Why are Clowns so Scary? Scare U Episode One with Dr. Margee Kerr

Uploaded by TheScareHouse on 12.09.2012

Hi Kids
You ready for another clown game?
hi guys
I'm Dr. Margee Kerr, Scare Specialist here at The ScareHouse
Today we're talking about something that scares a lot of people
so many people
just so ridiculously many people... clowns
It's strange to think that something that's supposed to be so "kid friendly"
is actually causing fear in kids and adults alike
long before stephen king's IT, clowns were scaring us with their freaky smiles and shiny red noses

clowns have an interesting history from court jester to turn of the century trickster
to fast-food mascot... clowns have always drawn public attention
but why are they scary? Some say we must have experienced some kind of bad experience
with a clown as a child.
but in 2008 a study at the university of sheffield asked 250 kids
what they thought of a clown design at a hospital
and the verdict was creepy
REAL creepy.
researcher Dr. Penny Curtis said
"We found that clowns are universally disliked by children.
"Some found them quite frightening and unknowable."
But why?
There's no way that all 250 kids saw IT, right?
The clown is essentially a masked face.
a permanently happy masked face.
and that's weird
we don't like faces they don't change their expressions appropriately
or are over the top with smiles and wide eyes
much of our interactions, trust, and communication
depend on being able to read a person's expressions
when we can't do that we get scared
in this sense clowns are just like any other masked face like Michael Myers or Leatherface

but making it worse is that clowns are supposed to elicit smiles and laughs
but because of the mask it doesn't deliver what we expect, and that makes us nervous
and really creeped out.
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