Inter-ethnic relations and their state in contemporary Russia. Part 3

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Mikhail Zlikhanov, RAS academician, political and social activists
I’m concerned with the fact that many structures of civil society
that served for the principles of inter-cooperation and inter-enrichment of cultures,
equality of nations in our country are being destroyed.
Moreover, they are substituted by other structures and aims of their work
are opposite to interests of our country.
Today our authorities do not coordinate ethnic policy.
It is not only causes appearance of ethnic prejudices and hatred,
but also causes ethnic extremism, separatism threatening existence of great Russia.
Terrorism is a bloody indicator of the fact that something has rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark.
Threats caused by separatism are more real than they seem.
This dangerous idea is growing in minds of the North Caucasus young people, who are unemployed.
Huge sums of money allocated to the North Caucasus are stolen in Moscow
and by local elite in the regions.
Reports on establishing thousands of working places and solving of problems are fake.
They are not true.
Allocated money doesn’t solve problems, they go to pockets of local officials and clans.
For example, according to various sources, percentage of unemployed young people
reaches 80% in Kabardino-Balkaria.
When they report to Medvedev that we have established 2 thousand new working places
and 10 enterprises this year, local journalists try to find these enterprises and fail to do it.
They don’t afraid to cheat.
One and the same schools are presented as new built schools for ten times.
A kindergarten near my institute, which was built in the Soviet times,
is presented to Medvedev as a new kindergarten.
And this cheating is accepted.
Therefore, I think no money should be allocated to the region.
What for it is allocated if no target is being achieved?
Local young people are not needed to anyone. So what should they do?
They go to forests and are welcomed by militants.
Are special services of foreign countries working in Russia?
Of course, they do, but I think it is not as important as it might seem.
The main enemies of our country are corruption and infinitely greedy bureaucracy
that makes these troubles.
Vladimir Putin has to clean his administration, party.
I was one of founders of the party in the North Caucasus.
I said that this party would be a basis for our president Putin in the struggle against corruption, lawlessness.
But in fact my party fell into the depth of corruption itself.
Together with local authorities the party is stealing and cheating.
If there would be no principle decision, I don’t know where we would come.
Starting from kindergarten, school, universities – bribes, bribes and bribes all the time.
Children enter the Faculty of Law, parent give bribes.
They graduate from Law Universities and give bribes for becoming judges in courts.
And then they start to take bribes.
This vicious circle leads to stagnation and collapse of the state.
Unfairness and immorality kill the state.
Today a person is ashamed of old house and old household.
Such a person is not respected, because he hasn’t been managed to steal.
Today an honest person is not respected.
The mass media doesn’t report on people who live honest life.
They think these people are fools.
The situation in society should be changed.
If we don’t solve youth problems, they will be solved by foreign centers, for example, in Georgia.
Georgia opened borders, nobody knows how many people leave there and what they are taught there.
And nobody pays attention to it.
We should draw attention of society and our movement will deal with these issues.
On the other hand, take minor and medium business, they are under pressure of the common disease – corruption.
Military industry was destroyed by corruption.
We have too little time to fight against it.
Many countries have positive experience of corruption fighting –Spain, Portugal, the USA.
And we should do the same thing.