Слот - 7 звонков / Slot - 7 Calls (English subs)

Uploaded by ser841 on 29.09.2009

Thank you
The next song is called 7 Calls
And we'll need you support
If you have a cell phone
Put it up!
All the lights in your pockets
All up!
Come on, take you phones!
Darkness is a friend of the youth!
It's all for you
There's a dark spot
We can feel your support
It will be beautiful
Give me more!
There's a huge black...
ozone gap...
It's ok now
What are you doing here?
I can see phones now
Seven calls
Just to break down and morally kill
Like the lethal shot in the eyes
Painfully vivisecting the thin thread,
Blame yourself afterwards when there's no way back
Stepping like a partizan, holding the flag of truce
I run away lacking plans and ideas.
Reached the climax, two misunderstandings froze.
Don't say anybody, I left, cool...
where am I?
Sounds are muted, thougts are dead
Time is drowning and so far
Breath in to hear the silence,
Breath out - just hang on
From beep to beep
I will never forget the last seven calls
Wordless messages, asphalt and wet wind
My childish dreams are fading away
I'm in misery... nobody's ever noticed
One week outdoors passed and I've reached the point.
Concepts, ambitions, swing 'worthful-worthless'
All that became futile and disappeared.
Vogue is not in fashion here, the weather determines everything.
Seven days in a row I call you to say what I've become:
Just like Laozi, Bhudda-like.
Words are dying in the air halfway to you
...the subscriber's phone is temporarily unavailable, call later...
The door is closed, I'm forgotten by you
I'm alone... forever
My dreams are vague
Feels like a magnit is pulling me down
Emptiness... nausea...
You can never appreciate something before you lose it.
No ideas.. How dare they to say me this word - "IKEA"?
No medicine will help you when the tape is chewed,
Tore apart with your hands, cut with blunt knife
I brought the paradise light, but there's nobody to give it to
Burning till the ash from the inside, I'm extinguishing the flame with jaded snow
We spread around like the time, like dying tsunami,
Like half-decay, half-look... what's wrong with us?!?
Night will flood up to eyes,
Day will force to forget
And drift slowly,
By the will of the wind.
The water is coming, submerging everything
I'm in misery...
...you've never noticed