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Ms. Is this your last luggage? / Yes, it is.
Your luggage is all loaded. Do you want to start?

Hello. 5 00:04:44,384 --> 00:04:46,784 Aunt, it's me.
No. I really like this house and I gave it a name already. Yes.
Oh and aunt, who did design this house?
It doesn't seem to be designed by a general enterprise.
Oh, I see...
Anyway, I am thankful for the furniture and Audio set.
Sure, sure, okay. I will call you back later.
How do you do?
I'm new here 302...
How do you do? How do you do...!
Hohoho. Isn't it boiling yet?
They sure look delicious.
I already cut the carrots and onions.
Here it goes. One, two, three, pull, pull!
Help! / Yahoo! Yahoo!
Start over.
From the part ''Merry Christmas'', we will start over.
Do it right! / We will start over.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I'm a person who lived in this house before you did.
I actually have a favor to ask from you. 30 00:08:57,970 --> 00:09:00,370 I am waiting for some mails.
So if you get any mails addressed to me,
would you send them to me to this address, pIease?
Thank you!
December 21, 1999.
Wishing you a luck in 'il mare'. - Kim Eun Joo.
Oh, those puppy footprints, those were there even before I moved in.
I tried but I couldn't erase them.
Well, you will soon get used to it.
Oh, it's you Ji Won.
No, it's just I was waiting for a call...
He really is a bad guy, isn't he?
Merry Christmas.
Can I get a cigar here?
It's right over there. Help yourself.
Oh and what does it say in front of your house, written in some kind of alien Ianguage?
Oh, it says 'il mare' which means 'sea'.
Do you know what the sea is?
I can learn it as the time goes.
Did anyone liv before me in my house?
What do you mean? Your aunt just finished building it a month ago.
It's a brand new house!
The meal is ready, honey. / Okay
Hey. If you want to hide from us, don't leave your trace here and there.
I brought some of your works that you left at school.
You can't even call that a work!
Do you want some tea?
Seung Hyun, I'm leaving today.
I stop by on my way to the airport.
Is that so. You'd better go now.
I am really thankful for what you've done for me.
Study hard when you get to the new place.
I better learn how to open one's heart.
Your flight hour is coming up.
Let's go.
You have a nice house there.
I will drive in some other time.
Let's go.
Hey, hey!
Hey, Puppy!
Oh, those puppy's footprints, those were there even before I moved in.
I tried but I couldn't erase them.
Well, you will soon get used to it.
Oh, it's you Ms. 'il mur'.
It's 'il mare' not 'il mur'.
Well, it's all the same to me!
Has someone moved into 'il mare' yet?
No, it's still empty.
Can I look around please?
There's the key, right over there.
Hello. / Hi.
Do you want some noodles, honey?
Yes, with rice cake in it.
I inform you about this since you seem to be waiting for a special letter.
I'm the very first person who started to live here,
and I think you sent your letter to the wrong address.
I think you shouId double check the address
since you said there will be a special letter for you.
December 28, 1997. Han Seung Hyun.
P.S. How did you know the house is called 'il mare'?
I have no idea why this letter was sent to you.
However if you are playing around,
would you just leave all the lettera to the place where you found them?
Thank you.
December 29, 1999. Kim Eun Joo.
You are not really serious about sending letters from year of 1997, are you?
Kim. Eun. Joo.
Well you know it's the last day of 20th century,
and I also want to go out and hang around just like others.
Well, but I have to work, I guess...
I will stay here for you.
Really? / Go ahead.
Hello? Where do you want to meet?
I've read seven books.
It's 2,100 won.
Here you are. / Thank you. Bye.
Why don't we count down all together?
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one!
A new millennium has arrived.
I don't know what's happening but your letters are still coming to my mall-box.
You'd better search for another way to get the special letter you are waiting for.
January 7, 1998. Han Seung Hyun.
P.S. It is really the year of 1998. I'm living in.
Kim Eun Joo.
You are a radio performer.
I'm a comic book store owner.
I, not you, have to tell you the fictional stories, and that's the right way! 122 00:23:15,594 --> 00:23:17,585 Well, but this is so strange...
Well, I've read more comics than you did.
Year of 1998.
Eun Joo. It's snowing outside! / Really?
It is real...
Do you remember the day when it snowed a lot?
You and I were almost killed...
Oh you mean the bad cold we caught?
Well, but I really did like it anyway.
I had never seen snow for a whole year when I lived in Chejudo.
Can you watch my store tomorrow for me again?
Sure, I will. / Okay, bye bye.
Time to finish up guys. / Sure.
Mr. Han. What are you doing? Let's go home!
Why did you look up to the sky?
I was thinking to cover the container box with something.
There was no weather forecast for the snow today.
Why don't we have some beer?
That sounds great!
From January 9, 1998. It will snow a lot.
If you are really living in The year of 1998, have a good day.
Oh, but be careful of a bad cold!
Because Influenza was prevalent at that time.
As you mentioned in the letter it really snowed a lot on January 9.
I've also got a cold just like you said.
It is a really strange thing.
But it will be much easier to believe that you are a prophet or fortuneteller
rather than to believe you are living in the year 2000.
A prophet or fortuneteller?
I told you not to catch a cold.
It is also hard for me to believe that you are living in the year 1998.
However you don't seem to be like someone who wouId write these things for fun.
I want to be a real prophet or fortuneteller,
so I can ask what's happening.
Anyways, would you send me the letter addressed to me, if it comes?
Let's go.
Can I stop by just one more place?
No way. Tomorrow is the due day for the competition.
I will help you through all night.
Why did you stop by in the middle of the night at the place that wasn't even built yet?
Hey! It really hasn't been bullt yet! / What?
How would she look like? / Who?
The one who llves there!
What are you talking about? Who will live in a place still under construction?
Hey! Han Seung Hyun.
It's time to feed fish.
There's one more thing I'm curious about...
A puppy?
By mentioning Cola, I think you lived in 'Il mare' before I did.
Then why didn't you take him with you when you moved out?
When I moved in to Il Mare,
this puppy was wondering around the house.
It's the one who sleeps Llke a human, isn't it? / Puppy! Are you the Cola?
Cola! Hey Cola!
I guess the time has been twisted in somewhere.
If you and I are in same time zone,
Cola should be with one of us not both of us.
And I swear a puppy that sleeps like a human is living with me.
It was a mail-box. The mail-box!
Yes is was. It was because of the mail-box.
Thank you for your hair-band. But... I have short hairs.
Is that so?
Then why don't you just let your hair grow as a souvenir.
Today, today is a picnic day!
It's exciting. It's exciting! I'm so excited.
Let's go together!
Hold on, oh my, I left my lunch box at home.
Does anyone has a key?
I didn't bring it.
Don't you ever forget to bring it next time.
I'm excited, excited...
Hello, hello. / Who is it?
No one answers.
Hi! Hi!
Who are you?
I am a worm.
Do you live here?
Yes I do.
This whole earth is my house.
I thought I'd be happy when I fall in love.
If you feel down, do some cooking.
Whether to see it's ready to eat or not, throw it against the wall.
If it sticks to the wall then it is ready.
Do you feel better now?
The reason we are suffering is not because the love has ended,
but because it still continues.
Even after the love is over.
Someone who's been to love is more beautiful than someone who hasn't,
even if that someone lost her love.
Cheer up Eun-Joo.
What I'm saying is that you really fit well as an architect,
rather than working in the construction area.
Do you think you look great if you withdraw right before the graduation?
I don't want to confront those who say they do architecture
and don't even know what the famlly is.
Look whose talking.
That's why I don't design houses.
You've been strange lately.
It's hard to bare when the lost memories flash back to me.
Do you have those memories Eun Joo?
Someone told me that if you do the laundry you can forget the memories you want to erase.
Thank you for your help when I just moved in.
And in return I tried to be a nice neighbor.
But please don't put almond chocolate in my mall-box.
Mr. Cornell, I can't read my mails when it melts.
A. E. Cho-co-late. Cho-co-late.
Mr. Cornell, I can't read my mails when it melts.
I can't read my mails...
Thank you for your help when I just moved in...
The thing I regretted most in the year of 1998?
It was when I lost my tape-recorder which was a gift from my very best friend.
It was February 11, according to my diary.
At that time the recording room for radio-actors was located behind the Middle-Station,
I took the last train for Sadang everyday on my way home.
I used to sit on the last bench of south and while waiting for the train.
That day, I lsot the tape-recorder.
But you might see me if you go there.
Ah... A... I love you. I love you. I love you. I do love you.
Kim Eun Joo. Kim Eun Joo.
What are you doing?
I love you. / Isn't this your missed thing?
I love you. / Do you want to hear that?
I do love you.
Hello Eun-Joo.
It's Han Seung Hyun.
Did you get it back safely?
Who is this?
Thank you for the tape-recorder.
In return I send you two presents.
Well, maybe one thing won't go,
because it's alive.
The other thing is an earplug. It will keep you warm whlle working.
Seung Hyun if you have anything to ask, feel free and write me.
Your aunt called me.
It wasn't easy to say for me.
I know you feel worse than I do.
I don't know much about your famlly business but your aunt, who rear you, asked you.
Don't you ever forget to visit professor Han.
It's JoongAng Hospital 703.
Can I ask you to do a research about an architect Han Seok Jin in year of 2000?
It's 'il-mare'.
I can't admit anything!
Neither my father's death nor his love toward me.
Jung Sook, I just came from hospital.
I'm fine.
Did you put the book I asked you about into ll mare's mall-box?
I will pick it up.
Seung Hyun.
There are three things that cannot be hidden.
Cough, Poverty, and Love.
As you try to hide harder and harder those three appear even more clearly.
But sometimes you really want to hide it, right?
Then, I just cry.
When my head gets empty, I cry again.
To love someone or something makes pain on ones heart by oneself.
I want you to feel comfort Seung Hyun.
'il mare' looked lonely and was a sole house
but it was warm because it was the place of love.
There are so many different ways to express love
but underneath of all of those ways I believe there is only one love.
It's been delivered a little late
but I hope this collection of posthumous works could help you to understand your father.
Hye Gee.
How are you? / Yes.
How do you feeI?
Yes, where's daddy?
He went to Seoul for the principal conference.
Let's get in. Come on. / Let's go.
Eun Joo.
Those whom I missed most were always far apart from me.
Maybe that's because I missed them most...
I was seven years old when my father left me.
It's time for meal.
Do you like the fish?
I'm going to go out. Keep the house safe, okay?
It's quite cold.
I saw you in the Middle-Station,
wearing white neat with black muffler,
and very long hair looked simple.
You didn't write me for a long time. I'm anxious to hear from you.
'il mare' sometimes makes people so lonely.
I sometimes was also lonely when I lived here.
Seung Hyun, do you have some time?
First go to the market and buy a can of beer.
Drink it all at once.
Now run like you are crazy,
because you have to ride a Viking machine right away.
When you are out of breath, it is the best time to ride.
This is it!
Is it my turn now?
Ride bus which heads to BongEunRi.
When you take-off at Mulok there's a tree-lined street on both sides.
Do you enjoy walking?
Well-grown trees are planted every five steps,
and it is the best place to walk alone.
It feels better.
After walking quite a while when you get tired of walking you might find a clean cafe,
and I often drink wine in that pIace.
Do you like wine?
Some say that someone who likes wine is lonely.
However I still enjoy drinking wine.
I reserved a bottle of wine that opens at millennium,
but I'm not sure how it will be like.
Wine tastes deeper as time flies by.
Thanks to you I had a very special experience.
I had a good day.
How was your day Eun-Joo?
I had good day too.
But on my way back home all alone, I was a little lonely.
I want to meet you Eun Joo.
If it's fine for you.
Do you think he and I can really meet?
Can you come to CheJu island?
I happened to go home a week later.
Cola, Cola!
Cola! I made a date with Eun Joo.
What will we do? What will we do for next two years?
Are you looking at the pictures?
Sanhosa Beach is where I want to live for my whole life.
I bet you want to bulld a house when you visit that place.
Oh, the date we are meeting is March 11, 2000, at three o'clock,
at Sanhosa Beach.
March 11, 2000...
It's a Saturday.
Don't forget the date.
I only have a week left but you have two years and a week to wait.
Eun Joo, aren't you going to sleep?
I'll be in soon. Go to bed first.
You should go to bed early.
May I help you...
No. It's okay.
You are building a house, right?
Are you going to live here?
No, I just came here for the construction. Why?
No, I was just curious who would live in such a place like this.
One of my upper classmates designed this house.
Don't you think it will harmonize well with this place?
He designed this house for whom he loves.
I see...
I better go now.
I'll expect a wonderful house.
I waited for a while.
I thought you will be there even if you have to wait for two years.
Was is too much for you?
Even if I admonish myseIf not to think this way,
but when people get closer to each other, they expect more from each other.
I know but... the ones I miss are so far away from me.
Were there too many things that happened during those two years?
I hope that you just forget our promise.
Why couldn't I keep the promise of meeting here?
Neither promise nor Eun Joo is useless memory which will shoved away by the time.
Letters from Seung Hyun was one of my happiness.
However somehow, I feel emptiness somewhere in my heart.
Is it because of Ji Hoon, who left me,
or is it because of Seung Hyun, whom I can never meet.
The machine is out of order.
We have to delay 30 minutes.
Why don't we have cup of coffee during the break?
It's all on me.
If there are more animations, there are more works for us.
But, nowadays the number of big productions increased.
Yes, that's true.
You have been waiting long, haven't you?
No, not at all, I just got here.
Ji Hoon, about our engagement...
Yes, why don't we do it in this month?
Next Wednesday will be a good time for me.
Time's up. Let's go
But why are you in such a hurry?
I'm not in a hurry but you are lazy.
Wait a few more days.
After I finish this animation I'm holding on to, I might get some rest.
I thought I forgot...
But suddenly from the time I heard his voice all my efforts became vain.
The fact that he loves someone
and the fact that I'm aware of that, gives me more pain.
I can't stop my mind anymore.
Please help me not to lose him.
I'm so sorry I'm asking you for this.
I'm sorry, Seung Hyun.
Have you waited long for me? Sorry...
Am I such a strange person?
Am I still a stranger to you?
Jung Sook!
Was it the right decision not to go with Ji Hoon to the USA
and become a radio-performer?
Of course.
The one who can stand by her own feet, can also do the true love.
Forget all about Ji Hoon.
I want to trust your words.
Do hard working and also do love...
The most happiest thing while living in 'il mare' was
to read letters under the 'il mare tree' which you lighted.
It wasn't easy to study animation in USA alone.
At first, I gained strength from your letters but I was getting much more tired and tired.
Then I soon became closer with someone next to me.
I'm sorry.
If we went there together, this wouldn't have happened.
Help me not to lose him.
I'm so sorry, I'm asking you for this.
I'm sorry, Seung Hyun.
I'll help you.
If you were in so much pain, why didn't you tell me earlier.
We don't have much time.
Eun Joo, do you remember the very first letter?
The one that you wished me luck in 'il mare'.
Knowing you was the greatest luck to me.
This time I will wish you luck.
I wish you the best luck in your love.
Thank you for your letter.
Um... May I ask where the architecture college is?
That's over there...
Thank you.
You complain your room is small when you were an assistant teacher
and now you are complaining about your room again?
Life is same!
This house was designed for the one he loved.
May I help you...
Seung Hyun designed this house for Kim Eun Joo.
It was a car accident.
Can you help me?
Can you help me not to lose him?
He was on his way to meet someone in Youido.
Seung Hyun! Don't go there.
It's right that house.
The letter has to get there quick.
Please make Seung Hyun to get this letter.
Seung Hyun, please don't go there.
It's all my fault.
This letter shouId go there in time. Please.
I will tell you where I met him for the last time.
March 25, 1998, the cafe called Monic located in Youido.
Cheer up Eun Joo.
We are meeting for the last time before I leave.
Don't be so down.
I feel strange.
So I told you to come with me.
Becoming a radio-performer isn't an easy thing
and you cannot be so sure that you will be accepted by the studio.
Well, it's just about three years.
It will be alright.
Something is uncomfortable somehow.
You shouId not go there.
Don't go there.
Don't die.
Seung Hyun... I'm sorry.
By the fact that I'm not besides you after two years,
we might don't have any connection to meet.
Who are you?
I'm going to tell you a very long story.
Can you trust me?
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