Honey (10/10) Movie CLIP - Missy Wants Honey (2003) HD

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Katrina? Who the hell is Katrina?
- That's Katrina. - Hey.
Katrina is the shit. Shejust did Ginuwine's new video.
l don't care ifshejust showed MichaeIJackson how to Harlem shake.
l said l want Honey. Honey Daniels. Duh.
Let'sjust ty it once. And ifyou like it, we keep it.
l f not, then we fix it. So there's no problem.
Let me see whatyou got. Whatyou gonna do?
l was thinking something a little more sexy, maybe in the hips. Lenny.
## [ Hip-hop ]
- No. No, no, no. - ## [Stops]
What is this, this? ## [ Vocalizing ]
Look, let me tell you something. l don't backup dance for Heather Hunter.
l don't know what kind of pornographyy'all got going on here. This has gotta be ajoke.
An_ay, when you get in touch with Honey Daniels, you call me.
You, you need to call M.C. Hammer, Iet him knowyou're stealing his stuff.
Y'all two crazy people in here. Give me my phone.
Don't make no sense. That's ridiculous.
Missy, hold up. l got an idea.