A Hilversum Christmas

Uploaded by Dougurasufilm on 23.12.2011

Could you park your bicycle a little better, there's no room for mine now.
Godfuckingdammit?! Douglas!
What the fuck?!
- Yeah, then you just have to not forget the pan in the sink. - Like you don't ever forget that.
Yeah, but you know I brush my teeth in the kitchen.
Here, what the fuck!
Ralph could you clean up your mess?
You must stop leaving half the dishes over there when I want to brush my teeth!
- Don't pretend you don't do that as well. - But you don't have to brush your teeth there!!
- Could you be quiet? - Ah, fuck off, you.
It's been like this since forever. Before Australia, and now that you're back it's happening again.
What the fuck?!
Ah dude!!
Come on dudes, spare ribs!
Dude, it was so much better when you guys were still in Australia!
It wasn't always relaxed with them in Australia too, you know.
Yeah, then I'm going to go Skype with Renske. Good times.
- But dude, weren't we all going to watch a movie? - Jeez, Christmas is ruined.
Goddamn internet!
How did this get here?
Ah, man!
Do you guys have internet?!
The Fuck?
The fuck?!
The mise-en-scene has been altered!
Yeah, do you also have-
Guys, something's going-
I found a bottle-
Did you guys put these in our room?
No, I was about to ask you the same thing.
What's that?
Fuck, burglars!
Not again.
I know something, hang on.
Are there lights on outside? Streetlights or something?
Oh, wait. I know!
What the fock is that?
Okay, what the hell is this?
I dunno.
Do you use that as butt plug?
Care to explain yourself?
Hey, guys!
Falcooo!! Welcome back!
I just came from Sydney, but I completely forgot my room in Utrecht is locked, can I maybe stay here?
Why do you guys all look so pale?
What's going on?
What the?
Bah, humbug!
Guys, it's fucking Santa! Stop!!
What?! The Christmas-Man?!
Ralph! Ralph, stop!!
Ralph, it's Santa Claus! Stop!
Santa Claus?
- Focking Santa Claus! - Shit.
We killed Santa Claus!
What do we do now?
Julian, I've cleaned the pan in the sink and did all your other dishes while I was at it, is that okay? 1:10.732,0:11:12.947 What?! Focking chill!
- You know what? Shall I clean the kitchen then? - Yeah, good idea!
Hasn't been done in so long.
Okay, I just cleaned the toilet.
So it's clean and sparkly.
- No way! - Way!
Guys, shall we go watch a movie?
- Oh, hell yeah. - Yes.
Subtitles by Dougurasu
Guys? Guys, I'm still alive.
Can I still stay the night here?