Цирк уродов 2 п___п [Freak show 2]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Mar 27, 2012

1st Russian channel presents!
Crazy with scissors.
Germishevich the castrator.
Shubin the Fartologist.
And Ms "I fart after orgasming".
In hilarious sodomic trash show.
This is normal.
So yeah, Sup I'm Stas Davidov.
And when we were making an episode for the 1st Channel, even this phrase got cut out.
And it's not a miracle that there are vending machines in Japan that sell used woman panties.
And here we have...
1st Channel, the hell's wrong with you?
[good thing TV doesn't broadcast the smell!]
"Am I normal?" is the question that our guests are coming here to ask.
And we have another guest.
[Germishevich is in pink this time]
You know...
I frequently fart after an orgasm.
Please tell me, is this normal?
Well thise are our favorite questions, what happens during an orgasm.
A person farts during an orgasm.
Who thinks it's normal, raise your hands.
I think!
And not only after, I also fart before the orgasm, and in the bathroom...
... and also in an elevator [here we go...]
And who thinks it's not normal, friends?
[everyone is against Stas]
We have a global protest.
[still at it...]
And I also fart in a swimming pool, in a bus...
[the world must know]
And sometimes you go out in the field and...
Please someone come out here and let's discuss it.
[good thing they don't see us here]
Yeah, let's talk about farts!
[farting is awesome]
This music makes the show 3 times crazier.
I think their audio engineer is Japanese.
So yeah, about farting!
So what do you think, this "i fart after an orgasm" is normal or not?
I don't get it, why is Malisheva (host) is trendy only in spring?
I thought aggravation was worse in autumn.
Dear Mrs. Malisheva, you're a doctor.
You should know that the gases expulsion from the bowels is called Flatulence.
And the thing you call, pardon, fart is a sphincter resonance flatulence.
But they do have a flatulence specialist in the studio.
And now when the laughter went down I want to say one thing - this is normal.
Got that? It's normal, it's all normal [100% info]
Talking about farts
on the 1st Channel
is normal.
This background music [in the fart context O_o]
is normal.
Lemme just stab this here kitten with a knife.
It's normal.
All in all, to escape the awkwardness after an orgasm, flatulate beforehand.
As they say, you first unleash the gases, then the beast.
[be consistent]
And this is
And the second vid about a doggy was sent by cldblood.
The dog's name is Cody.
And that's all you need to know to make him suffer.
[IT'S ME!!!]
[WHAT, IT'S ME!!!]
I wonder, how many times a day their neighbours call the police?
Hello? They're killing someone again...
[this will appear in my nightmares 0_0]
Almost like Mishka.
Just the pronunciation is a bit off.
But no, he looks like another dog.
[your dog is broken]
It's neat to have a dog like this.
Hello, do you believe in god? [whatever witness]
Yeah, of course. Just wanted to confess.
Oh, that's nice... Goodbye.
Yeah, that's how he looks like, the real cerberus.
When he opens his mouth, gates of hell are opening with it.
And those ... are the screams of souls he devoured.
[get me outta here!]
And if you turn off the vid, it's not certain whether it's the Fiery Gehenna or someone got caught in the amusement park mechanism.
[at least the music is fun %)) ]
But really, we need to say thank you to this video.
So before it was like this.
You're walking down the street and someone screams "COOODYYYY" [happens every day]
And what are we supposed to do, huh?
And now it's like this: Coooodyyyyy
[Don't you shout at me!]
Or like that.
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by solomon 1998.
Those last couple of years there's this sad trend among females.
To have ridiculously high demands while only having two tits <c> bash.org
Here we have to realize that noone's gonna ask the men.
If he drives a Lexus and is good in bed it's one thing.
<<== And she doesn't even have much of those.
But if he's a loser, then you have to act accordingly.
What, you don't have a Lexus but a Bentley?
You're a loser and we need to act accordingly.
What do you mean
I see 4 ways of dealing with loser men.
First of all he needs to be a stevedore.
Groceries, furniture, printers, let him move those around.
But the main thing is, he has to carry us, women. And he'll work out in the process.
Vagina with 2 legs and a small amount of RAM is telling us cheeky phrases that her manager no doubt made her remember.
[imagine this %))) ]
[if she has one]
Nothing special, you might think.
But the vid has almost 700.000 views in 3 days.
And the like bar looks like a sith lightsaber.
Oh yeah, alan pains of offended men are obvious.
Interesting. Anything else?
Secondly, men are pieces of interier.
And interier must make us look beautiful.
Julia [face] Palm, society lioness.
Guy must go well with the dress.
Smoke with fashion. Girls will be jealous and that's always a nice thing.
Plus, creating a trendy look for your BF is easy, for his money.
I'm a man and i'm offended.
But i won't cry. I'm a man, after all.
I offer to create a Masculist movement!
It's like feminists, only for male rights.
We are not a moneybag, not a dildo and not a stevedore.
I'm a man and i'm for equality.
[And i smell like a man!]
Coz males are better than females! [just like feminists]
So it seems like a man must pay for communicating with a woman.
If the woman respects herself than yes.
This in fact is the 3rd point.
Guy must be seen as a source of income, we must stop lying to ourselves.
It may not be a big one, not a regular one, but still income.
Here we go, she just told us what she does for a living.
And she takes little money and not even every time.
Prolly she farts after an orgasm.
It's normal.
Poor poor soul. Maybe i should feel sorry for her.
[burn before she lays the eggs]
Scared to imagine what's the 4th point.
It's the easiest one.
A loser man is a free driver, your bell boy that will not go anywhere.
And the more insolent you are with him the better.
There's one thing i dont understand - why are there cameras in the kitchen?
At least she doesn't think that we're spineless.
Guys are like clothes.
[play of words, "spineless" and "clothes"]
You need to change them once a season.
And this is... well, so-so.
Today we had 2 Diablo Beta CD-Keys, search and activate! 5 more left.
And the question was sent to us by TheStudioAAA. TheStudioAAA, to get your T-shirt please check your YouTube inbox.
And how do you open the swimming season?
And how do you open the swimming season?
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So, what do you think about the law against cloning?
What if the close has a longer penis?
Cloning is a stupid thing. Yes, at first clones are helping defend against the separatists but then they unite with the sith and kill all jedi...
Cloning must be banned. I don't want to have more competition, especially as ideal as me.
I'd clone a leg but im afraid i dunno where to stick it in.
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