Gönülçelen )) Episode 38 - Part 2/3 [English Subtitles]

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now Hasret has a chance to live a good life
she now has a chance to give this good life to her family too
people work hard to achieve these Murat
Hasret can have such a chance too
In return of what?
In return of music!
the music you don't value much
but it's the music that makes lots of money
This! This is what you've defended all your life
cause if you don't have money you're living your life in misery
to be able buy food, eat and not feel hungry
is much more important than music
This is what you don't understand!
You don't understand what real life is about
What real people are about
You did create a wonderful singer from scratch
but now you're trying to demolish what you've created…
the radio interview starts at 9pm
I think you should listen too
Just listen ok? I have a surprise for Hasret
ok. Hold your head up high.. Chin up..
smile come on
no I have to look serious
or no one will vote for me
ok I am taking the photo then
ok. Oh! Ouch! Ah!
Do I look nice?
I'll edit them on my computer so they look better
ok thanks
shall I make your eye color blue?
no! thanks
Oh I want blue eyes
let me have a go.. see how you should pose??
very nice
brother in law!
what are you doing? did Gülnaz send you?
Are you a spy? Are you spying on me?
what spy?? I was just taking a picture
She has had little spasm
She need to have a rest for a while without moving
If she uses the medicine I give
she will get better very soon
Thank you, doctor
Good luck
Good luck
I knew he would say that
now I can't go anywhere
of course you can't Nakiye
There is still 10 minutes left
Can you go and explain the situation instead of me?
What the hell Nakiye??
am I going to do with a stranger in the middle of the street?
Maybe we should ask Ethem bey
We can't ask anyone
Forget about this meeting
If he loves you
he will offer you a meeting again. Have a rest now
Bad ball, everything happened because of you
so what did he say?
he said time will show if I am successful or not
Are you going to listen to me tonight?
of course I will listen
that must be Levent
I can't believe I am late again!
ok. I will tell him to wait for a couple of minutes
ok make him wait I am coming
come in Hasret will be ready in a minute
Would you like anything to drink?
no.. thanks
ok.. I will call Hasret
I am ready.. we can go now
can I have a word before we go?
I want to clear the misunderstandings in my mind
Why didn't you call me when you went to Murat's house?
it was an impulsive decision
I thought I would tell you tonight
So what other questions are there?
so is your problem solved?
yes. Shall we go?
I hope this was not live show
I don't know.. what if i said something wrong
Calm down.. you went live on tv before
This is nothing
you wouldn't understand how excited I am
is the neighborhood listening in?
yes I told my sister.. Everyone must be listening
Off, Cobra
I asked you fifty times not to change places of the things
I have put somewhere
I haven't changed the place of anything
So where is the radio?
Am I not going to listen to my sister?
Don't worry, we will find it
I don't understand why we have put it away
Because we got a new television
so the radio became useless.. Did you get it?
I got it. Let me find it and I'll show you who becomes useless
Miss Hasret, can I have you in?
Calm down and be sure of yourself, OK?
Good luck
Dear listeners
the minutes you have been looking forward starts
Hasret, who entered the market well-preparedly with her new album
will be with us in a while…
hello everybody
we are continuing our program at the same speed
And our guest is here with us already. Welcome, Hasret
We wish the best for your new album
thank you
We played only your songs all day long
And we got a lot of messages from our listeners
I don't know if you are aware of it
but everyone talks about your new album
What would you like to say for the beginning?
First of all I want to thank
many people who have worked hard on this album
We did our best for everyone could listen and enjoy it
getting such positive reactions makes me happy
I think we should listen to one more song from the album
What would you say?
Of course
Don't turn off your radios.. Our talks will continue
And you can call and join our program.. We are here soon
I see you are not so excited?
I'm.. But I get calmer slowly
What are you doing Cobra
Let me call the radio and talk about this mayor's issue a bit
Don't do that, do you want to disgrace us?
look I won't call if you promise not to call too
I'm not going to call anywhere, am I crazy like you?
Why are you making so sour face?
What music is it?
look, he doesn't like the music..
Mad one!
Yes, you will be able to watch it very soon
we're getting a lot of messages about you
one of them likes your song very much
We thank Yasemin from Denizli
Continue listening to us
I didn't even feel how the time passed
me too
but we had a nice program
we listened to all songs in the album
And got questions from our listeners
And now it is the end of our program
please I want to speak to Hasret.. I waited all this time
It will be very short please
I wish everything will be as you desire it
we have to take one last call
Hello who am I speaking to?
hello this is Arzu
Hello Ms. Arzu
Hasret is with us you can ask her your question
good evening
first of all I want to say I think your album is great
thank you
you sang the songs we love beautifully
I should have called
shut up!
can we have your question?
of course.. sorry
actually I wanted to say something not ask a question
Miss Hasret
your album is on many shelves nearly in every music market
And everyone is counting the sales of the album of course
I guess you must be checking the sales too
I wanted to quote someone I value a lot
It's Mr Murat Turali's words
Our music teacher and I guess yours too
He said in a lesson
"I don't care about how much an album sells
but how many years it'll defy and remain on the shelves"
I hope your album will be lasting too
That's all I wanted to say.. Good evening
good night Miss Arzu
So, we came to an end of another program
you see how they envy her
My sister will be very famous
And all the jealous will die from jealousy
God bless
We wish you all to have a happy evening
May your wishes come true
Hasret what's up?
Didn’t you understand who called?
it was Bahar
don't be ridiculous
you must have thought her voice was the same
did you not hear she talked about Murat?
I know it was Bahar
Gülnaz, please, set our beds and we will sleep
No, I'm not going to sleep
I am preparing my SOLOGANS
I don't understand where this love of a mayor came from
same place where it came out from for you
look my flower I want to wipe out Nizam from this neighborhood
I want to make this neighborhood not dependent on you my bug
also because you said I wouldn't understand such things
and I was right
I understand
we will see who is right.. Soon
Stop peaking
Forget about Bahar
I thought that program was a huge success
Tomorrow you have the shooting of the clip
You need energy
where will the clip be shot?
in Buyukada
what time are we going?
I forgot to tell you
I can't make it to Buyukada tomorrow
why not?
I have a sponsorship meeting in Ankara
are you gonna leave me alone there?
I wanted to be with you but I can't postpone the meeting
The men will be travelling abroad
they want to meet with me before they leave
don't worry everyone there are professionals
They all know what to do.. You will be fine
even if the years without you get in a que
Even if love has made me this way
Even if my heart stopped
Even if I am hurt I will pay..
I am content to pay this punishment
Without you everything feels lonely..
only one thing will be written in this novel
Just one last day
That dark day
Only a fog that has once hurt me will be left
It can never be hidden
Like a child
You are my everything..
you are my destiny..
It can never be hidden
I succeded Murat Hoca.. do you think I succeded?
yes you succeded.. you succeded.. you succedded
Even if my heart stopped
Even if I am hurt I will pay..
I am content to pay this punishment
oh it will be fine.. It's just a clip.. You will be alright
I don't know anyone there and I don't know what to do
stop thinking and just sleep..
we'll speak about it in the morning
and Levent had to go tomorrow didn't he?
good night Hasret
good night mom
eat your eggs
I don't want it
I wish this clip was not today
I see your mood has not changed since yesterday
I don't want to go
Levent is calling
are you ready?
not yet
well you should get ready
The team are already at the island
They are setting up the scene
They say they will be ready in 2 hours
Ok. I'll get ready right away
where are you?
I am off to the airport
I have to close the phone now.. I want to catch the plane
see you later
you don't have another choice
you have to go there alone
mom I am going
Nevra did you see Murat Hoca?
he doesn't have a lesson today.. I don't think he'll come in
see you later
hello Hasret
hello are you home?
yes I'm home.. Are you ok?
I came to school but you're not here
Hasret, did anything happen?
I mean YES
tell me then
I have a clip recording in Buyukada
and Levent went to Ankara
If you were free I was going to ask if you would accompany me
I feel bad cause I am all alone
you have to learn to work alone Hasret
so are you not coming?
I'm sorry I can't come.. I have stuff to do here
I just wanted to ask you
have a good day
you too
how are you?
what is it to you?
I just wanted to talk to you
you talked enough last night!
what are you talking about
I know you called the radio program
what program? what are you talking about?
The radio program I was a guest in yesterday
don't act innocent.. you called and talked nonsense
are you crazy? Why would I do such a thing?
to irritate me and that is all you are trying to do
I don't listen to such program
If you came for Murat hoca, he doesn't have a lesson today
and I'm going home now too
Gülnaz will be the mayor of the neighborhood
Gülnaz, no no, Cobra will be the mayor of the neighborhood
As soon as Gülnaz comes, all troubles will disappear
Bravo, girl
As soon as Cobra comes troubles will disappear
You have problems, I have the solution
All votes for Gülnaz! Aha
you have the problems…
Have you got off the plane?
Yes, I have
I'm at the hotel now.. I'm going to have a coffee first
and then our meeting will start
I have something to say to you
Can we cancel today's shooting?
I really don’t want to go there
Let's go together when you are back
How can we, Hasret?
All the preparations are over.. It's impossible
Now come to yourself
maybe I will be able to clear off my works quickly
and join you by the end
All right then
Call me if any problems
I'll call
Ok, see you
How? Don't you think it is nice?
I think it is very nice
My new slogans are also ready
And I'll get them printed soon
We will defeat Cobra for sure
he'll become crazy.. Let him come and see this first
He will go mad when he sees the neighborhood
Where is he now?
where do you find these?
I'm able to find them
They are good
I saw on my way here that all your posters
in the neighborhood had disappeared
You know, sister Gülnaz’s posters are everywhere
I saw it, too. They've glued all them over your posters
What about all these stuff?
You continue.. I'll be back soon
You got him crazy again
here you go
enjoy it!
Have you hung them here, too?
What are you doing?
it's surely with your help.. You have hung these, right?
We hung them together with Gülnaz. So what?
He asks me “so what”? Where is Gülnaz?
She's gone home
Let me become a mayor, I'll exile you from the neighborhood
mom please come with me
I will only be in your way
I really don't want to go at all
oh it will all be easy.. Come on
ok.. I hope so
I can't believe it.. Really
Where are you?
Ok.. we really should meet.. Ok
you too
” Thanks to Murat Turali for his valuable contributions”
Hey, what are you doing there?
we're hanging posters, sister
where did you get those slogans?
Brother Cobra gave them and we wrote
Go away
we can hang you posters too, only pay us 20TL
He's still here!
come on brother
are you still here??
run.. run.. run she is coming
Go away
How are you Gülnaz?
Whom will you vote for?
For Gülnaz
can we call a cab?
To the airport, Mr Levent?
Yes. What is wrong?
They've cancelled all flights due to heavy fog
Maybe it is better for you not to go
I'll get you informed when the flights are restored
Oh, damn! Ok, thank you!
Levent, What is wrong?
Your voice seems sad…
They have cancelled all the flights due to fog
I don't know when I'll be able to come. How are you?
I'm waiting for the boat
How is the weather there?
Not bad, a bit cold
The boats are working at least
How was your meeting?
I've forgotten to inform you about the main news
We have had a wonderful meeting
We'll sign the contract as soon as the tour program is ready
I'm glad
I'll tell you about the rest if I'm able to come there
we will talk when you come
Hasret, you know, I envy you
There is fresh sea weather now
But I'm compelled to stay here
Ok, I'll call you later
Ok, see you
We've to talk, Gülnaz
What are we going to talk about?
You've glued your porters over mine
I've walked around the entire neighborhood, no poster left
And what have you done?
What have I done?
You have glued these
So what?
So what? You have stolen my slogans
You deserved it
You say that?
Yes. Look, give up this candidacy issue
This is not your stuff
What does it mean?
What is my stuff? To cook, to sew, and nothing more?
- You think I don't know anything about other stuff - You don’t know
- You say so? - yes
You won't be able to come closer to me from now on
What does it mean?
it means you can’t come closer to me more than a meter
it is not time for joking
I'm not joking.. I'm very serious
And I am separating our beds, too
And we won't have dinner together either
And I forbid watching television, too
Look, no need for all these
We have to.. Now go out
Go out
I will succeed
I am not scared
I will succeed even if I am alone
I pulled through the concert
I will succeed again
I will get used to this new life
I will not give up..I can do it