EL217 Presentation 3 "You See TU" Part 1/2

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You see TU
Welcome to You see TU with Dorn Sornsin
Today I will find 4 contestants to play game
and the winner will receive 10,000 baht.
I don't tell you what game is First I proudly present you
Garbage Separating project
sanitary napkin
poison rubbish
and trash
Knowledge is real.
Thammasat university or TU officialy estabished to be the national university of thailand
on 27 June 1934.
The University was orginally named by founder Pridi Panomyong
In the past, this unversity is called University of Moral and Political Sciences
Now, there are four campuses that is
Tha Phra Chan , Rangsit , Lumpang and Pattaya.
Dharmachakra is a logo of Thammasat University.
and the color of this university is YELLOW-RED
Thammasat University consists of 19 faculties
that is Faculty of Law
Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy
Faculty of Political Science
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Social Administration
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication
Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology
Faculty of Science and Technology
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Allied Health Science
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
Faculty of Public Health
The Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
The Language Institute
The College of Interdisciplinary Studies
The Graduate Volunteer Centre
The College of Innovative Education
and The Pridi Banomyong International College
When I feel hungry
Do you ever feel like this?
like this
like this
and like this
soften ice-cream with many toppings
just mix life with Mixit
Mixit Be healthy Be happy
I wil find the contestant in a woman toilet.
Come on
Let's Go
Hello My name is Dorn Sornsin from You see TU.
I see something that is distinguished from you.
No! distinguished
What is you name?
My name is Ju.
Are you interested to play game?
Yes but wait.
Now I'm looking for a beautiful girl
and Here is Puey Ungpakorn's Libraly.
Let's Go
Oh! beautiful girl
Hello I'm Dorn Sornsin from You see TU.
What is your name?
I'm Poppy.
Are you interested to play game?
No I'm so busy.
but the winner will receive 10,000 baht.
I will be a winner.
10,000 baht
OK Let's Go
Now I'm at Horpra.
Look that the astonish girl.
Excuse me
Hello My name is Dorn Sornsin from You see TU.
What is your name?
My name is Tip.
I want you to play game.
Are you interested to play game?
Play game?
It's so fun.
OK I want play your game.
I'm at interzone. Just 1 contestant left
Let's Go
It's very cool.
What is your name?
My name is Chanon.
I'm Dorn Sornsin from You see TU
I want you to play game.
Are you interested to play game?
I'm dancing.
it's so fun.
The reward is 1,000 baht.
1,000 baht
10,000 baht.
I will get it.
Welcome back I'm Dorn Sornsin from You see TU
Now We are in Thammasat University Rangsit Campus
and I want 4 contestants to play game.
Now they are here.
Are you ready to see them?
The rule are.........
First We seperate you into 2 groups for do mission
and when you finish. You must come to me immediately.
your mission
and your mission
My name is Tip. What's your name?
I'm Ju.
I think I have ever seen you before.
Yes. but somewhere?
Calm down Ju.
The basketball court
The day before yesterday I went to cheer a basketball player.
I went to cheer too.
What your number that you cheer?
Number 11
He is very handsome
Yes,I think so.
but Now I think about mission.
I forget.
Please let's open the mission.
Umm I think so.
Oh in the picture has fountain. and I think I saw it at....Where?
Faculty of Engineering
I often go there.
Let's Go
So Let's Go
Hi My name is Chanon.
You know I'm the great man in this world
It's very ridiculous. how brave you are.
exactly What's your name?
You may name Lamduan.
what you are thinking.
I'm Poppy. The most beautiful girl in the world
Handsome boy! Are you sure?
I don't think so.
the fat man
the flower in picture
No It's not.
It is.
It's not.
Go to Gym 1
Gym 1 must have it.
I don't think it in Gym1
Faculty of engineering was set up in 1989. in respond to the severe shortage of qualified engineer
It provide both engineering education and training to the students.
and the working function of engineering fill by industrial organization
relevant their major distinct. It is explicit that over graduated
have a academic background with extensive practical knowledge.
and a high professional morality.
This is a faculty of engineering
another team will be here
Let's Go
I can't find them. Let's go
How about you?
It's good.
He's a very handsome boy.
I'm very confuse about them.
Where he this.
He disappears.
Where is here?
Ju Fountain!
like this mission
Where is Dome?
This place have not Dome Thammasat.
It didn't have Dome.
Ju wrong place
Yes,wrong place