Sith here.
And that we cannot allow.
Our judgment before remains:
exile. You must leave...
and you must leave without your tie to the Force.
It is a punishment reserved for only a few
and only when necessary,
but we have the power to cut you off from the Force,
and it must be done.
Forgive us... but it is necessary.
Do not be afraid
you shall feel no pain, but this must be done.
As long as you feel the Force,
you are a danger to those around you.
Step away from her.
Step away!
She has brought truth,
and you condemn it?
The arrogance!
You will not harm her.
You will not harm her ever again.
I thought you had died in the Mandalorian Wars...
became stronger, yes.
Is this your new Master, Exile?
If so, then you follow Revan's path.
Her teachings will cause you to fall
as surely as he did.
She is difficult to see...
she's like a shadow of the Exile.
We sought to lure the Sith out...
and now they have come to us.
How could you ever hope to know the threat you face,
when you have never walked
in the dark places of the galaxy
faced war and death on such a scale.
If you had traveled far enough,
rather than waiting for the echo to reach you,
perhaps you would have seen it for what it was.
Did you not hear its call on Dantooine, Vrook,
on its scarred surface
and in the minds of the settlers?
I have endured your corruption of my other students
you shall not have this one.
And you, Kavar,
so close to the call of Dxun, tell me.
Did you not feel what poured from the moon,
what had taken place there?
And Zez-Kai Ell, to hide upon Nar Shaddaa,
yet blind yourself to all that happens there.
So close to understanding the Force...
so close to giving it up.
There is a place in the galaxy
where the dark side of the Force runs strong.
It is something of the Sith,
but it was fueled by war.
It corrupts all that walks on its surface,
drowns them in the power of the dark side
it corrupts all life. And it feeds on death.
Revan knew the power of such places...
and the power in making them.
They can be used to break the will of others... of Jedi,
promising them power,
and turning them to the dark side.
Did you never wonder how Revan corrupted
so many of the Jedi,
so much of the Republic, so quickly?
The Mandalorian Wars were a series of massacres
that masked another war, a war of conversion.
Culminating a final atrocity
that no Jedi could walk away from...
save one.
And that is what I sought to understand.
How one could turn away from such power,
give up the Force... and still live.
But I see what happened now.
It is because you were afraid.
As you would pass judgment on her,
I have come to pass judgment on you all.
Do you wish to feel the teachings
born of the Mandalorian Wars?
Of all wars, of all tragedies
that scream across the galaxy?
Let me show you
you, who have forever seen the galaxy
through the Force.
See it through the eyes of the Exile.
It is done - she is no more.
Take me to Atris.
She will have the strength to do
what the Council cannot.
What are we going to do?!
If we don't stop her...
then everyone, everywhere...
they're going to lose their lives...
I know you can hear me.
I have always known.
It is why I followed you.
I have destroyed planets for you, General.
But now, this once,
if we could save something in this galaxy...
I need to do this, or I will die inside.
Like I died at Malachor V.