Série 3 Por Cento | 3 Percent series - Piloto | Pilot - Ep.2 [Closed Captions]

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-You're out! -I can't be eliminated just like that!
-You won't make it to the end... -It's a simple thing, just a signature.
-Can't you get me another form, sir? -Please?
I'm not leaving, please...
Let me stay!
Not because of this...
Please, let me stay. No, no... Let go of me! No!
Let go!
Let go!
Let me stay, sir! Please!
Attention here!
What is you best feature?
I can deal with people.
And you think you can be a leader?
Then, describe a situation in which you have been a leader.
Ever since I was a kid, when the ball landed in the neighbor's yard...
I'd be the one to cook up a plan to get it back. We would get a stool...
but it still wasn't high enough, so we would place a basin under it...
So, you mean you used to break the law by trespassing?
If every "A" is a "B", but not every "B" is a "C", is there any "A" that is a "C" too?
Five seconds.
Are you serious?
-And what is your major weakness? -I care too much about people.
This is a hard one...
Can the answer be... not knowing my major weakness?
Your weakness is...
If you had to...
to move the Sugarloaf, what would you do?
That's impossible. That would be the first thing I'd say.
So, you wouldn't be able to answer.
-Not even hypothetically? -No...
I could get a bunch of choppers, lift the Sugarloaf and move it anywhere.
I'd blow it away, put the remains on a ship and reassemble it somewhere else.
It depends on the sugarloaf.
I can lift it with my hand and put it in my plate.
Is this your best answer?
Would you like to change the selective process?
-It's just great! -Great?
Are you satisfied with your chances? 3%?
If you think about it...
-You are saying the Process is unfair! -No.
You said you want to change things... Being a leader takes making changes.
-You wouldn't change a thing! -Calm down!
If I do get approved in the Process...
I'll try to get more people to pass to That Side.
But isn't it a bit too subversive?
Do you know anyone who has already made it to That Side?
-Yes. -Who?
Luis. He was my boyfriend.
-Last year? -Yes.
You have only one record.
You were caught during an inappropriate affective...
moment in the library! Was it with him?
Do you think it's right to do it in the library?
Do you want to pass to meet him again?
-No? -No...
Were you born like this?
Are you in pain?
Just a little in the back.
And why do you want to pass?
-To get healed? -No.
I know the healing is really hard. But at least...
It also says here your father has been serving a lot.
-Yes, he works a lot. -No!
"Work" is a word we use here on our side.
What you do is serving.
Do you imagine you and him on a romantic date...
on That Side, in a much better world?
No. In the past, maybe. Not now.
-This necklace... did he give it to you? -Yes.
If you're not that romantic, why do you still wear it?
-It's a souvenir. -Souvenir.
He has been serving a lot, it's 16 hours, every day...
-True. -To buy smuggled medicine for you.
-No, there's no smuggling. -You can be honest.
It would be his crime, not yours.
If you could choose between being a hero for no reason...
or saving lives and remaining anonymous...
Saving lives and remaining anonymous...
-But then, what would be the use of it? -I would know!
-I would be a hero to myself. -Do you really believe that?
So let's do this:
I'll eliminate you right now, but I'll approve the next three applicants!
-What? -You'll be a hero.
No, hold on!
If I approve you...
I'll have to eliminate the next three How can you live with that?
And they're probably less selfish than you.
what's it going to be? Helping others...
or saving yourself?
What would you tell him if you met him on That Side?
-I don't know... I'd say "hi". -You would snob him up?
Just a little.
Well, then...
why wait until you pass to That Side?
Can you please send Mr. Luis Santos over?
Why don't you get it? Go on...
-Did you call me? -Can you...
take this folder to be filed?
Right away.
Aren't you going to cry?
Don't you feel bad?
-Ruining you father's life? -It's not my fault.
If I could pass to That Side, he could stop wor...
...serving so much.
Oh, that's a very moving reason.
-Do you think your father loves you? -Yes.
Of course he loves you, his life is ruined...
What about you? Do you love your father?
-Of course I do. -All right...
Then tell me three things you admire about him.
-Not from the top of my head. -Why you admire him...
-what you have learned from him... -He...
You said you love your father.
Do you or do you not love your father?
You say you love him and you want to pass to make things easier on him.
Now I want to know why you want to pass!
I want to pass to end my pains and to make things easier on him.
If you keep saying that I'll have to eliminate you right now.
I want to know why you want to pass! For real!
I want to pass so my life won't be like his.