Homemade Buttermilk / Buttermilk Substitute

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Hi. I'm Elena.
Have you ever gone to make a muffin recipe or any other recipe calling for buttermilk only to find out you don't have enough?
The other thing with buttermilk is that it often comes in quart containers.
If you don't need that much, it often just sits in the refrigerator and goes to waste.
To get around that, what you can do is make a simple buttermilk substitute at home, using milk and lemon juice. White vinegar would also work in this recipe.
You can use fresh lemon juice or you can use a bottled variety. I prefer fresh because it's
always much more crisp, and it has a much more tart flavor.
So you're going to squeeze the lemon juice into a separate container.
For one cup of buttermilk you will only need one tablespoon of lemon juice.
So one tablespoon of lemon juice will go into the measuring cup for one cup of the milk.
I use skim milk because that's what we use in my house,
but if you use
whole milk, 2%, regular milk, that's fine
So you have your one tablespoon of lemon juice in the measuring cup,
and you're going to fill up with milk
until the one cup
mark on your measuring cup.
When you're measuring, you always look at eye level to make sure the liquid is perfectly even with the line. We're good.
Now you're going to let this stand for five minutes, then we'll come back and see what this is going to look like. It will have curdled, which is what the buttermilk
is, it's essentially curdled milk.
Ok, I'll be back in five minutes.
Ok, so 5 minutes have passed, and we have buttermilk! It was much easier than running to the supermarket, and much quicker too.
So out buttermilk is ready. We let it stand for five minutes. That was our combination of one cup of any type of milk and one tablespoon lemon juice or white vinegar.
We can just take a look at this buttermilk. It's now nice and thick, we can
mix it up a little bit.
You see that the density has increased; it's much thicker and it has the curdles in it that it didn't have before.
You see once again it has curdles,
It's got some thickness to it
This is perfect for any recipe that may call for buttermilk
Fried chicken, muffins, any recipe that you make with buttermilk.