Pleung see rong Ep.06 [2/9] Eng sub

Uploaded by Chtite0Aya on 01.01.2010

What's wrong?
Please load the program in Thai.
I can't contact you again.
Because of that cruel person.
Get away!
Cruel man!
It's me, Mai.
Did you get hurt?
Tell me.
He hurted you, didn't he?
You didn't keep your promise.
What's promise?
You mean the promise you made by yourself?
What did you say to Mai?
You don't have the right to create problem for us to fight with each other!
It's you who's in the wrong.
Dressing up provocatively and do the photo shoot.
I didn't do it nude.
Please stop criticizing me.
And that promise,
I haven't confimed it.
Stop believing that I have to listen to what you've said.
Are you afraid that he'll know?
Khun Tin knows and he has already hurt Jomkwan.
That was nothing for khun Kat.
Do you dare to tell Mai who really is the one you fear?
Who is it, P'Kat?
Can't you learn to behave quietly?
Why don't you tell me if you want something?
I want the thing that you want to have.
Can you give it to me?
You're being too much.
What did you tell her?
I didn't tell anything.
I also don't know what she is talking about.
There's only the two of you who knows.
Give a reply to Jomkwan.
You shouldn't come here.
Stop behaving like a homeless person.
Your view on a man and a woman being alone together,
Must be very narrow.
The goal is to hope on the bed.
But sorry, but we're not like that.
Please give me a moment.
I'm going to go get khun Rot.
You're deceitful.
It's you who should stop hurting khun Rot.
And stop sqeezing me.
If you don't stop,
I will tell to khun Tin how Kuat died.
Do you think that khun Tin will believe someone as low as you?
Then think of someone low... like Cinderella.
Why is a prince protecting her?
Isn't it because she has faith in herself?
I will tell your dad that you are here.
Go ahead.
You report to my dad, and I'll report to khun Tin.
Don't compare yourself to Cinderella.
Because you are rotten.
I know that you want to have khun Tin,
But he will never touch you.
You really believe in your stepson.
I feel pity for khun Rot.
What do you mean?
You should ask yourself the meaning of this.
If khun Tin heard this, you'll defenitely get hurt.
I got hurt a lot already.
I got hit, got insulted, got...
Got what?
Do you want to hear it that much?
But promise first that once you've heard it,
You won't scream until you get a heart attack.
Don't tell me..
That khun Tin...
Who would want to have you?
Who's the one being nonsensical,
Who's using his mouth all over the place.
Damn girl!
Let go.
Khun Kat!
Help me.
Khun Tin...
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
All my body is hurting.
You see me as nothing.
Can you get up?
Hold on to me.
But I'm heavy.
It's okay.
Try to get up.