Interview with Edward & Ceh9 at the Bosphorus tour @ Kingston Trilogy Tour

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Feb 3, 2012

- Hi, everyone!
We are in Turkey.
Na`Vi came here to participate in the Kingston Trilogy Cup.
We are enjoying a small tour around Bosphorus
and have an interview with Edward and
- and Zeus
- and ceh9.
- Guys, tell about your first impressions.
You’ve just arrived,
didn’t have a sleep.
How is Turkey?
How did they greet you?
- Size of the city strikes my eye at once.
It’s huge.
The population is 17 million.
It’s beautiful.
With well-preserved old culture.
It’s important for me.
I enjoy such cities.
- I feel its energy.
Its wars, which took place here for many times.
Byzantine Empire.
The city is awesome, it’s very beautiful.
Culture is fabulous.
The greeting was very warm.
Organizers of the tournament want to be
friends with the players and do everything for it.
They give us food and beverages.
The hotel is fine.
- And how you find the tournament’s concept?
It’s not usual to run a tournament in Turkey.
- That would be great if the tournament was a part
of a series of such tournaments.
I like the atmosphere here.
Tomorrow we’ll see the gaming zone and
computers and we’ll make our mind.
- I want to add that Kingston
has all the opportunities to promote esports.
So if this tournament is pilot and it goes well,
I think they can make such tournaments
even in Ukraine and in other countries.
They can invite more grand teams.
- The captain hides.
- How did you prepare for the tournament?
M5 is a serious competitor.
And the second team is probably
one of the strongest Turkish teams.
If I’m not mistaken you played vs them in 2010 in Haga.
How do you estimate your practice?
- We participated…
I mean practiced, haha.
The practice was fine.
After the 1st place at IEM
we have better motivation to win.
Before the tournament we practiced for 5-6 days.
We practiced through the Internet.
We practiced not much, but with high quality.
We examined our competitors,
thought about our strategies and maps.
I hope everything will be ok.
- Our practice before the tournament was…
it was not the maximum we could do...
We didn’t spend a day on LAN together.
We practiced only online.
It’s due to the concept of the tournament…
with three teams.
So we got used to it.
We assume that Turks take the 3rd place
here so we get ready to play vs a certain competitor.
- He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named.
- Cannot be named.
No one knows who it is.
Actually it’s a Turkish team.
Everything I said before was a lie.
- What are your plans for today?
All of you didn’t have a sleep,
but you still decided to take a tour.
There’s also an interesting program
waiting for you at the hotel.
- I didn’t catch the program,
but I want to say that we made a heroic action today.
I mean we decided to attend
all the events prepared for us.
We were terribly asleep.
We came to Kiev 7 hours
before the flight so we stuck us
with different stuff.
- No one had a good sleep that day.
I mean yesterday.
Today’s night we spent anyhow.
We have a rest almost breathless now.
Funny, breathless rest, haha.
I hope we’ll have a good sleep tonight.
We’ll see the dream about our victory.
- We have to burn out before the sleep.
I didn’t have a sleep for the last 24 hours
except for 2 hours in the plane.
I hope to have 9-10 hours of sleep
before the tournament.
We’ll be fresh for the battle tomorrow.
There are not so many games.
We have 1 map vs Turks and M5 and the final.
- I got it.
And maybe the last words.
Any thanks, hellos?
- Hello to Vitya, our fan.
- It’s his hour of triumph.
- Valera’s time passed.
Now it’s time for Volodya.
We would like to thank all the guys
who cheer for us.
Esports is nothing without you.
Thanks to our sponsors SteelSeries, Antec and Kaspersky.
- Thanks to Kingston for such a great opportunity.
A few months ago we won qualifier online
and now we are here.
We are in Turkey on a tour, on a yacht.
- In a beautiful city of Istanbul.
- Thank you KerchNET for loosing online.
- You really helped a lot, guys.
That final would be nothing without you, haha.
- Ok, thank you for the interview, good luck!
- Thanks.