Baman Piderman - Happy Winter Friends (Ep #10 Part 2)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 11.02.2010

[baman:] piderman
wer in da trees
[piderman:] what's that
[baman:] excubes me but uh...
[piderman:] baman how did you do dat?
[baman:] its better if yu dont kno.
[piderman:] baman that trees moved.
[baman:] piderman
ibs just a moving tree
don you rmember?
[piderman:] baman baman baman
[baman:] wut is it?
[piderman:] baman baman baman
i dont unerstambd wut you want
[piderman:] waah oh no
baman! [baman:] oh no
[both:] waaaaaaaaaaaah
baman, that house!
[baman:] i com over da hous!
tubas... dad?
*bwoomp woob woomp*
[piderman:] tubas taking her medicime.
[baman:] she ate all da cakes.
*waap waap waap*
[piderman:] teehee
tubas dad
we needed to get a happy winter friends wish to save pumkin
cuz hes rotted
i hope ther okay at da hous.
[both:] you do?
[both:] awwwww.
[baman:] make pumkin all better!
[piderman:] yay pumkin!
now youre better!
and you have feets now
piderman i can open dis now
oh nooo